Yoga Prana Vidya Healing

Yoga Prana Vidya involves practices which prepare you to experience Oneness, union or yoga. Yoga means union with the higher. You cannot have union with the higher without preparation of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Yoga involves asanas, yama-niyama or dos and don’ts, pranayama, withdrawal from the external, de-attaching from the lower or de-linking from that which is no more necessary and climbing up the rungs of the spiritual ladder. Every step is important and you cannot get stuck at any step. This is withdrawal slowly from the lower to the higher, described as Pratyahara. It is all a continuous process.

All these processes of asana, pranayama, purification through the knowledge of do’s and don’ts must be practiced simultaneously and consistently as part of sadhana or regular practice. They can be practiced in any order. Physical exercise is important. Breathing exercises are extremely important. They cannot be replaced. The knowledge of do’s and don’ts helps with self-discipline which is very essential. You must have courage to tread the spiritual path. Spirituality does not mean running away from life. It is to take on life! It is not that you let go of the physical world or the body by moving up the ladder. You are only tuning up your consciousness higher. Your focus is shifting up. You are turning inward and moving upwards.

Healing has a very big and crucial role to support this upward progress. You may be struggling to advance forward, especially, with your aura being clouded with so many different vibrations of various thoughts and a mix of emotions. It may take a very long time for the aura to be purified. Hence, the techniques of Yoga Prana Vidya can help to get rid of these unnecessary vibrations, de-link from the unwanted and lift up. The proper way is to first purify the aura to a certain extent, which is possible by exercise, breathing exercises, forgiveness, meditation and healing.

YPV Healing

Yoga Prana Vidya healing is meditation in motion. This is because you become a specific channel while healing someone. You are giving a chance for another soul to be able to get connected to his own true nature by healing his aura, which is otherwise clogged or congested with emotional unrest, mental confusion, etheric disturbance and physical ailment. When you heal, the aura is purified, the person gets an opportunity to see more clearly, get divine guidance and go in right direction. The most important in Yoga Prana Vidya healing is psychological healing, known as YPV Level 3 healing. You must learn up to YPV Level 3 healing to help yourself and others around by cleaning up the muddled aura and removing all these disturbances.

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By bringing upgradation and balance of the energy centers called chakrams or chakras, you can bring a gradual change in the attitude, thinking pattern, feelings, behavior and moods. This change occurs in you, as well as in the person you are healing, because when you heal, you become a channel. Energy flows through you. So slowly, you get transformed. Hence, it is a dynamic meditation, meditation in motion! It helps you generate certain entitlement, as it is in giving that you receive.

First, understand the energy body. All the disturbances in the mental, emotional and energy bodies affect the physical body. All your thinking and feelings influence your physical body through the energy body. By healing the energy body, you can handle the psychosomatic ailments and also the thinking and feelings. If you want to go on a fast track spiritual path, you must know the techniques of bringing your aura into balance by many techniques. You can try to know the energy body, clean or purify it using various methods. If you are not able to manage yourself, take help. In order to move fast on the spiritual path, it is inevitable that you learn up to Yoga Prana Vidya psychological healing.

Your perceptions will undergo change. Then there may be conflict between your perception and others’ perceptions around you, at home or office. The things around you may start appearing slow. You may start judging people around because of this change in perception. You might have just climbed a step or two higher and you may find this difference in yourself. You must learn to accept people as they are. Your Heart chakra must be maintained big. Relationship issues can come up any way, whether you tread the spiritual path or otherwise. You must learn to handle them, because without managing your relationships, you cannot move forward. You may get stuck, as though you are held by a big rope and anchored into the ground. You cannot climb up. You have freedom only up to a certain extent. So, if you do not forgive, you will be perpetually under the control of all those whom you are not able to forgive. You have to just cut this rope, as simple as that! You have a tool in your hand. Practice Forgiveness Sadhana, the rope will be cut.

Similarly, you are holding many ropes and trying to even pull other people. It is not your business to control other people. Leave the ropes so that you are free. But how will you come out of all this thinking of judging, blaming and holding others responsible for your misery? For this, you must practice inner reflection. But in order to do that, certain amount of purification is required so that you are more aware and can see more clearly. The faster way to clean this aura, is to heal. Otherwise too, you will move forward, even if slow. The purification that can be achieved by most other techniques in 30-40 years, can be achieved in just an year or so, by blessing the Earth, becoming a channel and by learning to heal and doing healings regularly.

