YPV Planetary Peace Meditation

YPV’s special Planetary Peace Meditation is a powerful meditation technique to achieve calmness, happiness and higher energy levels. Daily practice of this meditation fills the practitioner with a big dose of positive energy, enabling them to maintain positivity, calmness, patience, good health and better relationships with everyone around. It also reduces stress, anger, heavy emotions and any depressive thoughts.

In this mediation, the participant becomes a channel of divine energy for our planet and sends loving compassionate energy to one and all, contributing to planetary peace and well-being. By doing this powerful and potent meditation, one can achieve personal transformation by attaining inner peace and equilibrium and can cleanse their aura by removing all unwanted energies and thoughts. This meditation energizes our aura with abundant ‘fresh prana’ (vital energy) and healing energies.

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Atma Nmaste, from last few weeks have been attending live group meditation sessions conducted by Shri NJ Reddy Sir, founder of Yoga Prana Vidya. From the time I have started attending them, I see lot of improvements in myself. Despite the current situation, I am very peaceful and calm within. I am handling and looking after my kids in a much better way, which otherwise I would be stressed out and frustrated. And to add to that, attending Wesak Meditation was like a bonus, it was indeed a wonderful experience that can’t be expressed in words. My deep heartfelt gratitude to Reddy Sir and all the YPV members for making these sessions available to us. Thank you.


from Dallas, TX
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