Kill the Sense of Separation and Practice Forgiveness

We all are Connected

We are connected at physical and etheric levels due to our planet Earth. We are also emotionally and mentally connected due to Earth. Earth’s planes act as a medium for us to connect at these levels. For example, in this pandemic, we are not separate. We can be affected by each other. We cannot isolate ourselves completely. It is only temporary. We may get infected sometime or the other. So, we must strengthen our immune system. If the opponent is stronger, you hold on your position or even step back if required. Then you strengthen and consolidate yourself in order to go back and face him.

We are connected at emotional level too. If we hear a news of something that happened somewhere else that was not so good, we get emotionally affected. Humanity is one and it is also integrated with other kingdoms of nature. When you are physically affected, you are emotionally or psychologically affected too. Also, when psychologically affected, it affects our physical health. Relationship problems also cause psychological or physical issues. Therefore, it is important to maintain higher emotional state and stronger energy body for good health and better immunity.

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You must do all that is important at physical level (exercises, breathing exercises, proper diet); emotional level (practicing forgiveness) and mental level (being aware of the thoughts and emotions within and working on them, meditation, blessing and channelling meditations like Planetary Peace Meditation, Metta meditation, Great Invocation prayer, etc.) in order to maintain your composure. How fast can you get back to a higher emotional state after you go down? That is important!

When someone gets affected, learn from it. What could have been done before? Or what could have been done when the person got into that situation? What could have prevented him from succumbing to that condition?

If a person’s immune system is low, he cannot fight infections easily. He is susceptible at physical level due to physical, emotional, mental and environmental conditions. You must work on all these levels and also help others around you in order to maintain good health and happiness. Sudden fluctuation in immune system is due to fluctuation or oscillation in emotional condition. Ability to forgive strengthens you.

Wipe out the Sense of Separation and Discomfort

You are a Soul extended into the lower planes with mental, emotional and physical bodies. There are disturbances at physical, emotional and mental planes. Beyond these planes, on the planes of Atma and higher, there is no annoyance. At the lower levels, disturbance and calmness are co-existing. As you go to the planes of Atma, duality is annihilated. You experience Oneness. As you go even higher there is no separation.

At physical level there is you and me. At emotional level also there is your preference and my liking. At mental level there is your thought or idea and my opinion. All this is connected with duality or separation, likes or dislikes and comfort or discomfort at physical, emotional and mental levels. This separation is due to difference in opinions, customs, habits, races, sexes, colour, age, experiences and development, ray type (different qualities, like, colours of rainbow), various kingdoms of nature and most importantly inability to accept others as they are.

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Tolerate and respect others whether they appear physically beautiful or otherwise, seem hygienic or not, are clothed well or in contrast, if from a different community, another race, nationality, sex, age, etc. Contemplate on how to become physically, emotionally and mentally at ease with these people while interacting with them or if they come in your mind. Especially, if that person is a family member, then you have to live with him/her. You must choose to live with him/her by accepting the person. Or else, you will perpetually be in discomfort. Think of how you can make them better if needed. Start with people around you.

If you are bothered with the presence of a person, then it is your problem. For example, you are not comfortable with your boss. You are fearful or are stressed when you have to meet him. Or you are frustrated with your sub-ordinate. There is irritation and intolerance to his ideas and lack of patience as he may be slower than your expectation.

You have to develop high level of patience, flexibility, tolerance and the ability to accept people as they are. Remove all sorts of conceitedness that only your point of view is right and rid yourself of blaming, judging, assuming, comparing, speculating, concluding based on half-truth, etc.

If you are reaping a certain situation, then it is you who has sown it in the past. How many thoughts have you put against people in the past? Watch what you think and feel. Be aware of your inner state always. Observe your breathing. It gets disturbed whenever there is agitation or restlessness in your thinking, feeling and at physical level.

Kill the desire for comfort to a high degree. If it is little hot or cold, you are not comfortable. Little sweat and you are not at ease. Look at an athlete on the field. He is not bothered with all this. He is focused only on his training. You should be able to handle certain level of discomfort.

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Stop exacting on people that they should be like this only or like that. Be contended. You are not being asked to walk on thorns or go through extreme pain in order to learn to get comfortable. Just learn to be able to handle certain level of discomfort so that you can do your work well. Focus on the purpose and you will be able to handle some discomfort.

Don’t be attached to your bodies. You are a soul which is eternal. Looks and external appearances will change. All that is impermanent is subject to change, subject to cycles of cause and effect. In this process of cause and effect and duality, you develop. Address the causes, the effects will change.

You know that this physical life is not forever. But still you want things to be permanently in a certain way. Your level of conceitedness, inflexibility, intolerance and lack of patience prevent you from developing. This world offers you many opportunities. So, kill the sense of separateness at physical, emotional and mental levels. You are a soul with bodies. Separation is transient and for a purpose.

