YPV Level 2

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YPV Level 2

Duration of Course:

16 Hours


Completion of YPV Level 1

This course builds upon the teachings of Level 1 to equip the student with specialised healing skills that combine colour and energy therapy.

The chakras of the energy body vibrate at different frequencies, each of which corresponds to specific colours on the light spectrum. The healing properties of different coloured light is combined with energy healing to yield better, more pronounced results in healing. Different combinations of coloured energy, used in varying strengths, can lead to different outcomes in the physical body. This course demystifies the chakra system and the significance of the colours associated with each chakra. Key take-aways from this course:

  • Learn how to generate energy of specific frequencies, and of varying intensities, to increase the rate of healing of the physical body.
  • Learn specific techniques and protocols to heal and regenerate delicate internal organs, rejuvenate the lymphatic system, and boost immunity.
  • Learn to facilitate recovery of patients with complex medical cases of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and endocrine systems.
  • Perform energy first-aid and increase the speed of recuperation of the physical body in cases of cuts, bruises, and fresh wounds.
  • Learn techniques of Divine, Instructive, and Mass Healing that enable you to heal a large number of people at once.
  • Improve the accuracy and potency of energy feeling.
  • Expand on the technique of planetary peace meditation, to heal your body of physical ailments while you meditate.

The student will be equipped with guided audios and handouts to continue their practices after the completion of the course.

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