spiritual courses

I Ching

Duration of Course:

8 hrs


YPV Level 1

Inner guidance comes from the divine and the inner self. This guidance can be comprehended better with the help of techniques of the IChing Course which uses the Book of Change based on the teachings of Confucianism, where you will find answers to all your questions.

You can seek guidance on any aspect of your personal or professional growth using the teachings of I Ching.

Spiritual Technology for Business Management

Duration of Course:

8 hrs


Open to all

Use energy science to achieve greater success and increased performance with better planning and execution. Learn to make right targets with proper direction. Learn to apply the knowledge of ancient spiritual wisdom into your organisation for better productivity and profitability.

YPV Sadhana Orientation Programs

This 3.5 hrs program incorporates detailed understanding and practice of all YPV Sadhana Techniques which help in improving the immune system, boosting energy levels, improving mental health and empowering with spiritual upliftment. It also includes a special opportunity to receive the blessings and healing in group by YPV Founder and Grandmentor, Shri N.J. Reddy.

Studies have shown that when such group meditations are performed, there is a positive effect on the reduction of crime rate in that entire area with the help of spiritual efforts of the group.

Spiritual findings and deep study

This one day workshop is a deep-dive into understanding the spiritual aspect of how nature works- and establishing a deeper connect with one’s own inner self. The power of oneness is experienced with the help of activities performed within the group and one can enter the inner state of deeper peace and bliss in the presence of the Grandmentor, Shri NJ Reddy.

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