Lord’s Prayer

Lord’s Prayer is a Christian prayer which is said to have been taught by Jesus to his disciples. It demonstrates how to pray.

The phrases of Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) integrate the Kabalistic Sephiroth and ancient Indian Chakrams. They are great affirmations with profound meaning and emphasize on Law of Consequence. They are oriented towards the purpose of human incarnation and also human evolution by providing an opportunity to channel down Divine energies to bring transformation on entire Earth.

Let us delve on each of these statements deeply, in order to get purified, healed, strengthened and uplifted. It is also a form of Kundalini Yoga to upgrade the physical body, brain, nervous system and to align with your Higher nature. It is a fantastic combination of pronouncements, if done with awareness regularly.

This time of the year, i.e., end of December, is very important as the Sun starts turning and moving towards the northern direction. Hence, with each day, the Sun energy increases, the duration of daytime increases and subsequently, the temperature on Earth rises. The movement of the Sun towards the north is known as Uttarayan. The actual Uttarayan starts on December 22nd. In the Indian system, we celebrate Uttarayan on the day of Makara Sankranti, around January 14th. The rate of angular motion of Sun with respect to Earth is same but the linear speed increases and therefore, with every day that passes, Sun energy increases at a higher rate, subsequently resulting in greater increase in the temperature on Earth. Solar energy has all kinds of prana. Consequently, Solar prana, also known as Fohat, starts increasing from December 22rd onwards, with the lowest levels on December 21st. There are other mystic reasons as well.

Lord’s prayer is generally performed before the arrival of Jesus. On the eve of Christmas, we practice this prayer. This is connected with pouring of Divine Love, Intelligence and Power. As mentioned, this prayer is associated with Sephiroth in Kabala. It is followed by both Kabbalists and Christians and is pre-Christian in origin. It is also related to the Indian system of various Chakrams. The phrases of Lord’s prayer are from Kabala. So, these phrases and Sephiroth or Chakrams are integrated in this prayer with a higher level of understanding and are connected with purification and strengthening. It all depends on your knowledge, comprehension, how you visualize and do the prayer. Thus, you must understand it well, investigate and validate it.

The Phrases in Lord’s Prayer and their Deeper Meaning

1. The first Phrase in Lord’s prayer is “Our Father”.

Who is father? Spiritually, father has two meanings. One is God the Father, and the other is Father or Divine Spark.

God the Father is actually God the Power, who is also known as Lord Shiva. God the Son is Vishnu and God the Holy Spirit is Brahma. They are together known as Trinity.

Whereas, Father means Paramatma. Son is Atma and Holy Spirit is Jivatma. Paramatma is the Spirit. You connect to the Paramatma through the Atma. So, when you say, “I am the Atma”, “I am” is the way. “I am” is the truth and also life.

Without achieving inner peace, bliss and Oneness, we cannot connect to the Paramatma. Experiencing the connection with Paramatma is possible only by experiencing Oneness with the Atma. To be precise, deeper Oneness between Jivatma or Incarnated Soul with Atma or Higher Soul must be accomplished first.

Consequently, when you say “Our Father”, you must do Soul affirmation: “I am not the body, I am the Soul (Incarnated Soul). I am not the emotion, I am not the thought, I am not the mind. Mind including mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies is the subtle instrument of the Soul and I am that Soul.

Now this “I am” in the Causal body or the Higher Mental body is a Spiritual being; it is the Incarnated Soul. The aspects of Parabrahman are there in your Incarnated Soul, as Divine light, Divine love and Divine power.

Hence, we further affirm that, “I am the spiritual being of Divine intelligence, Divine love and Divine power. I am one with my Higher Soul. I am (Incarnated Soul) that I am (Higher Soul).”

Each step of identifying with the Higher is called “So Ham Asmi” or Atmanaa-Atmaanam in Upanishads.

“I am one with the Divine Spark or Paramatma. This Paramatma is the child of God. We are all children of God, connected with God, One with God and One with all. I am (Incarnated Soul or Jivatma) the user of the mind including the bodies. I am the Soul. I am one with my Higher Soul.”

To spell out in simpler terms, you are the Jivatma; you are connected to the Son, the Atma. You can further connect to the Paramatma, the Father. Hence, “I am” or Atma is the way.

Your consciousness in this body comes from this truth. This body is transient, it is perishable. But, “I am” is always there. Once you are further aligned higher to the Paramatma, then you are the Essence! Tatvamasi, in Sanatana Dharma, means you are the essence from God, which is Paramatma. When you identify with Paramatma, you say Tatvamasi. Buddhists call this essence as Shunya.

