Dweller on the Threshold

Have you ever wondered why natural and man-made calamities occur on Earth? Man-made calamities or human activities also cause problems that may lead to natural calamities. They are actually interlinked. They are obviously connected with our physical activities such as burning fossil fuels, de-forestation, excessive usage of natural resources, habitat destruction and other pollution. Like, global warming increases the risk of hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. Floods are due to human activities. Climate change is also caused by us.


However, did you know that they are also connected with our emotional condition and thinking pattern? Our fear, doubt, anger, frustration, resentment, tendency to take revenge, lack of forgiveness, stress, etc., affect at the energy level, emotional and mental planes. There are other human created issues, like, wars, cruelty, mob tendencies. All these add up at the energy level. This contamination in energy is like a combined huge cloud surrounding the Earth. In theosophy, it is known as Dweller on the Threshold. When this energy tries to precipitate down and physicalize, there can be havoc on Earth, which can befall either as natural or manmade calamity. This is a serious cause of misery.


There are different kinds of pollution. Pollution of air, likewise, there are water pollution and earth pollution. Each of these lead to the other pollution. For instance, air pollution can precipitate into water and also earth. Earth pollution can contaminate water. And water pollution can release poisonous gases into the air. They are all related. Plus, all these pollutions are going on simultaneously. Apart from these, we have sound pollution and also radiation or electromagnetic pollution. And finally, the psychic pollution at energy and subtler levels, which is the Dweller on the Threshold.


When a person thinks, he produces a thought form which has energy in it. It is like a live form. And a person produces many such thought forms a day. As per National Science Foundation, a person generates about 12000 to 60,000 thoughts every day. Which means your energy is dissipated in all these thought forms. And imagine if most of these are undesirable thought forms of fear, doubt and worry. Then, how are you expending your energy and what are you creating around yourself? This is one of the terribly affected conditions. You cannot see or perceive clearly through these thought forms; your reasoning ability is affected. Your thinking faculty is hijacked. You are only working emotionally. Adrenal glands are activated and you, your involuntary system and also the voluntary system, are all functioning under stress. Sum total of such negative thought forms and emotions created by all of humanity, over the years, have resulted in such thick Dweller on the Threshold.


Every time you are pessimistic, anxious, insecure, mentally criticizing, wishing bad, you add to this Threshold. Each time that you feel sad, low, discouraged, furious, provoked or retaliate, you heighten it. On the contrary, whenever you smile, you dissolve it, even if a miniscule fraction of it. Each instance that you make a positive affirmation, practice forgiveness, do meditation, apply healing, you lessen it. For a long time, we have only contributed more to this Threshold. Thus, causing so many man-made and natural disasters. We cannot ignore the natural calamities thinking they just happen. There is energy required for it to manifest.


When the Dweller on the Threshold boils over, the humanity comes under tremendous pressure and there can be chaos. That is why the Great Teachers or Avatars have come time and again to help humanity. Hence the statement in Bhagvad Gita, “Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamyaham”. That is, whenever things become difficult to manage, the Avatars, their senior disciples or their energies descend down through suitable channels to help amend the situation. This is what great Avatars and Prophets like, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Adi Shankara, Lord Jesus and many others have done; to diminish this Dweller on the Threshold! But humanity still has not come to terms to redress. They keep on adding to it and at some point, it swells up so much that the Divine intervention is inevitable. Coming of an Avatar therefore means that it is beyond our ability to handle.


Avatars appear at many levels. The Avatars are already extended down up to the Intuitional and Higher Mental or Causal levels. Thus, we can channel their energies down here, when we open our Heart energy center. When we open the Heart and Crown, we become a greater Divine channel and break this cloud above our area. And the Divine energy comes down to Earth through the opening that’s created. Otherwise, this cloud prevents the Divine energy from reaching down.

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This Divine energy, which is brilliant liquid golden, transforms all that is tending to precipitate and also transforms what has physicalized. Thus, we must do both, addressing the effect and the causes. Whenever you reduce the Threshold, either by channeling, blessing, forgiving, healing, positive affirmations, etc., you are addressing the causes. Even with inner reflection and erasing, you are thinning it. When blessing, we are also addressing the effect! The energy causing turmoil is being transformed. So, we are all the time either waxing or waning it by undesirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors or by good deeds and positive attitude respectively. This is a process going on continuously.


When you do group meditation, you can create a huge opening and thus, massive transformation can take place. You cannot prevent the Dweller on the Threshold from coming down, you can only dissolve it. Regular continuous practices or sadhana are required. That is the motive behind our daily live sessions. This is true with all group activities, like, forgiveness, Rhythmic Yogic Breathing, erasing after self-reflection, positive affirmations, chanting to purify and upgrade our vehicles, etc. Since our energy, emotional and mental bodies are part of the Earth’s energy and subtler bodies, our transformation effects the Earth.


Let us try to minimize this Dweller on the Threshold by meditating in groups, successively. We can create an opening through which the Divine can flow automatically. We can become an instrument for the Divine.


In 1993, it was discovered in Washington, USA, that when a large group of people practiced the transcendental meditation taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the trend of rising crime rate dropped by 23.3%. This indicates that there was an increase in order and harmony in the life of the whole city.


