Arhat Yoga

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Arhat Yoga

Duration of Course:

16 Hrs


YPV L1,2,3, AUWA

Once you understand the purpose of your existence and experience the connection to your Soul, it is intuitive that you will want to build upon this connection. Gaining access to your Higher Self encourages a practitioner to seek union with even higher levels of Consciousness of the universe.

The preparatory level of the Arhat Yoga course is a structured and synthesised pathway for spiritual evolution. While other schools of spirituality focus on singular practices towards Self realisation, the system at YPV encourages a more comprehensive and circumspect approach. Practitioners are encouraged to apply all forms of Yoga – Kundalini, Gyaan, Dhyaan, Raja and Bhakti Yoga to evolve all aspects of their personality.

This course builds upon the Buddhist teachings of The Four Noble Truths and condenses the teachings into practical techniques that can be applied to your life. Combining the knowledge of The Dhammapada and the Yamas and Niyamas of Ancient Indian Yogic traditions, the course offers numerous techniques for the practitioner to focus on building a virtuous character, which is a pre-requisite for spiritual progress. Regular practitioners of the techniques often find material success, improved interpersonal relationships, and better cognitive functions on their pursuit of spiritual evolution.

The Arhat Yoga preparatory course is mandatory for practitioners seeking to learn higher levels and more complex meditative practices in the future.

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