Relationship Enhancement

YPV Relationship Enhancement & Orientation Programs - Yoga Prana Vidya

Harmonizing Conflicting Factors

A unique workshop to learn how to adjust with people from different temperaments, understanding them better and learning to co-exist. Using the knowledge of this program can help to carve out harmonious solutions to difficult situations and troublesome people. One learns to increase tolerance, patience and acceptance with the help of this program. One also understands how to come out of stress while dealing with difficult relationships.

YPV Sadhana Orientation Programs

This 3.5 hrs program incorporates detailed understanding and practice of all YPV Sadhana Techniques which help in improving the immune system, boosting energy levels, improving mental health and empowering with spiritual upliftment. It also includes a special opportunity to receive the blessings and healing in group by YPV Founder and Grandmentor, Shri N.J. Reddy.


Studies have shown that when such group meditations are performed, there is a positive effect on the reduction of crime rate in that entire area with the help of spiritual efforts of the group.

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