Health Improvements and Boosting Immunity of Seniors by YPV Practices

Health Improvements and Boosting Immunity of Seniors by YPV Practices

Journal Title: Effectiveness of Yoga Prana Vidya practice protocols for health improvements and boosting immunity of seniors – A review .

Publications: J.Bio.Innov 9(4), pp: 583-588, 2020 |ISSN 2277-8330 (Electronic)

Authors: Dr. V. S. Nanduri

Abstract :

Introduction: Life for senior citizens, in all cultures globally, is very challenging -physically, mentally and emotionally, leading to a gradual decline in physical and mental capacity with a risk of disease ingress, and an earlier death. Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) is one integrated system that offers a set of easily practicable protocols to help older population maintain physical and mental health holistically. In the context of COVID 19, available data reveals that most of the patients deceased are seniors and 85 to 90% deceased had comorbid conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Methods: Review method is used to identify, collect and synthesize available evidence in respect of the effective applications of YPV for seniors and how it can help them aging successfully. Eight published articles are reviewed on the effectiveness of YPV for various diseases and health conditions of seniors. Findings: This review confirms positive effects of practicing YPV with controlled diet by older people, such as cognitive abilities, emotional stability, weight reduction and control of BMI, less relapse and less new disease proneness, body flexibility, mobility, and boosted immunity to counter infections. Regular practice of YPV protocols enables balancing left and right brains achieving balance between emotion and cognition. Conclusion: YPV asan integrated, holistic and safe system is appropriate approach for older people to stay healthy and fit, and additionally it develops spiritual dimension also through meditations.

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