Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol levels and Asthma using YPV system

Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol levels and Asthma using YPV system

Journal Title: A. Successful healing treatment of high blood cholesterol levels and asthma using Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) system: A case study of self-healing.

Publications: Panacea Journal of Medical Sciences, September – December, 2019;9( 3): 1 31 – 13 7

Authors: Dr. V.S. Nanduri, Mr. Alok Vasavda.

Abstract :

Introduction: A 33 year old male had been suffering from Asthma since childhood and he was diagnosed with high cholesterol after he grew up. He has a strong family history of Cardiac Disease with high blood Cholesterol. The prescribed medications for asthma did not help him much. He did not take any medication for Cholesterol. Being a Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) trained Healer he used self-healing protocols.

Materials and Methods: This is case study method with detailed analysis of medical records of the patient’s health conditions pre and post YPV healing treatment applied as alternative medicine.

Results: Analysis of the patient’s health condition and medical case documents pre and post treatment show positive improvement obtained with YPV healing method for treating high blood cholesterol and Asthma.

Conclusion: This case study documents the evidence gathered on the effective use of YPV in self-healing and treating High Blood Cholesterol and Asthma. To produce holistic and optimum results, YPV uses a combination of approaches that include: Physical exercises, rhythmic yogic breathing, Salt free diet and fruit diet, Méditation techniques, healing by trained and experienced healers, participation in group healing, regular self-practice of specified techniques. There is ample scope to conduct further research on the application of YPV as alternatively effective and low cost medicine for various medical conditions.

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