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Ignorance is bliss – is it ?

Ignorance is bliss - is it ?

Ignorance is a bliss has been a saving grace for many of us in many situations where we have turned a blind eye to something just to avoid any confrontation  but what happens when Ignorance is a bliss become a way of life. 

Many of us due to societal conditioning or norms are taught since our childhood to ignore or avoid confrontation and brush things under the carpet for whatever reasons. 

However what happens if due to this societal conditioning , Ignorance becomes  a part of your personality . It becomes so ingrained in you that you not only ignore toxicity around you but inside you as well. 

Ignorance is a bliss was a  term coined by Thomas gray in his poem Ode on Distant Prospect of Eton College . There, he nostalgically reminisces about the bliss of youth with its carefree days of playfulness unmarred by the dark realities of adult life. The poem reveals Gray’s double perspective that not only is ignorance bliss but knowledge is misery.  The term Ignorance means lack of knowledge and the phrase in itself means in some situations it’s better to not know the truth and be ignorant. 

However , keeping aside the origination haven’t we all become ignorant of our own self and the blessings around us . Surely when we are younger we have moments of pure bliss  and I think the real reason kids are happy because they are raw and pure energy contrary to the belief that they aren’t aware I feel that they are very perceptive to the environment and are free flowing with life . They don’t wallow in past or worry about future they enjoy the present . Something we adults have completely forgotten to do . We are so busy being trapped in our past and worry of our future , We have forgotten to appreciate the bliss of today. 

To quote my favourite lines –  the past you cannot change , the future you cannot control , but today you can savour that’s why it’s called Present . We cannot change our past and we cannot control our future but what we can do is live in the present moment, feel that moment , feel the gratitude and love that we have been poured with. 

Often times when we are faced with adverse situations we are sucked into it completely and in turn we allow that negativity to take over . Rather than gaining control of that situation , the situation starts operating us . What happens then ? 

Our complete focus goes into everything negative around us and we  become so blinded by it that we tend to ignore the good things that we have been bestowed with . I am not saying that you just stay super happy, super optimistic all the time which is not possible . All I am trying to say is that when you are in a negative situation try to analyze how did you get there ? And be completely honest with yourself . Often times before getting into a negative situation universe always gives us a sign if we understand those and act upon them in time we can be better equipped in dealing with it. 

However if you keep ignoring the signs and not analyze where you are lacking that situation will soon turn worse. 

Where does ignorance stem from ? 

Ignorance stems from rigid belief systems. When a person is not flexible and thinks that their beliefs , perceptions and perspectives hold a higher value they tend to shut down other possibilities of widening their perspective or gaining new information. So to say it in few words ignorance is lack of processing of communicated information and lack of knowledge. 

Ignorance – a perspective 

So from above lines you might be wondering if ignorance is lack of knowledge then we all are ignorant because it’s not possible for anyone to have complete knowledge of everything. That’s absolutely true if we see ignorance as a whole then we all are born ignorant, with time we learn new information and facts and then we aren’t ignorant anymore. 

But the purpose of me discussing ignorance is not  as a whole but as a deliberate human tendency also called Self ignorance  ,so we don’t have to deal with our problems or issues. You see it’s not possible to control space and time we have to flow with the universal laws. But what we have control of is our actions and thoughts and based on that making informed and rational choices . So we can make a conscious effort to be more open , to learn new things , to understand things from a different perspective so we can be better equipped with resolving issues and conflicts in our lives.

The price of ignorance is settings us back with all the progress we make in time. But to say that we all can come out of ignorance is not true. What matters is the realistic view you have of yourself and your level of ignorance. It’s about working on the tendency of ignorance/Self ignorance  we have embedded within ourselves because it’s easier to do that than to work on yourself. 

So what causes ignorance in us? 


When our belief systems and set ideas are fixed and rigid we do not allow scope for any new  information, idea or perspective because we feel our belief systems acquired over a period of time are of superior value. 


When we fear that accepting any new information, idea or perspective would lead to a change and we are unsure about the end results of it as a cause we tend ignore things rather delving into it. 


Ignorance most of the times stems from our attitude. Our attitude of taking  things for granted and never giving them a second thought leads to development an attitude of ignorance. 

Lack of self awareness

Many times we tend to ignore things because we might need to delve deeper to understand them ,they could be the most important things in life yet still we leave them unchecked because we naturally tend to prioritize things that are visible or noticeable rather things that are unseen -the inner spirit of ours which is the most important part of our existence. 


Another cause of self ignorance can be apprehension to get out of your comfort levels. Sometimes people prefer being stuck or trapped in their current situation because dissecting the cause and problems would require a lot of mental work and effort. They would rather roll with life and be In suffering than make the effort to work on themselves . A clear sign of laziness is when you keep finding problems , reasons  and excuses to not incorporate that change within yourself. 

So how can we reduce tendency of ignorance ? 


The beginning to working on  self ignorance starts from knowing that you are ignorant and identifying where your knowledge is lacking . Once you do this you become open to learning and focus on educating yourself rather than delving into criticism.

