Constancy Affirmation

Positive affirmations are very important. They help you lift up to a positive frame of mind. They also help with positive programming. This is more effective when practiced after erasing the unwholesome thoughts and emotions. It also develops your Ajna chakram, the centre for discretion, will power and connectivity to Causal plane.

Your beliefs, perceptions and feelings also govern your health and ability to perform. For example, negative thoughts and fears about your health and recovery may delay your healing. Such thoughts are detrimental for your health! It’s mind over matter! Erase them all using your will in Ajna and Divine energy from Crown! And then make positive affirmations! Keep certain positive affirmations handy to assert after erasing undesirable opinions, ideas and feelings to replace the old, habitual patterns, habits and reactions. This is analogous to planting right seeds after the de-weeding process. You may use any affirmations or statements made by great people, such as, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”, by Emile Coue or Soul Affirmation or even Constancy Affirmation.

Constancy Affirmation is an Atmic plane affirmation. It has a 5-pointed star which represents the Will aspect that manifests as emotional commitment. Components of Constancy affirmation help you to keep your Heart chakram bigger and to radiate goodness. By analysing and imbibing each statement of the Constancy affirmation, you can lift up step by step to the Atmic plane. To understand the various planes of manifestation, you may refer to the articles on Great Invocation or “Path of Spirituality: Stages Towards Achieving Oneness with the Spirit and Beyond”. Let us consider each statement of the Constancy Affirmation in detail.

  1. “I AM constantly radiating Goodness.”

    You radiate goodness to people around in thoughts, feelings, speech and action. You visualise only positive, i.e., you breed no restrictive, limiting or injurious thoughts about others. You constantly try to understand the needs of others and ways and means to address them. Your words are uplifting and nurturing, there is a clear intention of enriching and elevating others. You make others feel warm and comfortable in your presence. You do acts of kindness to address the needs of others. You are continually radiating goodness. At no point anything that is disagreeable goes out from you. You practice deep level of ahimsa in your deeds, words, emotions and thoughts.When you get to the Atmic plane, during meditation or other practices, you automatically visualise good for others while being there. So, the way to get into the Atmic plane is by radiating goodness all the time. Not sometimes, but all the time in thoughts, feelings, speech and actions!

  2. “I AM constantly maintaining my Heart Chakram bigger.”

    The previous statement can be achieved by keeping the Heart chakram bigger. Constancy means focus, will power or dharana. Which implies, you are using Will to maintain the love aspect. By opening the Heart centre and becoming a channel for the Divine, the physical permanent seed which contains the design of the physical and the etheric bodies, and is lodged in the Heart chakram, undergoes modification. You are generating entitlement for the future to become dynamic automatically!

    You cannot afford to be sad or be in fear. Your Heart chakram would shrink with these moods. Maintaining heart chakram expanded is a requirement for maintaining good health too. You can come out of psychosomatic ailments due to stress and anxiety. The thymus gland is located near the Heart centre and gets activated when the Heart is open. This strengthens the immune system. Also, you experience calmness, your heart beat slows down, blood pressure normalises and all this is proportional to the size and the duration of the Heart chakram being big.

    Additionally, you can manifest your greatness when you maintain your Heart chakram bloomed open! It is also the prosperity chakram. As the Heart centre swells up more and more, the Crown centre opens up. It is in giving that you receive. Consequently, you receive abundant blessings of Ashta Lakshmi of prosperity, strength, courage, health, knowledge, success, financial abundance and are even bestowed with the fortune of offspring in this physical world.

    You may use various techniques to expand your Heart centre, like, smiling, sharing, nurturing, tithing, forgiving, empathizing, healing, doing Rhythmic Yogic Breathing, feeling grateful, practicing loving kindness meditations, such as, Planetary Peace Meditation or Metta Meditation, etc. This affirmation specifies few more ways to maintain the Heart big. Refer the next statement.

  3. “I AM constantly doing Inner Reflection and I AM being aware of the inner state all the time.

    Arise to a temperament of being always aware of your inner state. That is, being aware of the thoughts and feelings in your mind. You may start with observing your breath. Whenever it becomes erratic, you know there is some disturbance. You may try to identify the thoughts and emotions causing this turbulence within. If you can recognise that you are not these thoughts and emotions, you can easily detach from them. By just being aware and not energizing them, they vanish or get dropped.Be alert and if required, eliminate what is pulling your Heart chakram down. Take a look at the next statement.

  4. “I AM erasing the unwholesome thoughts and emotional instantly.”When you are aware that you are getting influenced by these thoughts and emotions, take instant action. Erase all the unpleasant thoughts and distasteful emotions by touching your Ajna with the fingers of the left hand and erase using the right hand while focusing on the Crown for the Divine energy. Failing to do this, will waste your time and also consume your energy. The energy consumed negatively, results in generating negative karma.With constant awareness, you learn not to identify yourself with these thoughts and emotions. You slowly realise your true nature, that you are the Soul creating these thoughts and emotions. By identifying with the Soul, it becomes very easy to erase any fears, addictions or anything that is unwholesome. Your aura becomes subtler, and expands, lifting you up to higher planes of Intuitional and beyond.

    You may use other techniques such as chanting the mantra OM to let go of all the unnecessary vibrations at emotional and mental levels. When you practice in group, it is easier to remove deep rooted tendencies, beliefs and reactions.

    Without consciously being aware, you cannot get rid of these behaviours. Hence, maintaining the Heart centre big is very important to have deeper awareness.

