Energy Healing

YPV Energy Healing - Yoga Prana Vidya

YPV healing is based on the principle that human body has the ability to heal itself. With the techniques of YPV, the natural healing process of our physical body can be accelerated as the energy body inter-penetrates the physical body. Therefore, by working on the energy body, a faster healing and recovery can be achieved. YPV healing also helps to remove any kind of blockages in the energy field and revitalize areas in the human body, which are deficient in ‘vital energy’ or have ‘diseased energy’. The ‘fresh prana’ (vital energy) is infused into the patient’s body, leading to a quicker recovery.

  • Causes of blockages or depletion in the energy field of a person

Stress and negative emotions stored in the body can deplete or create blockages in the body’s energy system. If not resolved over a period of time, these blocks and depletions can affect the energy flow in the body and can also lead to diseases.

Therefore, it is important to understand the role of energy in our lives. YPV techniques help anyone access the unlimited ‘vital energy’ (prana) of the universe and heal themselves and others, with simple, easy-to-use techniques. YPV is a system that addresses the cause or source of the ailments and offers a well-reasoned solution that is complementary to medical practices. YPV healings can help people recover from physical ailments and also psychosomatic ailments like depression, anxiety etc.
Just by practicing some basic healing techniques, a practitioner can maintain a better energy flow in their body, remove depletions and blocks and enjoy better health and vitality day after day.

Police Officer resulted positive to COVID 19 on 8th May. He was critical patient with previous heart surgeries and high diabetic. My trainer and their team of YPV Healers gave healing to him from 8th May and he has recovered miraculously, as he has come out of ICU in three days and finally his report came negative to COVID 19 yesterday and got discharged from Wockhardt Hospital. He’s now fit and fine at his home. Healing by madam helped in his miraculous recovery in just 8 days. Deep gratitude to YPV and madam from myself and Shinde family.

Vaishali Hangargekar

Judge in Mumbai court
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