Healer Development Program 1

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Healer Development Program 1

Duration of Course:

16 Hours


YPV Levels 1, 2, and 3

Learn specialized, advanced energy healing skills to hasten the healing of terminal ailments and regenerate delicate organs.

With the completion of each level of energy healing, the healer’s proficiency increases and they are capable of better healing even severe medical ailments. While level 2 and 3 can be considered similar to the initial bachelor’s degree in energy healing, the healer development program 1 is equivalent to a master’s degree. Combine crystal healing with the techniques of this course to further boost the results of your healing.

This program focuses on the nuances of complex medical cases of terminal illnesses like cancer, autoimmune ailments, etc. and explores organ regeneration in greater detail. If you’ve ever wanted to repair your eyesight or reverse the physical markers of fatty liver, then this course will teach you how to do that.

This course culminates with the practitioner gaining the accreditation of Associate Certified Healer, which adds credibility to your energy healing career. This course is meant solely for regular practitioners and is also a stepping stone to one’s accreditation as an energy healing trainer.

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