Having an open mind 

When you are willing to accept new ideas , arguments and information you  don’t align with,  and you become willing to make modifications to your existing belief systems you become open minded . It’s a positive trait that leads to flexibility in you and In turn improves your adaptability as well.

Self reflection – Step  back and reflect 

It is very important to pull yourself out of the gravity of a situation and look at it from an outside perspective . When you  step back and reflect you create room for understanding by bringing important things to perspective. It’s very vital to understand that we don’t deliberately hurt ourselves we all have a core nature and that’s how we operate . However when you step back and reflect it’s helps you to see the bigger picture and hence allow you make rational choices.


Often times we aren’t thankful for things until we go through a period of pain and suffering. For example we become more thankful for good health after recovering from an illness or we never appreciate being pain free unless we experience pain in form of injury or wound. Practicing gratitude helps us in instilling that feeling of love and thankfulness towards ourselves and smallest joys we have in our life. It also makes us more secure and hence we aren’t scared of looking at not so bright side of things in our life. It gives a foundation to work on ourselves without being negative towards our own self.

Meditation and Spiritual practices 

Meditation and Spiritual practices  allows us to become more self aware and hence provides us a mirror to see the things we lack in. It’s said that when the water is flowing  your  reflection will be distorted but when it’s still you can see a clear reflection. That’s what Spirituality does for you it brings in inner stillness and Calmness and you gain more clarity towards things.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that Self Ignorance is not always a choice neither it should be a trait. I do believe that everyone should have their sense of individuality and right to practice what they feel is right. But if you constantly feel that you are just floating through life and not living it to its full potential- Self ignorance is at play.

We all have these set ideas of happiness, pleasures and worldly attainments that we forget that we cannot  generalize happiness it’s specific to every individual and in order to truly connect with your inner self and tap into the reserve of inner happiness we need to remove the veil of self ignorance from our lives. Even though sometimes ignoring external things or people can be beneficial ignoring your inner needs, desires and happiness is never a good idea.

Self ignorance is the darkness that can only  be removed with light of knowledge and awareness and therefore in this case I believe Ignorance is not a bliss – true bliss lies in knowing your inner self and core nature.

Awareness is the first step to happiness

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“The Dweller in the threshold “ – What does it mean ? 

“The Dweller in the threshold “ - What does it mean ? 

If you have attended our great mentor and founder of YPV Shri NJ  Reddy sir’s online session you might have heard him using this term while blessing after meditation so I decided why not further delve into it  and understand what “the dweller on the threshold” actually means

Origin :

Dweller in the Threshold was coined by novelist and English aristocrat Edward Bulwer Lytton in his novel Zanoni . It is a malevolent entity that embodies the sum of all darkness a person has accumulated throughout the incarnations he or she lived.

It is also referred by the  term “Guardian of the Threshold”, that indicates a spectral image which is supposed to manifest itself as soon as “the student of the spirit ascends upon the path into the higher worlds of knowledge”.

About “the dweller in the threshold” :

It is  believed that there’s no higher science than truths relating to highest mysteries of the divine elements in nature and the reasons why philosophers, theologians and scientists don’t know about them is because “the dweller in the threshold” guards the gate of the temple of the truth and he must be conquered before we enter it . He is the barrier between the man and his elevation to the higher self consciousness: 

To put it in simple words “the dweller in the threshold” is the manifestation of our own lower self and lower emotions which is formed from our lower ego when we try to reach a higher self consciousness . When we  try to elevate ourself “the dweller in the threshold” prevents that from happening by pulling us back into our lower emotions. 

To further elaborate the “dweller in threshold “embodies the karmic consequences of the man’s past that has to be faced by man In order to elevate into higher self. 

It’s a giant force of accumulated wrong doings by the people , the gruesome part of the self that a person would rather not look at and would like to pretend doesn’t exist, and which rises up at the point of real psychic growth. 

My understanding of “the dweller in the threshold“

From my perspective when I read about it and see the current state of the world . “The Dweller on the Threshold” is a manifestation of our  own inner fears,

As a human race all our collective negative energies , pent up energies , negative emotions , negative actions , resentment , ego , greed, selfishness and all lower emotions has created this entity  “the dweller in the threshold “ which is covering the whole earth like a thick veil of darkness  preventing any divine light from penetrating.

It has led to rise in fearfulness and hopelessness among mankind  and we are seeing the consequences of that in form of natural calamities , pandemic , violence and other inhuman acts being committed throughout the world where there’s mass human sufferings, grief and pain. 

It’s almost like a parasite feeding off on negative energies of the mankind and growing stronger with it . It is a representation of the dark side of human nature which we tend to suppress and not face and work towards . But being the people of light – people willing to uplift into higher level of consciousness we need to face it and overcome it.

How do we overcome it ? 

Overcoming “the dweller in the threshold” is overcoming our lower self but it’s not that simple all of the humanity will have to come out of their lower self and fear to completely eliminate the effect of “the dweller in the threshold“

We have to make sure that we and all people around us elevate from their current level of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness through practice of meditations and healings which are part of higher sciences. 