Recognise the Divinity in Others

First practice forgiveness. Recognise that others are part of the Divine. All discomfort is kind of racism (between communities, individuals, status, level of work, etc). Be patient and tolerant. View from both your and others’ point of view.

Some people have mastered certain virtue and others are adept at some other skill. Instead of seeing what is deficient in them, see what is good in them, see the divinity in them, understand that they have also developed over hundreds of incarnations and have something to learn from. You imbibe this quality from the person (the quality that this person has to a higher degree than you or that you don’t have). Such a great resource is in front of you. You have to only recognise and respect the divinity in him/her in order to imbibe the qualities!

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Do not look down on others or compare yourself with anyone. Compare with yourself in order to become better than before. That’s your competition! So, pick up qualities from others and visualise good for them in thoughts, feelings, words and action.

In a channelling meditation, while blessing we say – inner healing! That is, forgiving a person and visualising that the person is doing right at all levels, moving into optimism, having right thoughts, coming out of sadness and lifting into higher emotion. You may additionally do Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) healing or get healing done for his/her health to improve. We also bless with inner beauty in meditation, which implies visualising that the person is feeling good, so automatically looking good, working with joyful interest and enthusiasm (no dullness) and going in right direction. Not only you, but everyone must lift up to that higher state of emotion. This intention can lift you further up. For your own good health, all connected to you should be healthy and happy. Else, you will be in discomfort.

If you are understanding other’s need, forgiving, being tolerant, patient, accepting people as they are, helping, sharing, healing, etc., then you are cutting duality. You are helping a soul and hence you are helping God. Thus, you experience Love of God!

Practice of Forgiveness

We have discussed about the benefits and rationale behind practicing forgiveness in an earlier article on Forgiveness. Let us quickly look into how to practice it?

Visualise the people you want to forgive. Put your hands together at the heart centre in namaste position. Salute the divinity in them. Forgive them for any harm caused to you at all levels. Ask for sincere forgiveness for any harm caused by you to them. And forgive yourself.

Be grateful to them for creating these situations which actually helped you learn. Affirm that you are learning all the lessons from these situations and are putting sincere effort not to repeat these mistakes. Visualise that they are looking good, feeling good, their heart chakra is opened and are smiling. Visualise that you are interacting nicely with them, your comfort level with each person is increasing, you are able to compassionately accept each person and see their need.

Project loving energies to them from your Heart and Crown energy centres and chant the shanti mantra, “OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, OM”, a few times. Bless them to go in peace.

The procedure or audio track for practicing this is available on the YPV Sadhana App. You may practice this once or twice daily. Eventually you must learn to do instant inner forgiveness to yourself and others.

If you keep forgiving, the other person cannot trouble you. If the person troubles you, it means you have not done proper forgiveness. In cases where you are struggling to forgive someone, practice 7 times 7!

If you are practicing our 3 live sessions, then you are practicing forgiveness in a group. So, that counts for 3 times already. Practice 4 more times. May be in the morning when you wake up, then around 10:30 am, 4:30 pm and at night before sleeping.

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Do this for a week and see the result. If you feel benefited, you may continue for another week. If you already feel that you have forgiven these people, you may stop. Else continue for a maximum of 7 weeks. You should be done by then. That probably is the maximum.

But ultimately, you must practice forgiveness without blaming the other person; seven times daily and seven repetitions each time, till the matter is resolved.

What is meant by resolved? If you have really forgiven, the other person can no more trigger you whether near or far. And if you have really learned the lesson, then similar situation will not repeat with any other person in future.

We will discuss the elaborate practice of this deeper forgiveness of 7 times 7 in our next article.

Using Shanti Mantra in Forgiveness

Every scripture starts with the chanting of a shanti mantra or an invocation. This is because without coming into peace, even if temporarily, you cannot transcend the mind from the discomforts of physical, emotional and mental bodies. You have to learn to accept these things to a greater extent, to be able to understand better.

Hence, shanti mantra is chanted to achieve shanti at physical, emotional and mental levels.
And also to achieve shanti from what is known (you know your pain due to someone’s action, sometimes you know the agony you caused someone). To achieve shanti from that you do not know (you don’t know if you troubled someone, either in the past or forgotten even if in the recent past; causes of the problems are also not known.) And to achieve shanti within (from your own tendency of discomfort).

If you succumb to situations, your progress is affected. See, what can be done. Healing, Rhythmic Yogic Breathing and forgiveness will definitely help.

You may try our live sessions on Facebook for regular group practices of breathing exercises; forgiveness; reflecting within and erasing the unwholesome thoughts and emotions; meditation; channelling divine blessings to the entire Earth and the affected areas during this pandemic and for a powerful guided Divine healing.

You may also try the YPV Sadhana app which is available for free in various languages. It has guided tracks for physical and breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation. These techniques also boost and sustain your immune system.

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