YPV Crystal Healing


YPV Crystal Healing

Duration of Course:

8 Hours


Completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3

This course provides the healer with the ability to effectively use crystals for better and faster healing results.

Crystals and gemstones have consciousness that can be programmed to help the user in their practices. These can be used for several purposes like augmenting prosperity, or performing better healings.

Crystals are capable of regulating the velocity and potency of the projected energy to hasten the healing process. They are a powerful tool to enhance the healer’s ability to project more energy and protect the healer from contamination. Key take-aways from this course:

  • Learn about the various uses of different types of crystals and the most effective ways of application.
  • Combine the use of crystals with YPV Level 2 and 3 teachings to improve the potency of your healings.
  • Program crystals to act as energy activators.
  • Learn the process of consecrating and deprogramming healing crystals and gemstones.
  • Use crystal pebbles in stone therapy for relaxation, destressing and healing.
  • Learn how to remove old programming, unwholesome energy, stress energy from gemstones and crystals.

The student will be equipped with guided audios and handouts to continue their practices after the completion of the course. Crystals will need to be purchased at an additional cost, as per the requirements of the practitioner.

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