Human being is the highest manifestation of the Divine on Earth. And planetary spiritual evolution is connected with the evolution of the human being. When you give an opportunity for a human being to perform better, his entire environment undergoes change, all connected to him also transform. It has a multiplier effect, an exponential result. Therefore, when you heal, you generate huge entitlement or karma. To reiterate, healing is dynamic, active meditation!

When you are really disturbed, do breathing exercise, or heal and bless the person involved in the situation. You may practice Forgiveness Sadhana. You may do Planetary Peace Meditation or Great Invocation and bless too. There are so many options. And healing is a fantastic option using which you can manage yourself or help another person.

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Distant Healing

Since our energy body is part of the Earth’s energy body, we are all connected, like, every neuron in the brain is connected to every other neuron. We are connected through technology, internet, mobile, etc. You can interact with anyone anywhere using a call, an email or a message. Similarly, energy follows thought and intention. If you have an intention to heal, automatically the energy goes to the person you are healing. This is the principle of distant healing.

The simplicity of Yoga Prana Vidya given by the Great Teachers is such that without even having the ability to fly in the inner world by long sadhana and meditations, you can imagine anyone and heal.

Transforming Connections, De-linking and Getting Freed

If you maintain enthusiasm and feel good, any negative connection with anyone becomes positive because you are feeling good. Only good is radiating from you. It is like, in your pipelines or connectivity with others, pure water is flowing. The dirty water gets slowly dissolved. And if your force or energy is very high and your aura is big, dense and subtle, i.e., it is at a higher vibration, then everything connected to you will undergo transformation, all connections will change and unnecessary connections will get delinked. When you lift up to higher emotional plane, lower emotions do not bother you anymore. This is what is lifting up, Pratyahara, or withdrawal. You withdraw from lower emotions of anger, irritability, frustration, resentment, jealousy and get into higher emotions, such as, peace, love and compassion.

You may transform jealousy into inspiration. If someone has achieved something that you have been wanting to do, or if they have performed the task better than you, then draw inspiration by saying, “if he can do it, I can do it too”. After all, similar or same opportunities and provisions are there for you also. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. Mother Earth and Solar God are providing everyone alike. All energy is available to you, like, air, water, sun, etc. Divine is all loving. We are all children of God. So please come out of jealousy, rise up! Emerge out of hatred and express love. Replace injuriousness with forgiveness. Lift up! It is you who is benefitted. That is why Buddha has suggested to forgive and forget for our own health and happiness. He is exceedingly intellectual, having high level of discernment and direct perception. The word Buddha comes from “Buddhi”. As we are all children of God, we must love others. God is love. But you may struggle to love everyone. Therefore, Buddha used the words “at least forgive and forget for your own health and happiness”. So, if you want to move forward, get freed, let people live, bless and keep forgiving and releasing or cutting to let go. Take an imaginary knife and cut all connections which are pulling you down. Get freed, do not be under others’ control.

People in Sikhism, keep a knife with themselves. Many think it is for self-defense. It may be true, but it is also symbolic for delinking from the unwanted and moving forward. It is for cutting off whatever they are carrying psychologically in their mind. This delinking is required in order to advance further.

When your aura expands, you lift up. It further expands as it becomes subtler as you move up. When your aura expands, you contain more energy. So, learn healing to lift up! If your tank is lifted up and is bigger, others connected to you are like smaller tanks, they cannot affect you. Their water doesn’t come to you. Their water can come to you if your tank comes down. But, if you maintain your tank up, you cannot get affected by others’ tanks. Unless you get triggered and come to lower emotion, you cannot get affected. Hence, maintain your higher emotional state as much as possible. Then, if at all something flows out from you to others, they all get benefitted. If there are unnecessary leakages from your tank, just delink and plug it.

