Gene and Environment

Dr. Abdul Kalam, in his book Transcendence, quoted Bruce Lipton’s research which indicates that it is the environment, and more specifically, our attitude to or perception of the environment which controls our gene activity and hence our life. So, it is not that the gene dictates everything. It simply means “mind over matter”! Gene might control to a certain extent, but environment influences the gene and furthermore, our own attitude effects the gene.

Based on the gene, a person has certain qualities, strengths and weaknesses. That is to say, these qualities are inherent in a person. In the process of development, these possibilities undergo change. What makes the change is the environment. Certain positive aspects can be strengthened by the environment and certain not so positive aspects can be dissolved by the kind of environment one is in. Or on the contrary, the positive can get suppressed, and the unwholesome be strengthened by the environment. Therefore, environment plays a very vital role.

There are different varying conditions in the environment of a person. The prevailing environment itself, or sometimes imprisoned by the environment, pressurized by the environment or influenced by the environment, certain negative or positive programming happens resulting in a certain attitude.

A person subjected to a difficult environment for a prolonged time, can get impregnated by pessimism. A person exposed to an encouraging and supportive environment for an extended time develops an optimistic attitude. When a person’s attitude is pessimistic, even in healthy surroundings, he will have a pessimistic attitude. Whereas, a person with an optimistic attitude, even in challenging circumstances, still maintains his positive attitude to a great extent. So, attitude is created by the environment!

For example, when a person takes healing and has a pain reduction of say, 40% post healing, an optimistic person might say I have 40% reduction in pain. He is focusing on the improvement and is looking for a possibility of further reduction in pain. Whereas, another person might say, 60% pain is still there! So, this attitude is developed by the past environment.

Now, can this attitude be changed? What is the methodology? Or can we further enhance the positive attitude into an even greater positive attitude? We will discuss about this shortly.

How are Children affected by environment?

Children just have the environment in the beginning; they don’t have any strong attitude already developed. As per Bruce Lipton, kids are very plastic in nature. That is, they are very delicate at the beginning. The environment we offer impresses upon them, every event makes an impact on them, and develops a programming in their mind, either positive or negative. So, when they are negatively impregnated or negatively programmed, it affects their entire life. They get more impressed in the age of 0-2 years and then 2-6 years, as their brain waves are in delta and theta states respectively, which are very low frequencies, i.e., below 7 Hz. They are easily suggestible at such low frequencies. Thus, how we deal with children is very important! They are susceptible to every thought, every emotion. Even if the adults in their environment are gentle with them, the emotional and mental state of the adults has a considerable impact on them.

We must create an environment where we understand the need of the child and the needs of everyone else. Sometimes children do not understand their own need. We must help them compassionately; our heart must be opened to realize this. Understanding and addressing the need is compassion. In turn, they get permeated with positivity, hope and faith that someone is able to listen to them, not dominate them. Thus, we must create a fault-free environment for children to develop a positive attitude; not only at home, even at playschools and schools etc. where they go.

In the present times, children are subject to so much of media, exposure to internet, TV and mobiles. Their environment is impregnated from outside. This makes it tough for the parents to actually create a favorable environment because the kids are fed with so much of junk information by audiovisuals. This factor must therefore be worked on by the society.

We should not worry that children are not listening to us, we should really worry that children are observing us all the time. You have to be a role model for your children. You cannot teach them something without practicing it yourself.

You have to maintain a higher emotional state if you have to really nudge the children to become better citizens, be optimistic, filled with hope and faith, have inner strength and acquire a positive attitude. Having developed all these qualities, they can handle a tougher situation. As kids grow, they are no more vulnerable as before. Once certain qualities or attitude is developed in childhood, that continues for their entire life. The negative attitude can’t be changed, unless it is modified by bringing them to alpha state often.

What are the Different Ways to Reprogram Ourselves?

1. Company matters!

By putting a person in a very positive environment and with encouraging people, slowly, the attitude may undergo change. This is what is called Satsang. All traditions or religions talk about Satsang in different ways. Lord Buddha said, “Sangham Sharanam Gacchami”. Thus, a positive company for a prolonged time, slowly will result in an attitude change. In the same fashion, even a person with a positive attitude when subjected continuously to a certain environment or company which is not conducive, may slowly lose his hopeful and positive thinking. And this attitude and the environment modify the gene, either for good or otherwise.