This Paramatma is always connected to God. Like a child experiences love of his mother, a person who is connected to Paramatma experiences God’s Love. That is why it is called God realization or Nirvana.

As Paramatma is a child of God, we are all children of God and one with all, at that level. Once you connect there, you experience God’s Love and you are part of God. In Mahavakyas, this is called Aham Brahmasmi, which means this soul is Brahman. Another way of saying it is “Ayam Atma Brahman”, which implies, this Atma tatva in the Paramatma is Brahman Himself.

The Crown chakra is the gateway to heaven. It connects you to the Higher Mental, Intuitional, Atmic and higher planes. There are other gates but this is the main gateway from the physical or energy plane to the higher Intuitional plane. For this access, the Crown must be open.

Though physically there is separation, spiritually there is only Oneness. The transformer is one but there are many meters connected to it. And when you go back from the meters to the source, there is only one transformer. These meters are like the Souls. And the transformer is the Paramatma. The electricity comes from the transformer. This Electricity cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be appreciated when it glows a bulb or manifests through gadgets or appliances. Similarly, Tatvam is the essence; it manifests in lower planes as life. Though it cannot be seen, it is there.

Also, know that the transformer passes on electricity, but it gets its energy from the substation or power house. The source of all energy is God, the power house. Though there is light and consciousness here, it is stepped down at multiple levels. We cannot directly connect to the power house; we must to go through multiple transformers. This is the lineage. There are levels of Parabrahman. The God here refers to the Planetary God. Above that is Lord Surya, or Solar Parabrahman and so on.

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2. The next statement is “Who art in Heaven”.

Be aware of the centers Forehead and Back Head. Here, Heaven means the inner world, i.e., the Lower Intuitional plane. Heaven actually refers to anything from Higher Emotional plane and beyond. The Crown center leads to the Higher Intuitional plane. Whereas, the Forehead and Back Head are linked and give access to the Lower Intuitional plane. The centers which access the Intuitional plane are centers of direct perception.

Everything must have a purpose. To get access to the inner world, you must know the laws of the inner world. Your actions, thoughts and speech must be unselfish. Your actions and intentions should be for the sake of humanity, not for self. Only then you get this access.

Many get access to other lower worlds. You must purify and have noble objective to get access to this inner world. It is dangerous to give access to people who have self-ambition. Ambition must be there for the sake of humanity instead. The Theosophical book, Light on Path, asks to, “kill the ambition”. However, it also urges to work as though you are ambitious to serve humanity. That’s the purpose!

An aspect of the Paramatma is there in the Intuitional plane. Consequently, you can get Divine guidance, Divine power and Divine love at that plane.

3. The next phrase is “Holy be thy name”.

We are requesting that only what is pleasant, useful and virtuous should come out of our mind and mouth. And also, only what is agreeable and wholesome should come back to us. Law of karma is used here. Your thinking, feeling and speech must be positive and you shall receive the same. What you think and feel repeatedly and with certainty, will manifest or physicalize! Hence, always keep your thoughts and feelings optimistic. Generate such entitlement! Thinking and feeling are like seeds. Speech and action are the corresponding fruits.

4. The subsequent request is “Thy kingdom come”.

The kingdom of God will manifest through you when your Heart is opened. What you give, is what you receive. As you share generously and bountifully, according to your full capability, you shall receive abundantly, like the kingdom of God itself. You become its heir. Thus, you inherit the kingdom of your Father, the Paramatma, when you are generous!

5. The next statement is “Thy will be done”.

It has multiple meanings. The Will of the Higher Soul must be executed. That is, whatever the Higher Soul wants, it must be done. You must not get carried away by the urges of your lower nature. The lower emotions must be transformed by the Higher emotions, by activating the Heart center. Additionally, the Will of the Higher Soul from Ajna must regulate the lower emotional will in the Solar Plexus chakram. This is also known as Soul-Mastery.

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Further, the Will of your Higher Soul in Ajna, must be aligned with the Will of the Guru and Will of God! The Will of the Guru manifests in many planes including the Causal plane. However, he connects to the real Will from the Atmic plane, which is the Divine Will. Therefore, when you connect to the Causal plane, you are able to get to the Will of God at the Atmic plane through the Guru. This is called Self-Mastery.

