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YPV Manifestation Course


Level 1

If you’ve ever delved into the world of self-help, you’ve probably heard much about the Law of Attraction and ‘The Secret.’ Perhaps you’ve also tried it and gained mixed results. Sometimes you manifest your desires immediately and other times, nothing happens. If you’re curious as to why some manifestations come true even before you visualise them and at other times, you wait for years, then this is the course for you.


Manifestation is based on several laws. The law of attraction is just one of these laws. This course will familiarise you with all of the laws of manifestation so that your ability to manifest is precise. Learn techniques of visualisation and energy magnification to bring your desires to materialisation more speedily. Understand why your previous manifestations were hit and miss and increase your rate of success. The course equips you with the ability to exponentially increase your connection with Supreme Consciousness – the source of all manifestations. Combine energy science with the laws of manifestation to create a life full of greater abundance, success and wellness.

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