Planetary Peace Meditation for channelizing blessings to the entire Earth

In order to bring peace and happiness in our lives, one must channel peace and other positive energies to others around us and to our planet Earth! Planetary Peace Meditation is a loving-kindness meditation but in a very advanced form.

How to practice Planetary Peace Meditation?

This is a guided meditation, available on the YPV Sadhana App. Important guidelines and precautions are also given on the app.

The app explains the various steps in this meditation:

1. Preparation for the meditation: Please do simple warm up exercises for about 10 minutes before the meditation. Practice Rhythmic Yogic Breathing which is a deep abdominal breathing exercise with rhythmic counts. This is also available on the app as a guided track.

2. Activating the Heart Center: In the center of the chest there is an energy center known as the Anahata chakra or the Heart chakra. This is the center through which we experience love, compassion, mercy and similar feelings for our near and dear.

3. Activating the Crown Center: On top of the head there is another energy center known as the Sahasrara chakra or the Crown chakra. This is the center through which we experience Divine Love.

4. Blessing the Earth: In order to sufficiently activate the Heart chakra, i.e., to open the Heart chakra adequately, you must bless the Earth through your Heart chakra. You will automatically feel peaceful while doing this. This is similar to opening the window.

5. Using the Mantra “Om”/ “Amen” / “Ameen”: Now, your consciousness can be tuned up. You can use a mantra of your own choice, like “Om”, “Ameen”, “Amen” or some other chant, for about five to seven times.

6. The Moment of Meditation: Between every two chants there is a gap. In the gap, there is stillness. Be aware of this stillness. Try to tune up higher with each chanting and be aware in the gap. After chanting a few times, just let your consciousness expand and let go!

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Bring Coherence and Harmony in the Environment:

The place where we practice the meditation also transforms with higher frequency vibrations. Stress is reduced and also coherence is created in the immediate environment. Hence, others in our environment also experience peace, calmness and compassion. They can perceive better and act in a more balanced manner.

When we practice in large numbers, the cumulative effect is on a wider area! Therefore, kindly promote group meditations in your city, so that you can bring a change in your entire city. The energy can be specifically channeled to a person, place, city, or issue after the meditation.

Even joining online in a group and practicing together has substantial effect of synergy.You can tryto form a small group and bless an area after this meditation on a daily basis. See the effect after a month for the transformation that takes place.

In 1993, it was discovered in Washington, USA, that when a large group of people practiced the transcendental meditation, the crime rate dropped by 23.3%. This indicates that there was an increase in order and harmony in the life of the whole city.

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There was a similar experience in June 2017 when a group meditation in Bangalore with about 1400 people participating. It was reported by a Chief Sub-Editor of the Kannada evening daily newspaper, EE-Sanje – “for 10 to 15 days after the Group meditation, we did not get any major crime news to be published in the “crimebeat” section of our newspaper and there was a considerable reduction in the crime rate in the city.”

Likewise, we can bring a change in the entire Earth by doing group meditations in various places.

You may watch PPM video on our YOUTUBE channel,where we have demonstrated this meditation:


1. At physical level – improves health and stamina.

A 2010 study by Barbara Fredrickson and Bethany Kok found that increasing positive emotions by practicing loving kindness meditation led to increased social closeness and an improvement in vagal tone.

Increased vagal tone is associated with improvement in the function of many body systems, causing better blood sugar regulation, reduced risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, improved digestionand reduced migraines. It is also associated with better mood.

2. At emotional level – increases calmness; lowers anxiety; betters stress resilience, i.e., you can relax faster after stress.

3. At mental level – mind becomes sharper and focused; enhances discretion; develops intuitive intelligence.

4. At spiritual level – it is a great service to humanity as we channelize blessings to entire Earth. When practiced regularly, the surrounding environment also undergoes transformation. The people in the environment also experience peace, happiness and clarity in thinking.

For quick and easy understating and purpose of each of the YPV practices, refer to our study video for practitioners:

You can also do simple practices with the help of YPV Sadhana App available freely in Google Play Store and Apple Store in various languages.

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