A Study of the Outcomes of a Yoga Prana Vidya Wellness Healing camp conducted at YPV Ashram in July, 2022: Health improvements experienced by Participants

A Study of the Outcomes of a Yoga Prana Vidya Wellness Healing camp conducted at YPV Ashram in July, 2022: Health improvements experienced by Participants

Publications: Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Article publication link: https://rfppl.co.in/index.php


Vishakha Karnani, Senior Arhat Trainer and Head of Yoga Prana Vidya Centre, Indore 452010, Madhya Pradesh, India.

N.J Reddy, Founder of Yoga Prana Vidya, Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Thally, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sunder Balaji,
YPV Healer & Trainer Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Thally, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri Consultant, Research & Publications, Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, Thally-635118 Tamil Nadu, India.

Abstract :

Introduction: Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) system based on ancient yogic practices, is an integrated approach known rom experience to heal diverse human diseases and sicknesses holistically. This study presents the outcomes of improvements in the health and wellness of 30 participants through Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) healing techniques in a 14-day healing camp conducted at YPV

Materials and Methods: This is a pre and post-test interventional study of a healing camp using
both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. Thirty participants joined the camp voluntarily with informed consent. A team of 7YPV healers conducted healing sessions. The patients did self-practice of some YPV techniques. Data includes patient feedback reports.

Results: Data Analysis of weight, BMI, waist, V fat, Systolic BP, O, Saturation level, Stress level, lung capacity showed statistically significant. improvements. HR results showed a relaxed state for the majority of participants. Brainwave analysis showed increased alpha activity and 18.8% improvement in the balance of left and right brains. Mean Systolic BP showed statistically significant reduction and mean Diastolic br also reduced but statistically found not significant. Individual patients experienced note worthv improvements in illness conditions such as different types of pain, psychological & emotional issues, mobility, sleep disorders, diabetes, thyroid, respiratory problems, weakness, tiredness, giddiness, acidity, skin, issues, allergy, etc. found substantial relief.

Conclusions: The outcomes of this healing camp have revealed that Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) protocols and practices have boosted immunity and improved wellness conditions of participants.

Further research with appropriate methodology and samples are recommended. Recommendations include inter professional specialists to team up with YPV healers for conducting health camps for the benefit of people.

Comments by Shri NJ Reddy sir on 74 th Research Publication

This article has to be promoted at all levels. It gives the process of upgradation and certification of YPV Healers in the YPV System, and also credibility of higher levels of Healers. All YPV Healers must know the process of upgradation through this article.

It gives credibility to Healing Camps through the results achieved. All healers must go through this article fully. All out efforts to be made to promote this paper. This can help promotion of Healing Camps in YPV Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust and elsewhere including inhouse Healing Camps.

Comments by Dr V.S Nanduri on 74 th Research Publication

“I am glad to inform you that our 74th research article with the title”

“A Study of the Outcomes of a Yoga Prana Vidya Wellness Healing camp conducted at YPV Ashram in July, 2022: Health improvements experienced by Participants” is published in the Journal – Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga”

Volume: 16 Issue: 2 Month: April-June Year: 2023 Pages: 59-71

The highlight of this article is that it is enriched with a section on the rigorous process of training and certification of advanced levels of YPV healers, which will be helpful to inform the readers.

This is a original research article and all contributors deserve to be congratulated on this achievement. The names of volunteers who were instrumental in conducting the camp and helped in data collection and analysis are acknowledged in the acknowledgments section towards the end of the paper. Their services are highly appreciated.

It has taken more than a year of persistent effort from the initial stage of planning and conducting the camp, through instrumented data collection and analysis, to writing up till final publication of this paper. This publication will set as a good role model for future camps.

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