Welcome to Yoga Prana Vidya. It is said we come across the right things at the right time in our life. When the soul is ready the teacher will appear. We are happy to welcome you to our website.

What is YPV

Yoga Prana Vidya integrates the science of breathing, healing, meditation and yoga to provide a holistic wellness solution. It works around all four aspects of being – Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. YPV empowers an individual to unleash their full potential by enabling them to overcome any blocks and tap into their infinite resources. The participants are taught – breathing techniques, meditation, values and principles of the practice and healing techniques. YPV offers various programs and sessions – some of which are free. Our programs and techniques are backed by science and have repeatedly demonstrated positive results. There are various programs to choose from, both for beginners and people already in the practice.

Yoga Prana Vidya envisions unleashing the eternal peace and true inner potential within every individual and thereby, helping to bring greater peace into the entire humanity.

Police Officer resulted positive to COVID 19 on 8th May. He was critical patient with previous heart surgeries and high diabetic. My trainer and their team of YPV Healers gave healing to him from 8th May and he has recovered miraculously, as he has come out of ICU in three days and finally his report came negative to COVID 19 yesterday and got discharged from Wockhardt Hospital. He’s now fit and fine at his home. Healing by madam helped in his miraculous recovery in just 8 days. Deep gratitude to YPV and madam from myself and Shinde family.

Vaishali Hangargekar

Judge in Mumbai court

Atma Nmaste, from last few weeks have been attending live group meditation sessions conducted by Shri NJ Reddy Sir, founder of Yoga Prana Vidya. From the time I have started attending them, I see lot of improvements in myself. Despite the current situation, I am very peaceful and calm within. I am handling and looking after my kids in a much better way, which otherwise I would be stressed out and frustrated. And to add to that, attending Wesak Meditation was like a bonus, it was indeed a wonderful experience that can’t be expressed in words. My deep heartfelt gratitude to Reddy Sir and all the YPV members for making these sessions available to us. Thank you.


from Dallas, TX
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