A Story from Tripura Rahasya

Once Lord Parasurama had asked Guru Lord Dattatreya as to why this world is considered unreal and what is the significance of such an unreal existence. Guru Dattatreya explained this point by elucidating an ancient instance in the country of Vanga.

There was a King who had turned into a great Sage Gana. His son was groomed by him as his wife had transited soon after the child was born. The son also became a great saint. These highly developed saints lived in a forest adjoining a kingdom ruled by a famous and wise King Susena. King Susena was well respected and loved by his countrymen. Once he was performing a horse sacrifice. All his valiant princes followed the horse with a great army. Their course was victorious till they reached the place where Sage Gana lived. They passed by the Sage Gana, who was sitting in meditation, without any reverence and respect to him. Gana’s son noticed this and was infuriated with such an insult to his father. He caught the sacrificial horse and fought the princes and the army guarding it. He defeated them and took many prisoners of war, including all the princes and the horse and entered a big boulder, in their subtler bodies. Their grosser physical bodies were squeezed like stones and left behind lifeless. King Susena was saddened to hear this and asked his loyal and pious brother, Mahasena, to go to the hermitage of the Sage Gana, and politely request him to spare the princes, the army and the horse in time for the sacrifice.

When Mahasena arrived at Sage Gana’s place, he found the Sage seated peacefully, immersed in meditation. Mahasena fell prostrate before the Sage and sang his praises with a humble and respectful attitude. The sage’s son was pleased to see this, and asked what he could do for Mahasena as his father was in kevala nirvikalpa samadhi for twelve years, of which five years were over and seven still remained. Watch Now

Mahasena saluted him and told him that he had a request to make to the Sage Gana. The saint’s son sat down in meditation and in the inner world contacted his father to bring his consciousness into the physical body. Saint Gana briefly returned to the physical body consciousness and understood the matter. He told his son to return the princes, horse and the army in order to help the King Susena who was very virtuous and took care of and protected everyone, including saints and hermits to do their duties peacefully. The sage’s son immediately went into the boulder and returned with the horse, army and the princes in their subtler bodies, revived their lives in their physical bodies and released them with pleasure.

Mahasena sent the princes with the horse and army to the city. He was surprised at the sight of them coming out of the boulder and respectfully asked the Sage how they were concealed in a boulder? Then Sage Gana replied that he was an emperor in the past. He had initiated his son in yogic practices, which he practised diligently and also became a Sage. But he still had the desire to become a king or a ruler. By using his will, he created a universe of his own inside that big boulder, which he is now ruling (with the permission of his father). The horse, princes and the army were kept there. After hearing this, Mahasena wanted to see this new universe inside the boulder. Sage Gana instructed his son to show him the place and went into his samadhi.

The saint’s son warned him that if he wanted to see this new world, he may not be able to go back to his kingdom. Mahasena insisted that his responsibility for the kingdom and his brother were finished and that he wanted to understand the creation and tread the spiritual path.

The sage’s son entered the hill and asked Mahasena to follow. Mahasena was unable to enter. The saint’s son then explained to Mahasena that this universe inside the boulder is a subtler world which cannot be entered using his grosser physical body. So, he helped Mahasena to preserve his physical sheath in a cave and using the subtler body entered the world inside the big boulder. They spent one day and night in that universe. The saint’s son took him around the entire place. They saw all the stars and planets in that universe. This saint’s son was the God of that universe. He appeared as trinity in different planes – as Shiva in the Adi plane, as Vishnu in the Anupada and as Brahma in the Atmic plane respectively. When they came back, Mahasena re-entered his preserved physical body. He was surprised with the physical world around. Everything looked different and had drastically changed. Then, the saint’s son told him that 12,000 years had passed in the physical world during the time spent inside the boulder. Mahasena enquired where his brother and the kingdom were. The saint’s son explained that everything was gone. Then, Mahasena fainted as he was overwhelmed by the situation. The sage’s son helped him recover.

