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YPV Vaastu


Level 1 and 2

Vaastu shastra is the Indian science of architectural design, spatial geometry, and layouts; to ensure that energy flow within the construction is aligned with the purpose of the building itself. Energy science is rooted in the Vedic cultures of the Indian subcontinent. The YPV Vaastu workshop demystifies why there are similar architectural practices across cultures, in a country as vast and varied as India.


The workshop equips the learner with the ability to balance the yin and yang energy forces of the building to create a harmonious balance between the divergent forces of life. The universe relies on a precise balance of divergent forces to ensure creation and evolution. This course helps the student learn how to recreate the balance of the universe, in their surroundings.


Just like your soul needs a healthy body to flourish, you need a balanced, nurturing environment for your life force to flourish. Your home or workplace is a tool that can be optimally used to create the life you want. Learn techniques of manipulating the energy of your environment to lead you to your goals. Create spaces that encourage the flow of energy towards your targets, thereby making it easier for you to go with the flow.


Unlike other systems, YPV Vaastu does not rely on architectural changes but implements energy
modification practices. Don’t let Vaastu consultants confuse you with divergent opinions. Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to harmonise your space, as and how your life evolves.

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