Spiritual Technology

All that has a beginning, has an ending. Everything that is born, eventually dies. And everyone who dies is invariably born again. This is a process. When you transit this body, where do you go to and where do you come back from? This question might linger in your mind sometimes in case you believe in reincarnation. To comprehend this, you must understand the Spiritual Technology. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, please continue to read on.

Our Various Vehicles

Every day you sleep. Who sleeps? Your body sleeps. Your body takes rest. So, what happens to you when your body is taking rest? Sometimes you say, “I had a good dream” or “I dreamt about so and so”. That means you have another place where you go to and come back. It is comparable to going out somewhere in your car and coming back. Like, you drive your car and reach a different place in the car. When done, you come back and are out of the car.

To understand this better, let us consider a small exercise. Can you please move your body? What are you moving? You may say, “I am moving my body”. This is a very profound statement. Who is moving the body? “I am” is the mover! And what is being moved? It is the body which is being moved. This is similar to, “I move or drive my car”. I am the mover or the driver. The car is my vehicle. In the same fashion, the body is like your vehicle. You are not your body.

Let us now extend this exercise to our feelings and then to our thoughts. Do you have feelings? Do you experience emotions? You may say, “Yes, I do feel or sense emotions”. So, neither are you your emotions, nor your thoughts. You either generate thoughts or pick up other’s thoughts to further strengthen them.

In order to experience these emotions, you have another vehicle which is known as the Emotional Body or Kamamaya kosha in the Hindu religion. Similarly, to generate thoughts you use another vehicle known as the Mental body, also known as the Manomaya kosha. To be more precise, the Kamamaya kosha is actually a single term coined for all the lower emotions or desires and the lower thoughts that are entangled with these desires. For more clarity, we shall use the terms Emotional Body and Mental body. Hence, we are a being with a physical body, which is quite apparent, and also an emotional body and a mental body which are not visible to our naked eye.

At night, in our sleep, when our physical body rests, our consciousness shifts majorly from the physical body to the emotional body. The memory of our time spent in the emotional world at night is what we call as dream. Like the physical world, there are other worlds of emotions and thoughts. Further, there are seven sub-planes in each of these worlds. Where in the emotional world you go to, in your sleep, depends on your state of mind before falling asleep.

This physical world is also made up of seven sub-planes, denser to subtler. You know the solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter. The remaining four states are energy or etheric (E4 – E1, denser to subtler). The physical science is looking at the three denser physical states and a little bit of the energy, may be E4 which is the medium of ordinary electricity and sound; and E3 which is the medium of prana.

Hence, our physical body has two parts. The visible part is the visible physical body. The invisible part is known as the bio-plasmic body, the energy body or the etheric body. The Spiritual technology goes further beyond the understanding of these physical, emotional and mental bodies.

What is the Meaning of Spirituality?

There is something called Spirit. Trying to go towards Spirit is called Spirituality. That is to say, you have come from the Spirit and you are trying to go back to the Spirit. Then, the next question that springs up in your mind is, “What is the purpose of coming from the Spirit”? There has to be some purpose for you to manifest in these bodies and to go back. This purpose is the development of the Spirit. In Sanatana dharma, this is called the Adhyatmic path. What is Adhyatma or Adi-atma? It is the Spirit or Paramatma. You come from the source known as the Adi-atma or Paramatma. Adhyatmic path is thus, the path taking you to Spirituality. All traditions, scriptures, customs, religions and practices try to take you back to Paramatma. But before that, you are here in the lower bodies for developing, improving and upgrading yourself.

The Spiritual technology involves the understanding of how you come down into manifestation, how you go back, what is the purpose and how you can achieve the purpose?

What is Death?

Coming back again to our sleep condition, how do you know that you had a good sleep or a not so good sleep? Does that mean somebody was observing the sleep state of the body? Consequently, you are the one observing it, and not sleeping. You have only transited temporarily into another body, the emotional body and even higher.

