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Our YPV Contributions - Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya is serving the mission of bringing peace and greater wellness into the entire humanity. By having one healer in every home, we aim to help equip all families in the world with the art and science of healing by prana. Our Courses educate people from all spheres of life and help them understand the root causes of their problems and address those from the core, leading to happier and healthier life. With the help of our Free Ashram one year spiritual intensive program, we are working on training skilled instructors who can carry out the task of training thousands of people and aim to enable every home with access to effective healing techniques.


Some of the key areas where we contribute include following:

  • Sponsorship of Sr. Arhat yogis for one year in-house intensive program in YPV ashram. In addition to priceless teachings, all yogis get free accommodation, food, basic medical requirements & necessities for the period of one full year.

  • Free distant healings for COVID-19 positive patients who have contacted the ashram for help.

  • Contribution to the ARMED FORCE FUND of the Indian government.

  • Free YPV Nurturing program to schools; help towards construction, painting, school utilities etc.

  • Contribution for renovation and cleaning of Forest Lake for the welfare of wildlife.

  • Free supply of Ration and food items to the surrounding village areas in need (amidst lockdown during Corona crisis).

  • Sponsorship of Children’s camp on ‘nurturing YPV practices’ with free breakfast and transport from their village to ashram and back (supported more than 5000 students since 2016).

Other humanitarian projects:

Financial incentive to spread YPV Sadhana app for Associate Certified YPV healers / trainers:

We aim to support healers / trainers who wish to contribute by spreading YPV practices to any group of students / teachers / workers / community / institutions / jails / juvenile homes / old age homes etc.

Simply explain and conduct a session on YPV practices to any group (min. 20 people), get honest feedback / testimonial, and earn up to INR 35,000/- per month.

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Extend your support for the charitable works and help us accomplish “The Great Vision” of having 1 energy healer in every family to ensure complete wellness of entire humanity.

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