The Shloka “Yah Sarvajnah Sarvavida”

This is a shloka from the Mundaka Upanishad. It points to the opening of the Heart centre to realize the Brahman. It calls attention to the purification and development of the various bodies of Man, acquiring the perfect knowledge through direct perception of the Intuitional plane and then achieving Nirvana through persistent effort.

The Mantra
  • Yah Sarvajnah Sarvavida Yasya Eshah Mahimaa Bhuvi |
  • Divye Brahma Pure Hi Eshah Vyomny Atmaa Pratishtitah ||
  • Manomayaha Praana Sharira Netaa Pratishtitah Anne Hridayam Sannidhaaya |
  • Tat Vijnaanena Paripashyanti Dheeraah Aananda Roopam Amrutham Yat Vibhaati ||

Literal Translation of the Words

Yah Sarvajnah : Who is all wise, omniscient

Sarvavida : All aspects, at all levels in all planes, omniscient in all planes, everywhere

Yasya : To whom

Eshah : This

Mahimaa : Glory

Bhuvi : In this world

Divye Brahma Pure : Divine (luminous) city of Brahman

Hi Eshah : This

Vyomny Atmaa : In the ether, gap, sky, the akasha tattva is the Atma

Pratishtitah : established or seated

Manomayaha : One with the mind (Emotional and Mental)

Praana Sharira : Energy Body (Pranamaya Kosha)

Netaa : Controller or guiding

Pratishtitah Anne : Seated or established in the food body or whole physical body (Annamaya Kosha)

Hridayam : In the Heart (Heart chakra)

Sannidhaaya : Clothed

Tat : That

Vijnaanena : Through perfect knowledge

Paripashyanti : One can realize

Dheeraah : Those who have wisdom and put effort

Aananda Roopam : Anandamaya Kosha or Intuitional body or Blissful form

Amrutham: Nectar or immortal

Yat : Which

Vibhaati : Manifests

Meaning of the Shloka

1. “Yah Sarvajnah Sarvavida Yasya Eshah Mahimaa Bhuvi”:

He is all wise, all knowing, omniscient at all levels, in all planes. His glory can be grasped by looking at this vast Creation. To create also requires power. Hence, He is Omnipotent too. Omnipotent also implies Omnipresent. The more He is potent, the more he is present. For example, the signal of a broadcasting station is Omnipresent in a certain range depending on the power of the station.

2. “Divye Brahma Pure Hi Eshah Vyomny Atmaa Pratishtitah”:

Brahman is established or seated in your Heart energy centre, which is considered as the luminous city of Brahman. Therefore, we emphasise on opening the Heart chakra. Loving kindness meditations, such as, Planetary Peace MeditationMetta Meditation or prayers, like, Great Invocationpractice of Forgivenessbreathing exercises, etc., help activate the Heart centre.

3. “Manomayaha Praana Sharira Netaa Pratishtitah Anne Hridayam Sannidhaaya”:

Energy body is engulfed and guided by Manomaya Kosha. To be more specific, the Energy body is guided from the centre of the Heart, as the Heart centre is the centre for higher or refined emotions. The physical permanent seed is in the Energy body, which gives life to the Physical and Energy body! However, it can be regulated by the Heart centre, the higher emotional centre, when activated.

The Food Body mentioned here indicates both Annamaya and Pranmaya Koshas. From another perspective, Brahman is seated in the Energy Body and clothed in the Heart chakram. By being seated there, He guides the Annamaya and the Pranamaya Koshas and also pervades the mind.

4. “Tat Vijnaanena Paripashyanti Dheeraah Aananda Roopam Amrutham Yat Vibhaati”:

With the deep knowledge of Him, the wise, using their inner vision (the wisdom from the Intuitional plane), can realize the state of bliss, Oneness and immortality by sustained effort. By opening the Heart energy centre, by various means as mentioned above, you can connect to the Intuitional plane and gain intuitive intelligence or direct perception.

To Recapitulate:

Brahman who is an embodiment of bliss, who is eternal, self-illuminated, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, can be realized by a person with intuitive wisdom with sustained effort. He is seated in your Heart and you are part of Him. When you open your Heart centre, He manifests through you. He guides your Mental, Emotional, Energy and Physical body from there. You are a manifested part of Brahman. However, you feel separate from God because of your ignorance. Meditations, like, Planetary Peace Meditation and affirmations, such as, Soul Affirmation can help you experience Oneness with your Higher Soul and ultimately realize Him.

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