Achieving Union With the Atma

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Achieving Union With the Atma

Duration of Course:

8 Hours


Open to all

The ‘Achieving Union with the Atma’ course is one of the foundation courses that explores human life, the purpose of religion, and the magnitude of human existence. It is an introduction to the human heritage that has been hidden from the masses for ages. In order to understand the purpose of one’s existence, one has to first acknowledge the scope of one’s presence. Without an appreciation of the sophistication of the human life experience, it is near impossible to step higher onto the ladder of spiritual evolution. This course is specifically designed to demystify the spiritual importance of each stage of the human life. More importantly, questions regarding the afterlife are answered with an enduring simplicity that aligns with all religious schools of thought.


If you’ve ever resisted the idea of being identified by your career, life choices, or decisions; you’ll appreciate the wisdom imparted in this course. This course also helps the seeker understand the importance of their Soul. Understand why your assertions of “I am something” are powerful and work as self-fulfilling prophecies. Learn how to tap this energy and make it work for you.


Learn techniques of meditation, breathing, and awareness that help you tap into the dormant energy and possibilities of your life. Gain techniques of controlling your mind and treating it as a voluntary organ that functions for you, as opposed to you functioning for your mind. The course highlights the distinctions in these statements. The ‘meditation on the atma’ is a profound experience that connects the seeker with the seed of Supreme Consciousness that resides within. Learn how to experience this connection with the Divine on a regular, consistent basis.

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