One Day National Webinar on “World Mental Health Day”

One Day National Webinar on “World Mental Health Day”

Dated: 10th Oct 2021
Place: Online Google meet, YouTube, Facebook LIVE session
Organised by: Department of Psychology IGNTU, Amarkantak (MP) Indira Gandhi national Tribal University & World Federation of Mental Health
Topic: “Mental Health in an Unequal World”
Speaker: Shri N J Reddy, veteran Wg. Cdr. IAF and YPV Founder

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Feedback from the Participates:

A very well explained presentation and very well taken by the audience, concepts were easily understood by the layman and children too. Examples used were from daily life activities. The much-appreciated points of the presentation are as follows:

Presentation “Mental Health”:

  • Opening the presentation with WHO’s recommendation for opting methods to develop “Mental Health” in people at school level.
  • Explanation of “Physical Science to be a part of Spiritual Science.
  • Showing how “Hope” a mental state is needed to cope with life’s situation.
  • Importance of right Environment and right attitude a very essential component to bring peace within ourselves, our home and work area.
  • The explanation of the concept of integration of Mind, Body, and Soul through the example of Software and Hardware of a computer (something which the new generation can easily correlate and understand
  • “Recommendation of periodic check-up for mental health just like we get it done for Physical health.”
  • How Soul Mastery helps us to prevent all issues, by training our mind we develop positive, strong attitude, be optimistic even in worst environment
  • Importance of attitude showcasing how an optimistic person and having a positive attitude steer through even tough conditions and a Pessimistic person can feel low even in a comfortable environment.
  • Training under a normal condition helps to handle difficult situations.
  • Pointed out that we need to address the cause of the problem to resolve it.

YPV Sadhana:

  • The concept of YPV components being divided into 6 levels that can be easily adopted by Educational Institutes and any organisation. Information on YPV components available through Google Play and Apple Store – easily accessible for anyone.
  • Explanation that first 2 levels can be done without much of training but for other 2 levels a professional training is needed.
  • Showing the 4th level tool needs psychiatrist intervention which neatly gives an idea to people that YPV is complementary system, and we are open to other methodologies.
  • Explained how left and right sides of the brain can be balanced and one can reach to the Alpha state through a simple exercise of super brain asana.
  • Taught very easy method of removing negative qualities through Erasing Technique and explaining the science behind it by giving the example of weeding and planting good deeds in a field.

Yogi Ramacharaka’s “The Science of Breath” & Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi:

  • Importance of right breathing through quotes of Yogi Ramcharaka, teachings of Ramana Maharshi stressing upon the fact that Regulating breathing helps to control mind.
  • apart from Rhythmic Yogic Breathing, details of Complete Breath and Cleansing Breath to increase the lung capacity.

Scientific Validation:

  • Our teachings can be validated by easily usable techniques like HRV, Spirometry MUSE to know the emotional and mental state of a person.
  • By going to Alpha state of mind things can be reprogrammed.
  • Explanation of Flight and Fight Mode under stress was very well appreciated
  • Explanation of one person’s aura affecting the other persons aura through Faraday’s law of induction.

On Diet:

  • Importance of diet, especially Fruit diet for our mental and emotional well-being was something people generally don’t understand. And this was beautifully touched upon.

Positive Affirmations:

  • Importance of positive affirmations was talked about – a very easy method to improve self


Different testimonials on YPV Energy Healing for Physical and Psychological wellbeing are presented with brief descriptions

YPV Organisation:

Showcases a strong organisation with well-trained healers and trainers who can reach out to the schools and institutes to help and provide “Service” to uplift the mental wellbeing of people.

Live Sadhana:

Live Practice session of
a. Super Brain Asana
b. Physical Exercise
c. Rhythmic Yogic Breathing
d. Short Meditation

Can people to understand that these techniques can be done easily.

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