YPV weight loss, body sculpting and facial

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YPV weight loss, body sculpting and facial

Duration of Course:

8 Hours


YPV Crystal Healing

This workshop teaches you how to create a physical appearance that aligns with the radiance of your inner self. Look as beautiful as you feel!

Stress affects how you move, feel, and behave. Over time, your muscles memorize your experiences and affect your expressions. If you’ve ever felt that your first impression did not match your personality, it’s probably because your face is holding onto old trauma. YPV Levels 1, 2, and 3 taught you to release the emotional trauma and injuries that held you back in your life. Now, take control and remove the lingering evidence from your features. Soften your stress lines and look more radiant. Release the energy patterns that lead to hyperpigmentation. Erase old scars that you still hide behind.

If you’re struggling with sedentary lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.; the unique ‘weight loss’ healing technique will help you beat physical ailments and finally lose the inches. This technique offers a holistic approach to weight loss, wherein you release emotional triggers, eliminate sedentary diseases, and learn the basics of wholesome nutrition. Use energy healing that is specifically designed to sculpt your body back to aesthetic and healthy proportions.

If you’re struggling to overcome eating disorders, this course offers you techniques to rebalance your energy and develop a healthy relationship with food. Sculpt your body back to life and nourish it.

Our mental health and physical appearance mirror each other. A healthy and lively physique is the abode for a spiritually elevated soul. Combine your spiritual evolution with physical improvements and gain a new lease on life. Get Confidence, compliments, and aesthetic beauty with the help of these YPV teachings!

The student will be equipped with guided audios and handouts to continue their practices after the completion of the course.

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