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Health Camps

Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram Provides a rejuvenating environment for the body and the soul to get healed. The pollution free, serene environment where one an practice Breathing techniques to absorb Ground Prana, Air Prana and Environment Prana, Meditations and other spiritual practices to heal Physically, Psychologically and also to evolve and grow spiritually. YPV Ashram is away from city in a quiet and peaceful area, consist of all kind of facilities with attached bath rooms, kutias, dormitory, dining hall, library, Children Play area and gardens. YPV Ashram is an oasis of serenity and calmness. Here are the details of the Health Camps conducted at the ashram –

1 Week Health Camp

Seven days to better health, greater positivity and spiritual upliftment! In this camp, participants receive healing sessions thrice a day for their respective health problems. They also get an opportunity to attend meditation and healing sessions with Founder, Shri NJ Reddy, and other senior healers. The program includes holistic health solutions including physical exercises, breathing exercises, informational presentations and regulated diet.

4 Weeks Health Camp

A specialised program aimed at providing substantial relief from health problems as well as emotional issues. Healing treatment is given for problems like migraine, blood pressure, cholestrol, arthritis, asthama, chronic issues, gastrointestinal ailments and many more. Even old emotional problems are treated. The participants are given a schedule for each day which includes proper excercise, meditation practices, study sessions, and one-on-one healing sessions with Senior and Certified healers. The Founder and Grandmentor of YPV, Shri NJ Reddy personally gives healing to the patients suffering from severe problems.

12 Weeks Health Camp

This three months long program is specially aimed at healing Diabetes. The participants undergo a tremendous transformation at the level of physical as well as mental health. It is an opportunity to receive healing from Founder and Grandmentor. Shri NJ Reddy, Mentor, Smt Jyothi Nervetala and other proficient YPV Healers. The schedule includes daily routine of exercises, pranayama, meditation, informative presentations and regulated diet. The participants experience substantial or even complete relief and they also learn techniques to manage their own health in the long term using YPV Healing techniques and following right lifestyle.

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