YPV Breathing Techniques

YPV Breathing Techniques - Yoga Prana Vidya
Breathing is the most powerful wellness techniques available to humans. We at YPV, teach you to harness the real power of your breath. One can transform their physical and mental well-being with the power of correct breathing techniques. It is the foundation of healing by ‘prana’ (vital energy). Learn our basic breathing techniques and understand the power of breath with us.
  • Rhythmic Yogic breathing – By this practice, you can utilize up to 70% of your lung capacity. This exercise is helpful for emotional balance and calmness. Deep abdominal breathing improves our digestive system also. (4minutes) practice 3 to 4 times in a day.
  • Cleansing Breath –This breathing facilitates a greater flow of air and energy in the lungs, thereby pushing out the used up carbon dioxide and diseased energy from the lungs. It creates a way for fresh air and energy to come into the lungs in a greater amount and has a regenerating effect on the lungs, chest cavity and diaphragm. (1.5 minutes) practice 3 times a day.
  • Complete Breath – This total breathing technique helps in releasing the dirty energy from the whole body, especially the lungs. It helps in the circulation of blood in the body and also increasing the lung capacity and strengthening the chest cavity. (1.5 minutes) practice 3 times a day.
Deep Abdominal Pranayam - YPV Breathing Techniques - Yoga Prana Vidya
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