You must additionally connect to the Will of Guru. That is Spiritual righteousness! Your vehicles must be used as per the choice of the Divine. You must work according to the Will of the Paramatma; do only what is right. You must have courage and emotional commitment to be aligned with the Will of God and Will of Guru. There is a Divine purpose and there is a Divine plan. Part of the Divine plan is the Great Vision, which is bringing Peace and Bliss on Earth! This requires group effort!

To be aligned with the group you must have group consciousness. You must have a target, align with the group and work for the Divine plan. Continue to use your capability optimally. One day, as a group, you will be successful and achieve the target! For this, regular sadhana is necessary.

6. Then comes the statement, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

This means we must bring heaven on Earth. This signifies that the Divine energy or the spiritual energy of the Spirit, must step down and physicalize! Divine energy when stepped down and physicalized is a very special and potent energy.

When there is a power failure, light goes off. But what if you have an inverter with a battery? You continue to have light. And how is the battery charged? It is charged with the same electricity. It charged using the AC and the stored energy is in the DC form and powers the inverter.

Similarly, the Divine energy in physical form is golden energy. It is not the energy which is received from Earth and other external sources. Once you are purified, you get this energy! You can bring down this golden energy to Earth. If many or bigger groups generate more golden energy, the energies of the Earth can be transformed. Earth can become like heaven in the process.

You can imagine a golden ball of light filling the Navel while being aware of the Navel. You can then really be a channel for the Divine on Earth.

7. The next request, “Lord give us this day our daily bread.”

We are asking for energy or vitality daily. It means you must do Lord’s prayer every day, just like we take food every day. Express gratitude for good health, happiness and long life. How can happiness come? You must maintain yourself.

8. Very important part of the prayer, regarding transformation, while being aware of Mengmein (back of the Naval), “Lord forgive my trespass, as I forgive those who trespass against me.”

This is pure application of the “Law of Consequence” again. To be forgiven, you must generate entitlement. As you forgive, you will be forgiven. This leads to transformation.

When energy comes from top to down, it is physicalized. Energy that goes from bottom to top is spiritualized! There are both grosser and subtler energies. There are also good and dirty energies. The subtler energy has higher frequency and grosser energy has lower frequency. The lower frequency energy from the Etheric plane can be stepped up to the higher frequency energy in the Emotional plane. When this energy further goes up to the higher planes of Spiritual, it becomes golden. This gold is created by human forgiveness! This is the secret of forgiveness. When you are able to forgive at all levels, it becomes your second nature. This is the first thing in transformation. Then you experience Oneness. The kundalini simultaneously rises.

Instant forgiveness without any logical thinking is from the Crown center. Emotional forgiveness is connected with the Heart and Solar Plexus centers. When the Heart center opens, the Solar Plexus gets transformed.

9. The next appeal is, “Lead us not into temptation but deliver from evil.”

This is modified as, “Lead us away from temptation, and deliver us from evil”. Affirm this while being aware of the Sex chakram. This is to say that sex is not wrong or dirty. So, have no puritanical attitude. This is a creative energy and is responsible for creation or manifestation. Therefore, it is also Divine.

The creation is possible due to this energy. Can you have the green leaves without water. There are minerals in the ground. Will the minerals come up to the flowers or fruits without water? This water is needed to lift up the minerals; this is done by the creative energy.

Hence, remember; sex is healthy, sex is not wrong; negative attitude towards sex must be removed. However, sexual excessiveness is not good either. There must be moderation. We should not waste this energy. This energy has regenerating power.

You can transform and transmute this energy into loving energy in the Emotional plane and into higher creativity in the Mental plane. It upgrades the brain and nervous system. This helps to register spiritual experiences and greater oneness in the Intuitional plane and higher planes. In short, you can transmute this energy to emotional love, creativity, brain power and to register your spiritual experiences. It is transformed by the Divine energy coming down, before you lift it up!

10. The succeeding statement, “For Thine is the kingdom, for thine is the power and for thine is the glory”.

These three correspond to Basic, Spleen and Mengmein chakrams respectively. Glory means you are forgiving and transforming. The energy then goes to the Crown chakram and above.

11. The final phrase, in continuation to the previous statement, “Forever and ever Amen!”

When you rest your body (during sleep), you go to the inner world. If you go to higher planes in the inner world, you can learn and/ or serve. There is life and activity in the inner world. You need prana to use this world. We use Physical body in waking state. Emotional or Mental body can be used when the Physical body is in sleep state. At night your focus can be shifted to these bodies and can be utilized. By doing Lord’s Prayer before going to bed, your physical body can recuperate better and you can go to the higher planes of the inner world and be benefited.

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