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A Rough Estimate of the Magnitude of Progress Achieved

We are discussing about emotional and mental bodies which are actually 4th dimension and higher. These dimensions are difficult to comprehend. So, let us look into 3-dimensional mathematics to understand. Take a bottle of 4 inches diameter and 1 litre capacity, say, this is 1 unit of water. Similarly, say, our aura is 1 unit with an inner aura of 4 inches and an outer aura a little bigger. As you expand, your inner aura becomes 1 meter from 4 inches. As you practice exercises, breathing exercises, Planetary Peace Meditation and healing, your aura becomes that big. That is about 10 times increase. If you increase the diameter of a bottle by 10 times, the capacity of the bottle, which is its volume, increases by 10^3, i.e., 1000 times. Hence, compared to an ordinary person, when you expand, you are equivalent to 1000 people in terms of energy. You can easily feed this energy to many people without losing or getting depleted much, because you have 1000 units of energy. As you practice regularly for may be 2 or 3 months, this can be achieved. That is the power of regular practice and healing.

As you start using the energy centers, generate color prana and heal using advanced techniques; do exercises; breathing exercises, meditation with thoroughness and regularity, your aura expands slowly to may be 3-5 meters. This is like, 50 times increase in the size of the aura. But remember, your physical body is the same. Saints do not have 100 times or 1000 times bigger bodies. Only their aura is bigger. 50 times increase in size equates to a capacity of 50^3, i.e., 1.25 lakh units of energy. So, you are now equivalent to 1.25 lakh people’s energy.

Water is everywhere. Water is in the air and also in a bottle. But, can you drink the water that’s present in air? That is the difference between an ordinary man and a great saint. Here, we are just talking about a healer, not even saint. An increase in aura from 4 inches to 5 meters. You can become a person with such big aura and energy. You can really heal many people if you can maintain it by regular practice. Also, little bit regulation of diet is required and you must keep up with regular forgiveness. That is practice of Yama Niyama.

Guru Gobind Singh ji had said, “If I don’t make each of my soldiers equivalent to 1,25,000 soldiers of the opponent, don’t call me Guru Gobind Singh”. It implies that he upgraded everyone connected to him by practices of sadhana, meditation, delinking from lower and moving forward. These soldiers were no ordinary soldiers. They were detached, focused on their aim to protect and aligned with their group. Group practices and alignment with the Teacher make you develop very fast.

Maintaining Higher Emotional State

What happens when you go to lower emotion? It is like climbing up high and then jumping back down. And you get impregnated by lower vibrations because you have come to that domain. So, remain in your domain and operate from there, don’t slide down. Climbing up is difficult, sliding is very easy. It just happens instantly. Anybody can trigger you and you come down! All are specialists around you to trigger you, to test you. That is actually good news. Otherwise, you keep going high and with one trigger may have a fatal fall. At every stage, you must be tested. That is better. You get immunized. Your understanding and tolerance get better. So, just developing the aura is not the point! Can you hold on there? That is important!

By spiritual practices and certain sadhana, Guru Gobind Singh’s soldiers were maintaining that energy level. Therefore, sadhana is important. But how many of us practice regularly? Group live sessions are important. You are then committed to take out time to practice, there is synergy effect and you also develop faith. By practicing in a group, these things happen faster, but you must sustain it by always maintaining your heart chakra bigger which is not possible unless you forgive. If you blame somebody for your condition, you are down again! It is a continuous process. There is nothing wrong in coming down. It is just the process, you are learning.

For example, earlier you were getting triggered by, say, 100 things. Now, you may be getting triggered only by 50 things. After sometime, you slowly get triggered by may be only 10 things, then 5 things, etc. That means, you do not frequently slip down. After sometime, you don’t get triggered at all. That is Sthitaprajna, in every stithi or situation, such a person is in prajna. In all conditions, he maintains his inner state with jnana and action. He is not bothered with situations around; he does what is required to be done. He is moving like a person running for a race. He is not distracted; he is focused on the goal. He is not looking at praise or criticism. He just moves on.

A quick rundown of what is just discussed. If you want to move fast, then you must not only become a healer, but must heal regularly. Healing is dynamic meditation. If you want to move on the spiritual path, be courageous. Difficulties will come. You will be triggered. If you are triggered and you succumb, that means you are undergoing tough trial. Learn Yoga Prana Vidya psychological healing to help yourself and others. Otherwise everybody will trigger you. Knowing is not sufficient, you must practice to lift up. You may come down again, but that’s ok. You can lift up yet again. Learn to maintain higher for a longer time.

We have just talked about healing from one aspect. There are many viewpoints and also many levels of healing. If you view from multiple levels, you may be astonished. In simple terms, it is giving an opportunity for a soul to progress faster!

You may also check our YPV Sadhana app for the guided tracks for exercises, breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation. These techniques also help boost your immunity.

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