Prosperity Courses

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Prosperity Courses

Just like the laws of physics apply across every facet of our lives, the fundamentals of energy healing can be applied to yield material abundance. One of the greatest teachings of our Guru is that spiritual growth does not come at the cost of material wealth. Spiritual aspirants of the current century do not need to embrace asceticism like our spiritually evolved forefathers. In modern times, a person who is highly evolved spiritually, will have material wealth that allows them to flourish.


Think about it, if you didn’t have a certain level of financial security, would you have the mental readiness to focus on the purpose of your life? A person with limited resources is very likely to be slowed down by the obligations of life to the extent that they don’t have the freedom to explore life’s meaning.


Each of these courses is designed to help you achieve prosperity and abundance in your life. Every workshop focuses on specific aspects of the world that affect one’s material wealth. But the unifying thread amongst them is that material wealth is evidence of your ability to tap into the Supreme Consciousness and create a life full of resources that help you move farther on the spiritual path. Each of these courses will reinforce the belief that spiritual wealth comes with the ability to generate abundant material wealth.

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