YPV Level 3

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YPV Level 3

Duration of Course:

8 Hours


Completion of YPV Levels 1 and 2

Level 3 techniques offer the healer the ability to produce behavioural and emotional changes in significantly shorter time periods (months) than traditional psychological procedures (years).

Human beings hold on to life experiences in the form of memories and emotional stimuli. Healthcare practitioners, including psychologists have linked physical ailments and mental and behavioural illnesses to historical emotional trauma and stress. Medical science has also definitively acknowledged that cognitive, behavioural, and emotional illnesses as well as various physical ailments have their origin in the human psyche. Psychological ailments of the mind are a manifestation of specific negative emotional stimuli and suppressed emotions being held on by the physical body.

Trauma, stress, or difficult environmental factors that affect a person are stored in the chakras of the energy body; leading to all forms of illnesses. Psychosomatic ailments are those where physical ailments are aggravated or caused by mental factors of conflict and stress. Relationship issues arise due to an accumulation of stress and unresolved emotions. All of these manifest as specific energy patterns and are stored in specific chakras. Clearing the energy body helps in resolving emotional conflicts, repairing physical health, and rewiring the mind towards positive behavioural practices. Key take-aways from this course:

  • Understand the root causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, personality disorders, and other psychiatric ailments, and learn techniques for their prevention.
  • Learn techniques to heal emotional and mental disorders, phobias, compulsive tendencies; thereby bringing about personality changes in the patient.
  • Prevent the development of psychosomatic ailments by releasing negative thought patterns and old programs.
  • Protect people from unhealthy influences, peer pressure, addictions, etc.
  • Release negative programs that prevent personal and professional growth.
  • Heal relationships with your loved ones and improve soft-skills.
  • Expand on the technique of planetary peace meditation, to heal yourself from emotional and mental ailments as well as release previous negative programs while you meditate.

The student will be equipped with guided audios and handouts to continue their practices after the completion of the course.

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