Overcoming Academic Anxiety and Depression Using Yoga Prana Vidya Healing Protocols: A detailed case study

Overcoming Academic Anxiety and Depression Using Yoga Prana Vidya Healing Protocols: A detailed case study


Article link: https://wwjmrd.com/archive/2023/7/2096/overcoming-academic-anxiety-and-depression-using-yoga-prana-vidya-healing-protocols-a-detailed-case-study


Leelavathi Nayak,
Certified YPV healer, and Trainer, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri,
Consultant, Research & Publications, YPV Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, Thally Tamil Nadu, India.

Abstract :

Introduction: Anxiety is a natural human emotion and depression is a sad state of being. Excessive levels of these moods can disrupt the normal way of living, often needing interventional approaches to normalise. Academic anxiety is very common in student life, and appropriate interventional treatment can help. This paper presents a case of a college student who sought the Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) System for interventional help to recover from anxiety and depression and successfully move forward 
with new hope and optimism.

Method: This is a case study method and uses data from the patient’s medical records, YPV healer’s records, and patient feedback obtained in detail through a confidential research interview using semistructured questions, followed by content analysis of the transcript.

Result: Within a week of receiving YPV healing with YPV psychotherapy tools daily from the healer, the patient recovered from her condition. Encouraged by the improvements, she had undergone YPV healer training to become a healer and heal herself further. Data analysis shows that the patient gained in four distinct ways through this intervention; 

(1) Changes in thought patterns, 
(2) Clarity on life goals, 
(3) Improvements in multiple levels of physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, and 
(4) Experiencing and realising the holistic nature of YPV System.

Conclusions: The therapeutic effects of Yoga Prana Vidya are manifesting consistently with positive results for users. Being a non-drug non-touch and safe therapy, it is an effective complementary tool for mainstream medicine and has great potential applications for doctors and nurses. Further research is recommended.
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