The Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra

The Lakshmi Gayatri mantra is famously known to be the chant for abundance and prosperity. Bringing down the Divine energies has a blessing or healing effect, which can be accomplished by reciting Lakshmi Gayatri after doing a meditation.

Maha Lakshmi is connected with the Heart chakram, which when activated helps in bringing down the blessings. Connecting up is also through Maha Lakshmi, because even that requires Heart chakram to be big. Only then can the Crown centre open up, to facilitate moving your consciousness to the higher planes.

The statement in Lord’s Prayer“Thy Kingdom come”, implies, “may prosperity and abundance descend to all our vehicles or koshas”. This mantra is an appeal for a similar result.

The Mantra
  • OM Maha Lakshmahe Vidmahe
  • Vishnu Priyaye Dhimahi
  • Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayaat AUM

Literal Translation of the Words

OM :
Supreme Parabrahman. AUM and ardha matra denote Jagrut, Swapna, Sushupti and Turiya states respectively.

Maha Lakshmahe : Refers to abundance in eight aspects of Lakshmi (Ashta Lakshmi)

Vidmahe : Realise or understand

Vishnu : God the Love

Priyaye : Beloved of (Lord Vishnu)

Dhimahi : I Meditate upon

Tanno : My bodies (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental) or our bodies when in a group.

Lakshmi : Goddess of prosperity

Prachodayaat : Feed, provide or illumine

AUM : Manifested aspect of Parabrahman

Meaning of the Mantra

1. “OM Maha Lakshmahe Vidmahe”:

I realize your presence, the Great Goddess Ashta Lakshmi.

2. “Vishnu Priyaye Dhimahi”:

I meditate upon you, the Beloved of Lord Vishnu (Maha Lakshmi)!

Lord Vishnu is present at the Anupada Plane, the second plane of our manifestation. From there, He steps down to the Intuitional plane and further down to the Emotional plane through the Heart energy centre (Lakshmi).

We are a channel of Lord Vishnu from the Intuitional plane and also His higher aspect, from the Anupada plane, through the Heart chakram when activated. In case you are centred higher than the Intuitional plane (most of the time possible in group meditations), then Goddess Lakshmi channels from the Anupada plane, as the second aspect or Love aspect of God is present on the Anupada plane.

When you bring that energy into the Heart centre at the Emotional level and further to Navel, it is ethericised, and thus transforms from love to manifest as prosperity. That is, it steps down from the Heart centre to Navel to Physical level.

Likewise, when we bless or heal, the energy from the Heart centre flows through the hands, it gets ethericised and then further physicalised. The blessing or healing is thus manifested.

3. “Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayaat AUM”:

We are requesting the Great Goddess of prosperity to bring in abundance, to feed, provide and illumine all our bodies or koshas in the Manifested world.

Lakshmi is also known as “Ashta Lakshmi”, that is, eight aspects of abundance and prosperity.

1. Dhana Lakshmi: Provider of money.

2. Dhanya Lakshmi: Bestows grains or food.

3. Gaja Lakshmi : Gives strength, bolstering the Basic chakram.

4. Vidya Lakshmi : An aspect of Saraswati. She imparts knowledge which can be then internalised by validation and Sadhana. It is finally stored in the Navel chakram.

5. Veerya Lakshmi : She grants courage in the Emotional body, that is mustered in the Solar Plexus chakram.

6. Vijaya Lakshmi : She confers success or victory over your enemies or disease. Your Heart chakram becomes big and immune system is strengthened. Spleen and thymus gland grow stronger too.

7. Santana Lakshmi : She blesses you with offspring. Parents may have children to nurture. For a king, his people are santana, to whom he provides. For teachers, students or disciples are their santana and so on.

8. Arogya Lakshmi : She presents health for all our bodies.

Connecting Up and Rooting Down

When you are rooted up and also rooted down, there is prosperity at all levels! This is identical to a bulb glowing when connected to both positive and to Earth. By such connection, you can be a greater Divine conduit to channelize blessings to your environment, near and dear, every person, every being and to the entire Mother Earth.

Upper rooting and lower rooting also provide protection for an individual. This simulates the effect of a lightning conductor which protects a building.

This hymn helps in rooting down, in order to perform action and to manifest Greatness in the lower world. Practice this mantra especially after meditation, in order to balance upper and lower root.

Additionally, practicing in a group aids immense channelling, greater abundance and tremendous protection.

We are a part of God and are connected to Him (however minute the connection may be). This connection increases when we meditate. This further grows substantially when we are aligned with a group. This is upper rooting. Our Physical body and Energy body are connected to that of Earth. The Energy body of Earth has consciousness. Our Energy body also has a consciousness of its own and is a part of the Earth’s Energy body and is always connected to it. When we bless, forgive, heal, do rooting from base of the spine and soles of the feet, the connectivity becomes stronger. It becomes substantially stronger with regular practice, especially in a group, even with online group practice. This offers substantial protection to each individual.

Secondly, our aura becomes stronger (i.e., subtler, denser, bigger) with regular practices of meditation, Rhythmic Yogic Breathing, Forgiveness Sadhana, right diethealing, etc. Stronger Energy body also implies greater connectivity with Mother Earth. Thus, you can gain greater access to Earth’s Energy body and similarly to its Emotional and Mental bodies (through your respective bodies). This helps in sustained abundance, prosperity and protection anywhere on Earth.

The key is regular meditation, blessing, rooting and maintaining the Heart chakram bigger. Hence, understand the importance of each of our Live Group sessions to bring about substantial abundance, prosperity, protection and Spiritual progress.

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