Treatment of Hypothyroidism using Integrated YPV healing

Treatment of Hypothyroidism using Integrated YPV healing

Journal Title:  Successful healing treatment of Hypothyroidism using Integrated Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) healing approach as complementary medicine: Case reports.

Publications: J Prev Med Holistic Health 2020;6(1):1-7.

Authors: Ms. Revathi R, Ms. Janani N, Dr. V. S. Nanduri;

Abstract :

Background: This case study reviewed cases of hypothyroidism healed successfully using Yoga Prana
Vidya (YPV) Healing system working as complementary medicine, and explored the underpinning science
that explains the phenomenon.

Materials and Methods: This is a case study method, going through full detailed records of one 49 year
old female patient and one 59 year old male patient, diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism, examining their
health conditions pre and post YPV healing system observed through lab reports, as well as data collected
from follow-up interviews of the subjects.

Results: Analysis of the cases shows positive results of improvement obtained with use of YPV healing
methods by healers and also use of some self-healing techniques by the patients, enabling them to have
controlled level of Hypothyroidism and overall health.

Conclusions: There is prima facie evidence to show that YPV is effective in healing and treating thyroid condition, besides healing some other ailments of the patient holistically. To produce holistic and optimum results, YPV uses a combination of approaches such as,

(1) physical exercises including rhythmic yogic
(2) Salt free diet; fruit diet,
(3) Meditation techniques,
(4) healing by trained and experienced healers, patient participation in group healing, self-healing by patients with regular self-practice of some specified techniques. There is ample scope to conduct further research on the application of YPV as alternative, effective and low cost medicine for various medical conditions.

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