A Case Of Chocolate Ovarian Cyst Successful Healing Using Yog Prana Vidya Healing Protocols As Alternative Medicine

A Case Of Chocolate Ovarian Cyst Successful Healing Using Yog Prana Vidya Healing Protocols As Alternative Medicine

Publication: World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences WJPLS 

Article link: https://www.wjpls.org/home/article_abstract/3013 


Tarjani Shah,
Associate certified YPV Healer, YPV level 1 Trainer, Ahemdabad, Gujarat, India 

Dr. Venkata Satyanarayana Nanduri,
Consultant, Research & Publications, Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust, Thally-635118 Tamil Nadu, India.  A

Abstract :

Introduction: Chocolate cysts are the lesions so named due to the thick dark brown chocolate-like appearance of the fluid contained within them. Diagnosis of large chocolate cyst is done by collecting patient medical history and doing a pelvic examination. Treatment includes removal of ovaries in older women; though not recommended for women hoping to conceive. The larger cysts causing painful periods are mostly removed by surgery. This paper presents a case of 32 years old married woman, whose chocolate cyst was treated without need of surgery using Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) protocols.

Method: This is a case study method by collecting case data from patient, healing intervention data from healer and patient feedback. 

Results: The chocolate cyst in this patient’s case was completely healed and fully dissolved within 2 weeks of YPV healing intervention. The ovaries became healthy and more fertile to conceive. Menstrual cycle became regular, with negligible pain, and normal blood flow, and increased chances of conceiving. The patient became more confident and happier consequently. The patient pursued training in YPV level 1 healing course for self-healing practice in future. A follow up 6 months after YPV healing intervention ended revealed that the patient conceived as confirmed by her Doctor.

Conclusions: This case is one among several other cases of troublesome cysts in female reproductive system treated successfully by YPV healers as alternative medicine. Further research is recommended using appropriate sample and methodology. Professionals such as gynaecologists and nurses will be benefitted by learning a working knowledge of YPV system protocols to help female patients having problems in their reproductive system to be treated complementary to their respective specialties. 
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