  5. “I AM doing instant inner Forgiveness to myself and others and also asking for instant Forgiveness from others.”This is Forgiveness Sadhana, except that it is being practiced instantly. Forgive those who troubled you. Seek forgiveness from those whom you caused pain. Also, forgive yourself and move forward.

    In case of any negative connection, you must ask for forgiveness apart from forgiving. This is because, you would have generated some judgemental and undesirable thoughts against the person.

  6. “In every situation, I AM viewing from others’ point of view and neutral point of view apart from my own point of view.”If you cannot view from others point of view, your Heart chakram shrinks. If you are not receptive, cannot listen to others, then your Heart chakram shrinks as well. Everyone is part of God, another aspect of God. Why not see from their point of view? Seeing from others’ perspective is like seeing from other aspects of God!

    This is possible by maintaining your Heart chakram opened up. Also, empathise with another person’s need and see how you can contribute to him.

  7. “I AM making sincere effort to learn the Lesson deeply.”Epictetus, a Greek philosopher, said, “There is only one thing for which God has sent me into the world, and that is to develop every kind of virtue or strength, and there is nothing in all the world that I cannot use for this purpose.” This wisdom and learning from a situation also prevent repeating of such an issue in future.

    Other person is also a soul who has developed over many incarnations. He also has some good qualities. Utilise this opportunity. Say, “Atma Namaste” and imbibe their good qualities.

  8. “I AM making constant effort to both, learning the Lessons from others’ situations and imbibing greater qualities from others by recognising and respecting the Divinity in them.”If you learn from others situations, you don’t have to go through similar difficult situations. That’s a wise thing to do. And a wiser thing is to imbibe the good qualities from others around. For this, you must forgive the person, ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and forgive all. Only then can you recognise and respect the Divinity in others.

  9. “I AM taking suitable non-excessive action, only if required, after proper validation.”What can be handled with compassion, manage it. But, if something requires action to be taken, then deal with it with proper validation.

    Hold yourself before taking an action, so that it is not excessive. You may be enthusiastic to take the action quickly. But you must validate before that. Your emotion may say, let me sort it out immediately. However, action is not required in every situation. Forgive and ask for forgiveness and move on. You may need to act only in less than 5% of cases, which are serious or important. Though inaction may cause injury, excessive action can be detrimental too. So, watch out for excessive, impulsive action!

    Learn to use right kind of force, right amount of force and at right time. Remember that the force is being used for betterment, out of deep love. Force is being used for either mobilizing or for stopping some injury. The intent is not to cause injury.

  10. “I AM constantly focusing on manifesting Great Vision (or part of the Divine Plan).”In our case, Great Vision is bringing peace and bliss on Earth. Peace must be maintained on Earth. For which people must be raised to a higher emotional state. This can be achieved by healing people in your environment, making them forgive or channel by using any of the Loving Kindness Meditations or Prayers. Help them and bless them to go in right direction. You are responsible for these 5-8 people around you, may be your family, colleagues, friends, etc. You must help maintain their Heart chakrams bigger using various methods. This will help manifest Great Vision in your immediate surroundings.

    First maintain your Heart chakram enlarged. Do not get triggered with every situation. The Solar Plexus centre may get activated while taking an action, which may be needed, but the Heart chakram must be maintained big. It must not shrink and become smaller than the Solar Plexus.

    Example: Rhythmic deep abdominal breathing or Rhythmic Yogic Breathing (RYB) is important. It can increase oxygenation of blood, strengthen the aura, regulate the lower emotions and tune you to even higher states. In short, it boosts your immunity and helps overcome psycho-somatic ailments, if practiced regularly. Look at the various ways by which you can motivate others to do it regularly? First, you must practice it regularly. It is the same with other practices. Do deep discernment and validate them by practice. And then if you find them really useful, you have a duty and responsibility to promote them to your full capacity.

    Preaching means you practice first and then suggest it to others with courage of conviction. Else, it is only sharing of knowledge. These 5-8 people around you must practice it regularly. You must try to address their needs in various ways.

  11. “I AM viewing all important issues from Great Vision (or Divine Plan) point of view, in addition to my point of view, others’ point of view and neutral point of view.”Many of us are working for the Great Vision (or the Divine Plan), but are not constantly focused on it! You must be persistently aware of it and perceive from the Great Vision’s (or the Divine Plan’s) standpoint.

    Assess only important issues which consume time, resources and energy from Great Vision (or the Divine Plan) point of view. Time is the greatest resource. Energy is acquired by you with great effort. Do not waste it. Therefore, see from all points of view, especially Great Vision’s (or the Divine Plan’s) perspective, when huge resources, time and energy are being consumed. If it appears that the job is not worth doing, irrespective of the other view-points, then it can be dropped.

    This kind of analysis is not required for smaller issues where resources utilised are not much. Evaluate only the important issues, which might contribute to only 5% of the cases or even less. There must be optimisation of effort.

  12. “I AM constantly radiating Goodness. And only Goodness can come to me.”When this happens, you shift to the Atmic plane. You become like a Nachiketa, a Full Arhat. That’s your target.

    All this constant effort is real Devotion; Devotion to help humanity, Devotion towards a Divine Target. It is manifestation of Divine Love; Will to Love! Will to Serve!

You may read this Constancy Affirmation daily. Contemplate on each of the statements for a few days.

  • What is the statement?
  • What all are its various components?
  • What does the statement mean in thoughts, feelings, speech and action?
  • How did it come about?
  • How to achieve it?
  • How does it work?
  • Why/ What’s the purpose?

You may analyse each statement in a group too.

You may also try our YPV Sadhana app available for free in many languages. It has guided audios for the breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation.

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