Free Will and Destiny

‘Free Will and Destiny’ – It is important to understand that the future is dynamic. That is, from where you are at the present, your future can change. It is in your hands. But it depends on how much effort you want to put, your understanding, and your discernment.

It is important to understand that the future is dynamic. That is, from where you are at the present, your future can change. It is in your hands. But it depends on how much effort you want to put, your understanding, and your discernment.

You are born into a family with certain circumstances, restrictions or some encouragement and support. For example, some people do not get education. They are in a family that cannot afford it. This is as per their destiny. Therefore, you are born in a certain country, with specific circumstances, at a particular time, in a select environment – that is your destiny! It depends on your past. However, man is a thinker. What you think is what you become. In other words, where you are is not that important, where you want to be is important. Wherever you are, if you work, you can reach where you want to be. That is free will.

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If you don’t take control, if you don’t put down your thoughts to brainstorm and make plans in order to move towards target, if you allow life to go as it is, then your destiny is the future. If you see from Theosophy point of view or from Sanatana Dharma perspective, the destiny is loaded at the time of your birth into physical permanent seed, in the heart center. Even if you work in your life towards the intended destiny, it is good enough. If you achieve what was planned and go back, then that’s a successful life!

If you don’t follow the destiny, you undergo trouble and suffering, you get hit. In the process you will waste time and life becomes a struggle. If you choose yourself to go in a right manner, you can go fast. For example, there is somebody to guide you and protect you. They will only come into picture when you deviate from the path. Say, if you are going on the road and you start drifting towards left. You may completely go out of the road, so somebody may hit you in between to tell you are going towards extreme left. That is what the spiritual guides or helpers do. You can then make a decision to steer back to the center and keep in mind not to go extreme left again. You may slowly start drifting to the right and get hit on the right. By going left, right and coming back, you are learning your lessons while moving forward. This is good. However, if you don’t learn the lesson, you fall.

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If you decide to go in the mid-lane, you can go forward very fast. You don’t waste time in going right or left and your speed is also fast. When you align to a purpose your speed is super-fast. Your free-will takes you out of even the planned destiny. You can achieve much more than what you could have otherwise achieved. If you choose to work for the Divine Plan, for which you have manifested and taken this incarnation, you will be taken care by the Planetary God. For example, if you work for a company, you get paid, you are provided money for housing, vehicle, food, etc. This is because you are working for the company. Similarly, you are here on Earth and supported by it. Therefore, you have an obligation to work for the spiritual evolution or Divine Plan on Earth. Ultimately that is the target! Such targets are known to the Holy Gurus or Holy Masters. Hence, if you align your purpose with them, you move super-fast. You automatically get purified and your destiny undergoes major modification. You will achieve much more by your free will and not limited by destiny.

Consider this analogy. All the water flowing in the river goes ultimately to the ocean, sooner or later. But the water which is going in the center of the river is going very fast. The cleanest water is available in the center. The moment you go very fast, grosser things are dropped. Thus, if you are in the center, your purification is automatic because you are working for the Divine purpose. Nothing can disturb you.

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Let us take another example of an athlete participating in a race. Many people will be shouting, screaming and supporting him. But he is not distracted by anyone. He is focused at his target. If he keeps on looking at the supporters, he will lose the game. Thus, focusing on the target is essential. Otherwise the change will be slow. The more you use your free will in right direction towards right targets, the faster your destiny changes. And further, it will change even faster if you align with a group, a Spiritual Teacher or with the group of a Spiritual Teacher. If you substantially contribute to the Divine Plan, make targets in order to achieve it, your destiny undergoes drastic change. Your free will takes you to a new direction. You can come out of many conditions of many incarnations in just one life. Sometimes in many lives, you achieve little and in one life you achieve much more.

The physical permanent seed, where the plan of our life is loaded, is located in the heart chakra. Hence, the more you open your heart center, the better channel you become for the divine, the physical permanent seed further undergoes transformation, your destiny improves to a greater extent. The difficulties which are there based on your past karma or past entitlement get eased out. Consequently, the future is in your hands. You can become a greater channel for the divine by practicing meditation, blessing, healing, smiling, tithing, doing service and aligning with the group. Healing is meditation in motion. When you channel more and more energy, your Heart chakra becomes bigger and your troubles in meeting the destiny gets further neutralized. To that extent you are freed from the shackles of your past karma.

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In a group this happens very fast. Even if you are not aware of the purpose, the Guru knows the purpose. You must validate and tread the path shown by the Teacher and the group. “Sangham Sharanam Gacchami” – align with the group, your destiny changes very fast. Consequently, future is dynamic. Lord Buddha Padmasambhava had said, “if you want to know the past, you see your present condition. And if you want to know your future, see your present actions”. So present actions make your destiny. The present actions include your thoughts, feelings, speech and action.

Sometimes, astrology estimates the future based on the past of a person. That is not true for a person who is really focused on targets of the Divine and on the Spiritual Path. Future is dynamic, it is not fixed. For a common man, future may not be dynamic. This is because he is not using his free will. Use of free will to go in the right direction to achieve the spiritual target helps modify the destiny proportional to the alignment with the spiritual target and the group.

To sum up the two important points for modifying one’s destiny:

1. The more you give, the bigger the Heart chakra becomes. This improves your future. That is the secret of the Heart Chakra. So, find various ways and means of keeping your Heart chakra bigger, becoming a greater channel for the Divine, empathizing and addressing other’s needs, sharing, giving, doing service, healing and helping.

2. Use your discretion and align with the target of the Guru and the group. Tread the Spiritual Path!

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