What is Spirituality?

It is believed that, the Spirituality should be our way of life because we are the Spirit with the Soul extended down into the bodies.

Spirituality should be our way of life because we are the Spirit with the Soul extended down into the bodies.

We often call Spirit by different names, viz., Param-Atma, Divine Spark or Our Father. In Hindu religion, we use the terminologies Param-Atma, Atma and Jivatma. In theosophy, these same words are termed as the Divine Spark, Higher Soul and Incarnated Soul. In Christianity, they are referred as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Param-Atma extends into many Atmas, that’s why they are denoted as Father and Son respectively. That is, one father can have many sons. Similarly, one Param-Atma extends into many Higher Souls or Atmas. Each Atma, further extends into the bodies as Jiva-Atma. The Jiva-Atma is lodged in the Causal body also known as “Kaaran Shareer” in the Causal plane. From there He extends down into incarnation as Personality into the Lower Mental body, Emotional body and Physical body present in the Lower Mental plane, Emotional plane and Physical plane respectively. Similarly, on His return, withdrawal from these bodies takes place in the reverse order. This process takes place multiple times. Like we go to school and come back home; in the same manner, we incarnate into the various bodies and get back to the Causal Body many times.

Note: When we refer to the Physical Body, it includes the Energy Body, also known as Pranamaya Kosha. The knowledge and upgrading of Pranamaya Kosha are important to understand and progress spiritually.

The purpose of these incarnations is the development of the Soul. The Soul is pure but not perfect. Whatever comes into existence eventually goes. That’s the law of nature. Thus, this incarnation is transient. You, as a Soul are undergoing trials or tests. These trials help the Soul get upgraded, more matured and further evolved. The process, by which we develop, takes us back to Atma and the Atma returns to Param-Atma. This is the process of evolution or Spirituality.

As per theosophical literature or Sanatana Dharma and other scientific sources, we have evolved through the lower kingdoms of life to the human kingdom and therefore it is certain that we go to the next higher kingdom. This is the process. Hence, it is inevitable that all humans rise and go to the next kingdom, the kingdom of Superhumans, like many Gurus or Masters and get released from the requirement of incarnations, i.e., get liberated. Thus, when you obstruct this progression or if you do not move with the course of development, you face more vicissitudes. The process can be smoother or with more difficulties, depending on whether you understand the direction and move along it.

There are many Teachers guiding us. They have given us the path. You will have to try and validate; once you understand, you practice. The Teachers or Gurus show the path, but we have to tread the path. They cannot tread the path for us. This must be understood.

Spirituality is beyond any religion. In fact, all religions provide a path towards spirituality. They are like a stepping stone for spirituality. Therefore, we must respect all religions. The idea is we must move in the spiritual direction. To become spiritual, you can take-off from any religion because all religions are propagated by Great Teachers. They have created a path, like, a path for climbing a mountain. There may be many paths. Ultimately, everyone wants to climb the mountain of ‘One-ness’.

You must fulfill your karmic obligations; you must take care of your family requirements. At the same time, you must fulfill all your mundane duties with a spiritual orientation, as a way of life! You cannot say that you will get into spirituality only after you retire. It must be one of your goals from the beginning. Therefore, a person with purpose must have multiple targets. You must have:

1. A financial target – because you have responsibilities and karmic obligations.

2. Relationship targets – You must harmonize with others, with whom you interact. Only then you can move forward.

3. Health and Self – development target – Unless you maintain your health, you cannot advance. Health is very important and health issues need to be addressed on priority.

You must upgrade yourself in the field of your work at every stage, in order to keep in pace with continuously changing environment.

4. A spiritual target!

You must balance all these targets. At different times, different objectives take precedence. You may have to spend more effort on one pursuit at some point in time but you cannot ignore all the other goals. Hence, you must find balance between all the targets. That is the way to life and spirituality.

Everything is a part of spirituality. There is physical science and there is spiritual science. The physical science talks about the physical – solid, liquid, gas and may be a little of energy too. Whereas, the spiritual science involves all the planes including the physical. So, there is no conflict between physical and spiritual. In fact, physical is a part of the spiritual!

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