The Peace Mantra “OM Bhadram Karnebhih”

This is a shanti path coming from the Mandukya Upanishad. It is also found in other Upanishads, like, Prashna and Mundaka Upanishad. It is an invocation for well-being, protection and obtaining knowledge for all and for fostering the ability in all to perceive, pickup and engage in only that which is good and utilize their time and capabilities optimally in contributing to humanity.

The Mantra
  • OM Bhadram Karnebhih Shrunuyaama Devaa
  • Bhadram Pashyemaakshabhih-Yajathraah!
  • Sthirairangai-Tushtuvaam-Sahah-Tanoobhi
  • Vyashema Deva-Hitam Yadaayuh
  • Swasti nah Indro Vruddhashravaah
  • Swasti nah Pooshaah Vishwa-Vedaah
  • Swasti nah-Taaksharya Aristanemih
  • Swasti nah Bruhaspatir-Dadhaatu
  • OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Hi!

Literal Translation of the Words

OM : Supreme Parabrahman, manifested and unmanifested

Bhadram : Good, auspicious

Karnebhih : With ears

Shrunuyaama : May we hear

Devaa : Shining ones or elevated beings on the Higher Emotional, Lower Mental and Higher Mental planes

Pashyemaakshabhih : “Pashyemaa” means see or visualise and “Akshabhih” is with eyes

Yajathraah : Those deserving worship, the Devas

Sthirairangai (Sthirai-Angai) : Stable (and healthy) limbs

Tushtuvaam-Sahah: Praying to God

Tanoobhi : By using the body (or bodies)

Vyashema : May we attain or gain

Deva-Hitam : Allotted by Presiding Deva

Yadaayuh : With in the given lifespan

Swasti nah : Bless us

Indro : Lord Indra

Vruddhashravaah : Long known and heard of or Ancient, and famous

Swasti nah : Grant or endow us

Pooshaah : Lord Sun

Vishwa-Vedaah : Knower of the Universe or everything

Swasti nah : Bless us

Taaksharya : Lord Vayu

Aristanemih : Protector from evil or from all harm

Swasti nah : Grace us

Bruhaspatih : Guru of Devas

Dadhaatu : May give (intellectual wealth for Spiritual upliftment)

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti hi : May there be peace

Meaning of the Shanti Mantra

1. “OM Bhadram Karnebhih”

By chanting OM, you are already in the Intuitional plane. You know what is auspicious when you are in the Intuitional plane. So, the plea is to identify and tune into what is auspicious, by using ears. At a higher level, it is inner hearing or clairaudience. Accordingly, you either tune into what is auspicious or hear only auspicious!

2. “Shrunuyaama Devaa”

We are affirming this in the presence of Devas or are addressing them.

The more developed Devas are in the Higher and Lower Mental planes. However, the Higher Emotional plane Devas also help us. Our bodies are supported by them. They help with the Prakruti and Kshetram.

We are affirming or expressing to the Devas, all that we are hearing or want to hear with the inner ears on the Intuitional plane.

3. “Bhadram Pashyemaakshabhih”

May we see or visualize only that which is auspicious with the eyes (inner eyes).

4. “Yajethraah!”

The Devas, the Arch Angels, Holy Angels or the Shining Ones, who are responsible for or take care of the KshetraPrakruti, our manifested world or Upadhi.

May we see auspicious with the inner eyes, addressing or affirming to the Shining Ones.

5. “Sthirairangai”

With Sthirai-Angai, healthy, steady, stable limbs of the body.

6. “Tushtuvaam-Sahah”

May we worship or pray to God (with a healthy body), to seek Blessings to help humanity.

7. “Tanoobhi”

With the bodies (Worship God by being stable, calm and still).

8. “Vyashema Deva-Hitam Yadaayuh”

Deva-Hitam is the Presiding Deva for each human being, who facilitates incarnating into this world. The time or life span that is allocated by this Presiding Deva in your plan, must be fully utilized, by devotion, worshiping, working for God, for the benefit of the entire humanity, by hearing and seeing what is only appropriate. May we attain or gain all these (Vyashema), utilizing the given time in the manifested world optimally.

Let’s go over the main points so far – may we utilize the vehicles given by the Devas properly. May we utilise the allotted time fully, praying to God, with all the limbs and body healthy as well as stable, coupled with a still mind. Also, may we see and hear or visualize only that which is righteous (by being connected to the Intuitional plane and working in the lower worlds).

To come to this stage, we need help, guidance, energy and protection. Where do we get these from? The second part of the shanti mantra, reveals this.