We had a similar experience. We have done many group meditations all over India, may be 15 to 20 of them across the country. However, we have a documented statement for the group meditation done in Bangalore on 22nd January 2017. We had done Planetary Peace Meditation in a large group of about 1400 people and blessed Bangalore. It was reported by a Chief Sub-Editor of the Kannada evening daily newspaper, EE-Sanje, “for 10 to 15 days after the Group meditation, we did not get any major crime news to be published in the “crime beat” section of our newspaper and there was a considerable reduction in the crime rate in the city.” She had further recommended that such programs be continued in the future too. This might have been the case in other places as well, but it was not studied or documented.


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Response to Meditation, Prayer and Devotion

There is an upward rush created by prayer or meditation, especially, when done in a group. There is a huge downward response. This is represented in the book, Thought Forms, by Bishop Leadbeater. When the response comes, it is not only for the specific group, but for the entire humanity. Your aura gets purified. To that extent the Earth gets purified too as your aura is also part of the Earth’s energy body. Also, your emotional and mental bodies are part of the Earth’s emotional and mental bodies as mentioned earlier. Hence, in Metta meditation, we pray that all beings in the different planes of existence be blessed. There are beings in all planes. We have existence in all planes of Physical, Emotional and Mental. Those who have left their physical body, still have existence on the Emotional and Mental planes. Those who further leave the emotional body, have existence on the Mental plane. Everyone, living or dead, is available on the Causal plane, from where we incarnate and go back. This positive response that we just talked about is coming from the next higher planes of the Intuitional and above.


But again, you dirty your aura with doubt, fear and insecurities. So, you meditate again to clean yourself. This is like taking a bath again when you sweat and get dirty. Regular sadhana is like a shower at subtler levels. The Heart is connected with the higher part of the Emotional plane. The Crown is connected with the Intuitional plane. In the Planetary Peace Meditation, when we focus on both Heart and Crown energy centers, the combination of energy coming from the Intuitional plane and the Heart transforms into brilliant liquid golden energy. This energy is very potent and can resolve the Dweller on the Threshold.


More hands are required to do this. If you want to clean one bottle of water, you can easily do it. But if you have to clean a lake, you cannot do it alone. Many hands are required with consistent effort. It is the same with Dweller on the Threshold around the entire Mother Earth.


Group has a combined, synergy effect. You achieve exponential result. Your upward rush reaches higher planes of Intuitional and even above. Not surprisingly, the response would be enormous. Hence, you can bring change in your local area, city, state, country and entire Mother Earth by meditating and channelizing in a group. There is a huge difference between an individual meditating vs practicing in a group with respect to the connection accomplished and the downflow. If you meditate in say, a group of 20-30 people, the effect of the group expansion may be observed for many kilometers. You can integrate further by joining people from different places at the same time. This is our group practice in the live sessions. You can form such groups, or link with such groups through live sessions.

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Planetary Peace Meditation

This is one of the channeling meditations. We practice this meditation or Great Invocation prayer or Metta meditation in a large group during our live group sessions. The bigger the group, the greater connection can be established to the higher planes, thus bringing down tremendous flow of the Divine energies and transforming our areas and Earth.


If you have experienced Planetary Peace Meditation before, you might understand how light you feel due to the aura becoming cleaner. This can be achieved even with chanting, forgiveness and a combination of all these practices makes it faster. When you are calm, it can be compared to the water being clean. In dirty water, the reflection is not clear. The reflection in clean and still water is fantastic. What is above can be reflected below. So, we are trying to bring calmness by purifying etheric and emotional body, and then bringing them into stillness by reducing and refining the thoughts. Remember, before coming to stillness, the water must be cleaned. That is, the bodies must be purified. You must lift up to the higher emotional state to be calm and then you can attempt to be still. When you become a channel for the Divine, the Divine reflects through your etheric, emotional and mental bodies. You are like a walking Divine channel when you are in calmness and stillness. And when you do energy healing, you become a greater instrument as a healer because healing is meditation in motion.


Qualitatively everybody is connected, but quantitatively, how much is the connection? Ordinary person’s connection, also known as antahakarana is like a spider thread. For a person practicing regularly, this connection increases slowly. A Paramahansa has a very massive connection. Their Crown chakras are very big. They may appear physically similar but that’s not true spiritually. Everyone, has an option to increase this connection and move to a higher state by practicing an integrated system, like that of ours (Yoga Prana Vidya).


Whether your vehicle is big or small, it goes smoothly on a good road. However, on a rough patch, a bigger vehicle goes more easily than a smaller vehicle. In the same manner, with a stronger aura, when you are in calmness and stillness, you can handle difficult situations without getting affected much. Like, when you blow air into a balloon, its color gets diluted. Similarly, when the aura is big, the problem appears diluted. On the contrary, with a smaller aura, the problem appears serious. When aura expands, problem dissolves. With Planetary Peace Meditation, your aura expands tremendously. We have discussed this meditation in length earlier in another article. You may refer to it for more details.


You may also try our YPV Sadhana app for guided track on Planetary Peace meditation, exercises to be practiced before and after, Breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Super Brain Asana. These techniques also help boost your immunity.


Kindly join our daily live sessions on Facebook, so that we can expand our group further to have a humungous impact in dissolving this Dweller on the Threshold and bring down a flood of Divine energy to transform our areas, city and the entire Earth. This is very essential, especially, in this pandemic situation.


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