YPV Level 1

YPV Level 1

YPV Level 1

Duration of Course:

16 Hours


Ages 16 years and above

This course is an introduction into the world of spirituality, meditation, pranayama, and energy healing. It offers an exhaustive understanding of the intricacies of how the physical and energy bodies interact and how to heal using this energy.

Energy is the foundation of the physical world. Ancient spiritual traditions of the East and the esoteric schools of the West are unequivocal in their acknowledgment of a bio-plasmic body that is the ‘life force’ of the physical form of human beings. This bio-plasmic body, is known by various terms like pranamaya kosha, aura, etheric double or energy body.

While the physical body comprises of 11 major organ systems, the energy body has a parallel structure of 11 major chakras. Ancient spiritual texts state that the complete human body is a composite of the physical and energy bodies.

Physical, and mental ailments are the outcome of imbalances in the energy body.  When maintained properly, the energy body is a source of nourishment and protection, and leads to holistic wellbeing.  Key take-aways from this course:

  • Learn how to feel and sense an individual’s aura via the technique of energy feeling.
  • Delve into how the 11 major chakras of the energy body influence the major organ systems of the physical body.
  • Learn and apply energy healing techniques to prevent medical ailments before they arise.
  • Learn to heal yourself and your loved ones of health ailments ranging from the common cold to asthma, arthritis, hypertension, gastrointestinal ailments etc. without drugs or physical discomfort.
  • Master the pranayama technique of Rhythmic Yogic Breathing that increases lung capacity to 60% from the usual 15% of the average person. Learn to utilise the technique to strengthen immunity or reduce stress.
  • Learn advanced meditation techniques to release stress, improve health, and sharpen mental faculties. Connect with your higher self and release emotional baggage, leading to improved relationships.
  • Get introduced to the Buddhist teachings of virtues; and the Yogic concepts of Karma, and Ahimsa for creating a stress-free future.

The student will be equipped with guided audios and handouts to continue their practices after the completion of the course.

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