9. “Swasti nah Indro Vruddhashravaah”:

We seek blessings from Lord Indra, who is an ancient and a famous one, and also the head of all the Arch angels or Maha Devas or Shining Ones. May he give us blessings of well-being,prosperity, happiness and stability for our vehicles. All the Devas help in making us maintain good health and prosperity, under the leadership of Lord Indra.

Indra is the head of 3 types of Devas, the Rupa, Arupa and Kama Devas. Angels on the Lower Emotional planes are called Kama Devas. The ones on the Higher Emotional planes are Rupa Devas. And the Shining Ones of the Higher Mental planes are termed as Arupa Devas, who are radiating and shining without form. He also has control over the Nature Spirits on the planes below, i.e., up to the Etheric and Physical.

10. “Swasti nah Pooshaah Vishwa-Vedaah”:

Indra is bestowing, but the source of all energy is Pooshaah. That is the Sun God. He is Vishwa-Vedaah or all knowing, highly intuitional and intellectual! In Gayatri mantra: bhurgas (bhargo or power) refers to Lord Sun, who provides power. May He Bless us.

11. “Swasti nah-Taaksharya Aristanemih”:

Taaksharya means celestial, raised up, mystical, not clearly seen. He is like a celestial bird. Bird here means, being above ground, not physical, and flying all around. We are actually referring to Vayu, a Maha Deva, who is action oriented. May he Bless and protect us. He also works under Lord Indra.

May he protect us from all harm and danger, Bless, strengthen and purify us at all times. We are engulfed or enveloped within him. Air is everywhere, it pervades everything, within him lies everything.

Circulation of air is important – flow in, flow out. Air purifies, diffuses, removes! Know that diffusion through air is instant! The toxins, like, CO2 and other waste that we exhale, are diffused at once, if there is ventilation. Like, poisonous Gas is diffused, a volatile situation is dissolved very fast by his Blessings. So, he is also a protector by virtue of diffusion.

Air carries energy. When we breathe, we take in oxygen. Along with it, air contains energy in the form of vitality globules which is energized by the Sun. This energized air is taken into the lungs and chakrams. It brings into you many things in abundance, that you do not even know of. However, you cannot hold it, as it is flowing!

Water also purifies and strengthens. Energized water in gaseous form, i.e., water vapour, is circulated by air.

The Green prana dissolves, dilutes, disintegrates, diffuses and purifies. Green prana is there in water or steam. Water also absorbs energy. Therefore, water purifies. The Red prana has strengthening property. Vayu has the quality of both Green and Red pranas. That is, of purifying and strengthening!

Do proper breathing exercises, to take in more vayu. Vayu will make you flexible, adaptable and powerful. Use his energy to upgrade yourself. You may try for one week. You will observe that you may not easily contract infections. And even if you come down with any infection, you will recover faster as immune system will get strengthened with these exercises. Practice them 3 times daily. When infected, repeat them every 2 hours or hourly. The condition will reverse soon.

12. “Swasti nah Bruhaspatir-Dadhaatu”

Bruhaspati is another Planetary God. He is the guru of Devas as He is a God of intellect and intelligence. Maha Deva Indra and other Devas are his students. He is also connected with uplifting humanity, giving them the power of discernment (ability to do IRFR – Inner Reflection and Firm resolution), leading to wisdom, purification and knowledge of Self.

People pray to Bruhaspati for development on the Mental and Causal planes, to upgrade their Causal body to lift into the Intuitional plane and achieve Oneness with Atma.

13. “OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti hi”

Here peace is deliberately asked for three times. We appeal Supreme God for granting us peace on the lower three quarters of OM, namely, order on the physical plane, for emotional calm and mental poise.

We also wish for reconciliation in case of conflicts that we know about and for harmony during disagreements that we do not realize about or do not remember of. Furthermore, for freedom from strife within. The practice of forgiveness can help accomplish such peace.

Quick Recap

We pray to God for radiating goodness. May we tune in to the Intuitional plane and hear or see only that which is auspicious or positive in others and wish or visualise good for all. In order to raise to the Intuitional plane, you may chant mantras like, OM, or practice meditations, like, Planetary Peace Meditation or Metta Meditation, or prayers, such as, Great Invocation or Lord’s Prayer.

We have a Presiding Deva for our life who decides our lifespan. May we fully utilise the allotted time by praying to the Divine with a healthy body and by stilling our mind.

May we get stability and blessings from Indra. The source of all this energy is Lord Surya. Vayu is in and around us, carrying energy of the Sun, water, environment, trees, etc. He provides protection through diffusion. He removes toxins. He bestows us with flexibility and adaptability. May we use his energy and upgrade ourselves.

All this is needed for what? To get the wealth of knowledge and upliftment from Bruhaspati for moving into the 4th quarter of OM and achieve Union with Atma!

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