Senior Arhat Trainers

Senior Arhat Trainers

Vishakha Karnani

Vishakha Karnani is a senior arhat trainer who was introduced to YPV in 2006 and shifted to Indore in 2008 to spread the work in Central India. She was part of the organizing team of the first Spiritual Intensive Program held in Pune in 2015. She has subsequently organized many public darshan, compassionate parenting and nurturing programs in various cities like Indore, Nagpur, Raipur, Pune, Kolkata and Ichalkaranji (Kolhapur). She has trained 44 YPV trainers under her guidance. Vishakha has also published a COVID 19 case report in Innovative Publication Journal – July 2020. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in arts and worked previously as a journalist and freelance photographer. Her e-mail id is

Vishakha Karnani - Senior Arhat Trainer - Yoga Prana Vidya

Raghu N

Raghu N is a Senior Arhat Trainer having over 22 years of YPV healing and teaching experience. He founded “Master YPV Trust Nanjangud” in 2019 and conducting regular service activities through this trust in his role as President. He also started the first independently located YPV centre in Nanjangud in 2014. He has previously attended the one year Spiritual Intensive Program for 2015-16 conducted in Sri Ramana Trust Ashram. He also has 7 years of experience working as a secretary at “Mysore YPV Healers Association” during which he nurtured many healers. Raghu conducts teachings in Kannada, English and Hindi languages. He has also completed a B.Sc. and B.Ed. from the Mysore University.
His e-mail id is

Raghu N - Arhat Trainer - Yoga Prana Vidya
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