A case of esophageal cancer Stage 2 successfully healed using Yoga Prana Vidya protocols as complementary medicine

A case of esophageal cancer Stage 2 successfully healed using Yoga Prana Vidya protocols as complementary medicine

Publications: Innovative Journal Of Medical And Health Science

Article link:  https://innovativejournal.in/index.php/ijmhs/article/view/3475/3051


Sandeep Kaur Saluja (Tina), YPV Associate certified healer, YPV trainer, Indore, MP, India

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri, Consultant, Research & Publications, Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, Thally-635118 Tamilnadu, India

Abstract :

Introduction: Esophageal cancer is Very common among various types of cancers reported in India. Medical treatments with chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are available for patients who consequently suffer some side effects such as pain, constipation, diarrhea, hair fall etc. Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) system practices and protocols have been found to be effective complementary medicine to overcome the challenges of side effects besides helping the patients to overcome anxiety and worry associated with this dreaded disease. This paper presents a case of a 74-year-old male patient of esophageal cancer successfully healed using XP protocols as complementary medicine.

Methodology: This study uses case study method going through Patients medical case records, YPV healer’s records and patient feedback.

Results: YPV intervention of about 5 months during chemotherapy and radiation therapy enabled the patient overcome anxiety, fear and worry, responded well to treatments using 8 chemotherapy sessions, and 23 Radiation therapy sessions, and regained normal health. A follow up after 1 1/2 Years confirmed that the patient was normal with stable health.

Conclusion: that YPV practices and healings have greatly helped the cancer patients
to overcome various challenges and enabled them to return to normal life survivors. Further research using appropriate sample size and methodology is recommended, It is worthwhile for the frontline health workers such as doctors and nurses to acquire a working Knowledge of YPV practices and protocols to apply as complementary therapy to their respective professions to holistically treat the patients.

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