Successful Treatment of some difficult Medical cases using YPV Healing System as alternative medicine

Successful Treatment of some difficult Medical cases using YPV Healing System as alternative medicine

Journal Title: A study into successful treatment of some difficult Medical cases using Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) Healing System as alternative medicine.

Publications: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 7, July-2019

Authors: Shri N. Jayachander Reddy, Dr. V.S. Nanduri

Abstract :

Background: Patients with rare and chronic diseases often face a long journey from diagnosis to treatment. Despite scientific advancements in medical field, and surgical methods available, to cure such cases is difficult. Several such cases were handled by Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, where the patients were healed and now leading normal life with improved health conditions. This paper reports four such cases in detail.

Methods: This is a case study method, going through full detailed records of the patients’ health conditions pre and post treatments using YPV healing system observed through lab test records, as well as data collected from follow-up interviews of the subjects.

Results: Analysis of each case shows positive results of improvements obtained with YPV healing methods used by healers and also, some self-healing techniques practiced by the patients, enabling them to lead normal life.

Conclusions: This case study documents the evidence gathered on the effective uses of YPV in healing and treating multiple ailments, besides curing some chronic ailments. To produce holistic and optimum results, YPV uses a combination of approaches such as,

(1) physical exercises including rhythmic yogic breathing,
(2) Salt free diet; fruit diet,
(3) Meditation techniques,
(4) healing by trained and experienced healers, patient participation in group healing, self-healing by patients with regular self-practice of some specified techniques.

There is ample scope to conduct further research on the application of YPV as alternative, effective and low cost medicine for various other medical conditions.

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