2. Techniques in YPV Sadhana App

Yoga Prana Vidya is an integrated system that has various methods which can bring your brain frequencies into alpha state. Between 8 and 13 Hz is called alpha state, which is a very calm state and also impressionable. If we can bring ourselves into alpha state, we can help reprogram ourselves positively and our attitude can be changed!

There are very simple exercises and practices like Super Brain Asana, Rhythmic Yogic Breathing, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation etc. The practice of these techniques is known to bring our brain waves to alpha state. There is research and data which confirms this. Even right diet, helps to a certain extent in refining the mental and emotional nature.

3. YPV Psychological Healing

Through energy healing we can help a person to come into a higher emotional state. The person can then get an opportunity to use his discretion. Thus, by regular healing we can help a person to reprogram gradually. The process can be hastened, if the person learns the above mentioned techniques to maintain the higher emotional state by himself.

The energy body consists of the chakras. These chakras have physiological and psychological functions. By balancing the chakras, the thinking, mood, and behavior gradually undergoes change for oneself or others. Yoga Prana Vidya Psychological healing, is a very important tool in this regard. For example, when heart chakra is opened or activated, one can easily understand another person’s need. We cannot simply say empathize with the other person’s need. For this, our emotional state must be calm and stable. When the crown center is opened, you have inner peace; you become a channel for the Divine, and you get divine guidance. So, when you make a person’s heart and crown energy centers bigger with healing, he gets divine guidance and automatically the individual moves in right direction. By balancing these energy centers on a regular basis, we can progressively bring a change in the attitude, that is, in thinking, mood, behavior, etc. Therefore, this is a very great service.

4. Creating a Fault-Free Environment

Incorrect attitude is the cause of psychosomatic ailments. Therefore, you have to look into what kind of environment you are offering to your family members, what is the environment you have at office, at school, etc. The people who are in charge of the organizations, head of the institutions, head of the families, must sit down, interact with each other to create a fault-free environment, a progressive environment, a positive atmosphere where everyone’s need is met with compassion. People must work with choice. All the time pressure is not right. It is not productive. People must work with compassion, empathy, be understood and understand; look from each other’s point of view.

There are four upayas or techniques known to resolve any issue. They are Sama, Bheda, Dana, Dandopaya. Sama is compassion. Bheda is discernment. Dana is reward. Danda is punishment. The techniques to modify the environment through reward and punishment should be restricted to 5%. 95% of the time we must use Sama and Bheda.

With children, we must make extreme use of Sama because they themselves do not know what is their need. You may have to discern for them. Even with adults in a very disturbed situation, you may have to put effort in understanding their need. These two methodologies of Sama and Bheda must be employed to harmonize conflicting factors in various situations.

You must ultimately learn to address your need and that of the other person in the best possible manner possible. Also, you must learn to express your need instead of blaming others. This has to do with deep discernment and compassion. As responsible parents, we have to work on our children with compassion, and leading them by example. You have to become a role model!

In order to accelerate the improvement, you must work at all levels, namely, physical, energy, emotional, mental; further understand and address the causes. The integrated and holistic approach is required.

Addressing the effect is not the solution, it is only temporary and transient. If you have water spilt on the floor, you will mop it and think that everything is clear. But next day again if there is water, it means the cause might be a crack in the roof. When it repeats, you are forced to look into the cause. All methodologies which are utilized to address only the effect (or disease) are just methods of mopping the floor in various ways. That must be done, but we must also close the crack in the roof.

Hence, to summarize quickly –

  1. The gene gets modified by the environment.
  2. Attitude or our perception is also very important. It is ultimately mind over matter. What you think is, is!
  3. You must therefore develop positive thinking in right direction and drop the rest. You must be able to discern better and that is not possible unless you sustain your calmness, develop compassion and maintain a higher emotional state.
  4. Use the various techniques available on the YPV Sadhana app, to bring your brain waves into alpha state. This will help to re-wire your responses.
  5. YPV psychological healing can help in calming down and improving perception.
  6. Create a fault free environment. Give more importance to sama (compassion) and bheda (discernment) than dana (reward) or danda (punishment). In other words, focus on hearing, understanding and addressing as many needs as possible instead of blaming, dominating, shaming, comparing or inducing guilt.

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