Healer Development Program 2

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Healer Development Program 2

Learn to apply the techniques of energy healing with surgical precision. The course includes specific techniques of eliminating behavioural and personality traits. Root tendencies, learnt limitations of past lives, debilitating weaknesses can be eradicated with more potency and accuracy. Learn to disengage your energy from those around you on, thus protecting you from spiritual downfalls.

Higher levels of spiritual evolution require a sophisticatedly superior physical and energy body.  Learn to heal yourself so deeply that your physical body and personality are transformed, thus hastening your growth on the spiritual path. Access and store greater volumes of energy and act as a power-bank for your loved ones. Transform your aura to project your best qualities. Gain the discipline and stamina to meditate consciously for hours at end.

This course extends upon the teachings of Healer Development Program 1 and culminates with the credential of a Certified YPV healer. It is a compulsory course for senior healers looking to participate in the Ashram Health Camps and for those seeking to become certified trainers for levels 2 and higher.

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