One day you would discard the car. In like manner, you would one day discard this physical body too. We call this as death. However, it is only a transition to another body. You transit to the emotional body, into the emotional world. That’s the first level in the inner world, the kama-loka. At some point, you will discard this emotional body to transit into the next higher vehicle, that of thinking, the mental body.

Thus, your personality includes these three bodies of physical, emotional and mental in the three worlds. There is development taking place in each of these worlds for all these bodies. That’s why Sanatana dharma uses the term Tri-loka. The Divine Mother is sometimes referred to as Tripureswari. The Divine Father is referred to as Triloknath, the Father of the three worlds. The Mother manifests into the three worlds to help building the three bodies. This is similar at higher levels as well.

The personality having the three vehicles is transient. You come to the mental, emotional and physical bodies into incarnation and when out of incarnation, you go back from one to another and back. This can be compared to going to school, learning your lessons, developing and coming back. So, until your learning is not complete, you keep going to school, keep coming into incarnation and going back home. And once you are done with all the learning, you no more go to school.


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Our Home

Where are you coming from into these three bodies? From a yet another higher state, called the Karana Shareera, the Causal Body or the Higher Mental body. The Karana Shareera is your body, in the Causal world. This is another world from where you descend down during incarnation and go back to when the incarnation ends. That is your home or platform till you are done with your learning process through many incarnations.

Spiritual Technology

Your manifestation from Karana Shareera and downwards is called Incarnated Soul or the Jivatma. Incarnated means manifesting down into the lower worlds, in the lower bodies. The Jivatma in the Christian tradition is referred to as the Holy Spirit.

Further, this Jivatma comes from the Atma, also known as the Higher Soul. The source of all the Atmas is the Paramatma or the Adi-Atma, also known as the Divine Spark or Monad in theosophy or the Father in Christianity. A father can have many children. Likewise, the Paramatma has many children, the Atmas. And each Atma extends down into the Causal plane as one Jivatma. Whether you are manifested in the lower bodies or not, you are in the Causal plane as a Jivatma. When a Jivatma extends down into the vehicles, it is called Personality. This is the Spiritual Technology.

Again, who is this Paramatma? Where does he come from? Paramatma is also called as the Divine Spark. To be precise, he is just a spark, a small fragment or a very minute portion of the Parabrahman, Supreme God, the Logos, Shabda Braham, Allah or Malik. These Paramatmas are always connected to their source, the Parabrahman. When you say, we are all children of God, children of the most-high, you are referring to these Paramatmas, who are one with God and one with everyone. Please note, you are not referring to your Jivatma as a child of God. You are referring to yourself as a part of the Paramatma, who is a child of God. This is true with everyone. Hence, we are one with all.

When manifesting downwards, we are into differentiation. That is manifestation from one Paramatma, into many multiple Jivatmas. But, when you go back with your consciousness to Paramatma, you are not many. You are ONE, one with all the Atmas coming from the Paramatma. If you further extend back, you are one with the source, the Parabrahman.

You can use the analogy of a power grid. There is a power house, few transformers and from each transformer many metres. The power house is like the Parabrahman. The transformers are like Paramatmas. Many metres from each transformer are like Atmas, which are extended each into a house, giving light, heat, air conditioning. This light, heat and air conditioning is not at the level of metre, it is in the house. The house is the Jivatma. Why do you think that electricity distribution grid is made like this? It is probably because our soul manifestation into vehicles is like this! As above, so below! As a result, we have designed our power system, in a design parallel to that of God’s design.

At each stage, the power is stepped down, not only in the power grid but also in the soul manifestation. When you step up, power increases, there is oneness! Only a part of the Atma extends down into the Jivatma and only a small portion of the Jivatma stretches out into the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Therefore, when you align with your Jivatma in the Causal body, you have more power and are more refined. Hence, more expansive with less restriction. When your Jivatma further aligns with the Atma above, it is more complete than before, very subtle and your capability is lot more enhanced and extended.

