Impact of the Great Invocation Practice at Vellalar College of Education

Impact of the Great Invocation Practice at Vellalar College of Education

Publications: International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research (IJFMR)

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Malathi Chinnusamy,
Senior YPV Trainer &certified Healer, Erode

Abstract :

In the realm of education, there is a growing recognition of the importance of holistic practices in promoting student well-being and institutional development. This paper explores the integration and impact of The Great Invocation, a prayer adapted by Alice Bailey, within the context of a Teacher Education Institution, specifically Vellalar College of Education. Since its introduction in 2018, as part of Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) practices, The Great Invocation has become a daily ritual at the college, fostering spiritual alignment and personal growth among students and staff. Drawing upon a diverse body of research, this paper examines the positive outcomes associated with holistic practices, such as stress reduction, improved academic performance, and enhanced well-being, both within academic settings and the workplace. Additionally, it explores the influence of The Great Invocation on student well-being, teacher-student relationships, campus dynamics, and institutional achievements. Through a comprehensive analysis, this paper highlights the significance of integrating spiritual practices like The Great Invocation in educational institutions, contributing to a culture of holistic development and continuous improvement.

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