Importance of Chanting the Mantras

Let us discuss about chanting the mantras, “OM”, “Amen”, “Ameen”, etc. There are many aspects or facets of understanding these mantras.

Every word has a vibration and vibration carries energy. It has a certain effect on physical, emotional and mental levels and also on the environment.

The mantra “OM” or “Aum” is like a mass noun. It encompasses all the sounds, ranging from lower vibrations to higher. The sounds Aaa, Uuu and Mmm contain entire gamut of vibrations in the world.

“Om”, the Ultimate Reality underlying Creation:

The opening line of the gospel, according to St. John is, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God!”

It is comparable to what the Rig Veda says, “In the beginning was the Brahman with whom was the Word, the Word was truly the Supreme Brahman.”

Yogi Patanjali stated that the Word of Ishwara is “OM”. “OM” in Upanishads and Vedas has many meanings.

The word Parabrahman is also sometimes referred as Logos. The term “Logos” means “Shabda-Brahman”. “Shabda” implies “Word”. This indicates that God is word!  Thus, the name Shabda-Brahman.

All these statements suggest that there is a Word and that this Creation, i.e., this Phenomenal World was made by this Word or sound.

“Om” and the States of Consciousness:

From another standpoint, the word OM represents the 3 states of consciousness leading to an even higher state, the 4th state. Therefore, Aaa Uuu Mmm signifies –

– The “jaagrit” state of mind or waking consciousness
– The “swapna” condition or dream consciousness
– The “sushupti” frame of mind, deep sleep consciousness leading into higher planes and
–  the “ardhamatra” is beyond the deep sleep condition, sometimes called “Turiya”, the Samadhi state, that is to say, “Oneness with the Higher”

“Om” Tunes-up – Strengthens! Purifies!

By chanting the mantra “OM” your consciousness raises. Vibration levels of all the koshas or bodies, namely – physical, etheric, emotional and mental are increased. When the vibration levels surge up, the energy levels magnify. This is because, higher the frequency greater the energy. In physics, energy is proportional to frequency, i.e.,

Energy = Planck’s constant * Frequency

Apart from that when you raise vibration level of a  kosha or body, say of energy body for example, the grosser energies get automatically dropped, the used-up energy; the diseased, dirty energy; tiredness; lethargy are all dropped. The body gets purified.

In similar manner, the emotional body can be purified of lower attachments; lower emotions, like, anger, irritability, hurriedness; lack of forgiveness, etc. And the mental body can be purified of fear, sadness, pessimism, tendencies of addiction and doubt, etc.

So, chanting of the mantra “OM” lifts your consciousness up and you get delinked from all that is lower. Thereby it gives you peace, happiness, greater clarity of thought and intention. It tunes you up to higher consciousness, that is, to a meditative state. However, it must be practiced with awareness.

Therefore, there are 3 points to be noted. Raising the vibration, not only tunes you up to your higher nature, but also purifies and strengthens the bodies.

When the mantra “OM” is chanted, the vibration levels of that place increase and the whole environment is also purified and replaced with higher frequency energies.

There are some mantras that start with “OM” and are very powerful. Some others start and end with “OM”. These are even more powerful. “OM” in itself is a very potent mantra. It is the root of most mantras!

Mantras must be chanted for a purpose and with awareness. Excessive chanting without preparation and certain purification can cause some physical and psychological discomfort, which many times becomes difficult to treat medically (as noted by us in many instances).

We recommend chanting of “OM” for purification of physical & etheric bodies for about three to six times. Similarly, three to six times chanting for purification of emotional and mental bodies. This is sufficient once in a day. For purification of the environment, you can play an audio track of “OM” for about 30 minutes every day.

“OM” or “Amen” or “Ameen” can be used to tune up to your Higher Nature towards the end of Planetary Peace Meditation.

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