The way Jivatma is extended into the Mental, Emotional and the Physical planes, the Atma is extended into the Atmic, Buddhic and the Higher Mental worlds into the respective bodies. The bridge between the higher set of vehicles of the Atma and the lower vehicles of the Jivatma is the Karna Shareera, where the Jivatma resides.

Achieving union or oneness with your Atma is referred to as Soul Realization. You achieving certain union with your Karana shareera is also one level of Soul realization. There are many levels. However, achieving union with your Atma is called the actual Soul Realization, also referred as Paramhansa or Arhat; Achieving union at the next level, with that of Paramatma is called God Realization, Aseka, Holy Master or Adept. Why is it called God realization? This is because, Parmatma is always in oneness with God, experiencing God’s Love. So, you realize the love aspect of God, when you connect to the Paramatma directly. Hence, the term God Realization. Again, there are many levels of God Realization. In simple terms it means, experiencing God’s Love directly.

Aspects of God

Let us go over the terminologies again for more clarity. Multiple fractions of the Parabrahman descend down as Paramatmas, Divine Spark, Monad or Father. Each Paramatma descends further into many Atmas, Higher Souls or Sons. Each Atma extends down to one Jivatma, Incarnated Soul or Holy Spirit.

The above terms are different than the aspects of God (the Trinity) which are represented as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Father, refers to the power aspect of God, also known as Lord Shiva. God the Son, denotes the love aspect of God, Lord Vishnu. Correspondingly, the third aspect, God the Holy Spirit represents the light or the knowledge aspect, named as Lord Brahma. In Arabic these aspects are termed as Aallah Al Muqtadir, Aallah Al Wadud and Aallah Al Khaliq.

The white light going through the prism has seven colours, but three are the primary colours. All our mobile screens and TV screens use the combination of these three colours (Red, Green, Blue) to produce all other colours including the white colour. Similarly, there are actually seven aspects of God, but these three are the primary aspects, called God the light, God the love and God the power; Or Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva! Different traditions have different names for the aspects of the Parabrahman or Supreme God.

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In Sikh tradition they call God as Ek Aum. The AUM is the sound of God, Logos or Shabda Brahman. Manifestation involves sound, vibration or energy. Whether the manifestation exists or not, the Parabrahman exists. This is similar to whether your body exists or not, you the soul will exist. So, the manifested universe is only a part of the Supreme God.

Other Kingdoms of Nature

All kingdoms of nature are also rooted up through the same manner to the Supreme God. They are either individualised as Incarnated Soul in the Causal Body or as a Group Soul. Humans have each an individualized Incarnated Soul or Jivatma. Whereas, the other kingdoms have Group souls in the Causal Body. Therefore, there are Mineral Monad(/s), more evolved Plant Monad(/s) and further more evolved Animal Monad(/s). This Animal Monad ultimately evolves to become a Human Monad. We refer to the Human Monad as Paramatma.

Evolution Through the Various Kingdoms

The Monad is also evolving from one kingdom to another kingdom. In the process of this evolution, there is upgradation. Which means, each time you go back from the manifestation, there is some profit; that is, you progress! Finally, when you fully develop, you go back to the Paramatma. That is known as Nirvana or “Jeevan mukta”; in short, no more taking incarnation. That means schooling is finished and so, no more going to school. It does not mean your progress ends there. You continue your progress after the schooling also. After schooling is finished, there is still higher teaching and higher work going on. That’s why in ancient China, spirituality is described as Taoism. Tao means path. There is actually no destination, there are many stages. This is true for everybody.

We are part of one Humanity on this Earth and are interconnected, evolving towards the same Source. All practices in all systems aim towards the same. There must be unity in all systems and religions in relation to the Source. We must respect each other’s system or path. Please recognise that all systems have come through Great Teachers. That is Spirituality! Which is beyond any cast, creed, race, sex, religion or nationality!

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