Time in the Physical World is Precious

Time in the Physical World is extremely Short, Transient and Precious. Please note that this transient world and physical life are part of God and are given for a great purpose. Our evolution is highly dependent on this physical life and the physical world.

You may observe here that 1 day in the inner world is 12000 years in the physical world. Physical life and physical world are very transient with respect to the inner worlds. Hence, they are considered unreal in comparison. However, all worlds are relatively transient. The more transient they are, the more precious they become. This must be noted.

Physical body can be compared to a horse. You must know how to use it, it’s capabilities and how to maintain it. You must align with it, upgrade it, keep it fit and use it. You have the horse for a limited time. Same is true with emotional and mental bodies! What knowledge you gain in the physical world, is the deciding factor as to how you are going to utilize, learn and develop in the different inner – emotional and mental – worlds.

The time in the physical world is extremely valuable and there is no time to waste. This must be really grasped. There is no time to be sad or selfish. These vicissitudes in life make you strong, compassionate, tolerant, flexible, super smart and highly resourceful. Whether you achieve what you want or not, you develop! So, learn your lessons deeply. Forgive and you will be entitled to be forgiven. Forgive yourself and develop good self-esteem.

In the process of evolution, the Soul spends minimum time in the physical world. May be only about 10% of the whole time of your personality is spent in the physical incarnation. Adi Shankara has stated that the physical birth is rare. Rarer is to have a spiritual inclination in the physical life.

This is like the time of an astronaut in a spaceship, which is limited and is very important. Therefore, it must be optimally utilized. Many work and support for the success of the mission. In the same manner, your extension into the physical body is priceless and is done with a proper plan and purpose for the Divine. In the process your Soul evolves. There is continuous and tremendous support by the Divine, the Spiritual teacher and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

When you hire an equipment for a specific purpose (which you may not be able to buy), for which you may have to pay on an hourly or daily basis, you would plan and effectively utilize the time that you hire it. Your physical body is much more valuable. There is no asset or anything in this world that is more esteemed than the physical body which houses the Soul, which is an extension and inseparable part of the Supreme Spirit Himself.

Unless we know the effort of the Divine for manifestation, we wouldn’t understand the importance of the present time. Divine has manifested right from maxi universe, universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, to various planes, kingdoms of nature, humans, host of devas and other beings for supporting the various bodies in different planes! We must have an attitude of gratitude to all those supporting us in our evolution, especially to the Supreme Parabrahman, for He has provided us with these bodies and this manifestation around for development! We are in the Earth Scheme of Evolution – in the 4th Chain, 4th Round, 4th Globe – that’s the lowest point for our Scheme of Evolution and also for our Chain. Hence, boost is given for speeding up! It is time for hastening, it’s the center most point of acceleration! Such is the energy given now!! Mind boggling development can take place if guided, disciplined and aligned! You may refer to the article on Metta Meditation to understand the Earth scheme of evolution and the Divine Target.

Spirituality is not just meditation. It is implementation, purification, service, upgradation and upgrading others. It is living an intense extraordinary life towards the Divine target. You are born to manifest your greatness. You are not separate from the Parabrahman. However, this world and the body are very transient. So, utilize this time and opportunity. Do not waste them.

Within this Earth chain, many will achieve Nirvana anyways. As just mentioned, the importance of the present time is that Earth is getting upliftment currently. Divine is involved for help!

Everyone needs peace. So, uplift people to Higher emotional state by various methods, like, breathing exercises, forgivenesschanneling meditations, wishing good, empathizing, addressing others need, healing, etc. That’s the purpose! People around you are important, people at home, work place, co-sadhaks, etc. See, what can you do for them, how can you help them progress? Prioritize your time towards optimizing your capabilities and resources, t o upgrade others and also yourself so that you can be a greater Divine channel constantly. This Divine love and love for all is real Devotion!

Future is dynamic based on how you utilize the time, make the targets, optimally align with a right group and how much you become an asset for the group?

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