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It is rightly said – “Knowledge increases by sharing”. There are many benefits of becoming a YPV Trainer – By becoming a YPV Trainer, one can become a channel of greater light and knowledge to help uplift the humanity and bringing greater peace on earth. A YPV Trainer helps many people with the help of healing, nurturing, guidance and mentoring.

Instructor’s Training Workshop (ITW)

The process of becoming a YPV Trainer includes completing the YPV Arhat yoga, YPV Healers’ Development Program and the Instructor’s Training Workshop. After attending the 16 hrs long ITW workshop, the participant must attend apprenticeship under different trainers and get trained to reach others. A YPV Level 1 Trainer must become an Associate Certified Healer and motivate at least 15 other people to learn YPV Level 1 Healing. For more information, connect with your nearest YPV Trainer.


You can also sign up for the next Fast-Track Trainers’ program at the YPV Ashram to become a trainer within a short span of time!

Fast-Track Trainer’s Program

Become a YPV Trainer in just 4 Weeks! YPV Training package for becoming “YPV Level 1 Trainer” in JUST 4 Weeks with in duration of 4 months, This In House program will be for 1 week each month. There will be a gap of minimum 3 weeks, before subsequent months. During this time, one should practice and heal and fulfil the eligibility criteria for next one week program of each consecutive month. Those who have already done up to YPV Level 3 can join in the Second week program, with recommendation from their respective trainer.

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