What can we do? 

Working towards eliminating “the dweller in the threshold” by yourself may seem like putting a drop of water in an ocean ,  but we need to understand that the ocean wouldn’t be the same without that drop. …

We might be just one person but even on micro levels our efforts matter a lot and when we come together in group it is completely possible to subside /eliminate the effects of “the dweller in the threshold“.

Ways to reduce /eliminate effects of “the dweller in the threshold”

  • Following a spiritual path
  • Being part of group activities : meditations , healings and sessions
  • Motivating people to get into higher consciousness by practicing meditation and healing techniques
  • Healing yourself and people around you
  • Attending regular online sessions to disintegrate the effects of “the dweller in the threshold “ by group blessing.
  • Following YPV virtues and imparting them to people around you

To sum it up in order to come out and accept the light and subside the darkness inside you, Face it and overcome it is a tough path to take  , but it’s the most rewarding and fruitful path towards higher inner growth and elevation from your current consciousness.

It will not only elevate human consciousness but also alleviate human pain and sufferings allowing the “Golden Age“ to come on earth.

Every action has a reaction so it’s up to us whether we want to take a path of positive outcome or be stuck in our negative lower emotions . It’s up to us which direction we  wish to act and work towards.


1 – Theosophy wiki

2 – Wikipedia

3 – The dweller in the threshold by Frank Hartman

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Why do we resist change ?

Why do we resist change ? 

Change is an inevitable reality of life . Being alive means undergoing constant change . If we accept the process of change it often leads to transformation . 

A caterpillar undergoing  metamorphosis and transforming into a butterfly is a perfect example of miraculous and beautiful change .  Nature in its essence thrives on change and process of transformation . How are we different from our environment? We are not . Our environment is an integral part of us . 

If we study simple phenomenons of nature we will observe many miraculous transformations initiated by change . 

Similarly if we as people imbibe the process of change and start replacing our current negative behaviours , habits and programs with positive habits  , behaviours and programs  we will experience a miraculous transformation within ourselves. 

But it’s easier said than done many of us aren’t really open to change in-fact we all somewhere resist all the possibilities of change . 

So why does that happen ? 

To speak in scientific terms Part of the human brain—the amygdala interprets change as a threat and releases the hormones for fear, fight, or flight which means that we are hardwired to resist change . 

If we look at human psyche we all strive for stability , constancy and comfort . Incorporating change means foregoing all of the above things and since we look at fulfilling our short term gratification rather weighing benefits in longer run we tend to resist change

Why Change is important ? 

The process of change when constant leads to an internal fundamental evolution of our mental and physical being . Change whether big or small when it’s consistent and maintained over a period of time leads to permanent and far reaching outcome called transformation. 

Change is important to break our regular thought process and plays an essential  role in introducing  us to something new . It opens possibilities for opening up new opportunities and widening our horizons . It introduces flexibility and allows us to break our set ways and adapt to new roles , new environment and new people. 

If you look at the bigger picture incorporating change for our betterment and incorporating good habits leads to more happiness and less stress. 

In spirituality it is believed that Change is an inherent experience one needs to accept in order to experience greater happiness and freedom. Like the trees have to shed their leaves every season in order to get new leaves and transform similarly we need to shed our learned or acquired behaviours , negative thoughts patterns , rigidity in order to transform into a more compassionate , caring and receptive individual. 

So if you are experiencing unwanted change in your life take it as a blessing to becoming something much more and transforming into something new and beautiful. 

A person who’s is open to change Vs A person who is not open to change 

As mentioned before we all are hardwired to Resist change . If you look at every individual ,everyone has that resistance within them . Some people have more resistance and some people have less resistance to change . Thus meaning that the only difference varies in the degree of resistance. Any person having higher degree of resistance to change will be more rigid in their core nature  and any person having less degree of resistance will be flexible in nature . But if we look at an individual level we all have our own set of beliefs and that’s how we operate ,our openness and willingness to accept something different than our own set of beliefs determines our threshold for change.  

So how can we be more open to change ? 


If you accept that you need to be more open to change in order to grow and thrive you will automatically pave way for growth in your life 

Stimulating your mind 

When you constantly gain new experiences and insights into new things you become open to incorporating change as knowing is a way to becoming. 

Effective communication 

This is very important you need to ensure that all your interactions are based on understanding , exchange of ideas and knowledge and that you fulfill the end goal of putting your point across and gaining insight into the other persons perspective rather than indulging into war of words or proving your point . This doesn’t mean that you won’t have disagreements but even with disagreements you need to make it a point to not let your mental state get affected or disturb someone else’s mental state. 

If you are unable to do effective communication  it’s an indications that you need to work on yourself and therefore should  limit interactions and dialogue . As arguments and ineffective communication drains out your energy body. 

Self awareness 

This is also very important in understanding your core nature and inner drive . Every individual has different set of needs and requirements and what works for one may not necessarily work for other and in order to know and understand what kind of change you need to be working towards self awareness is key. 

Continuing the process of learning 

We all learn something new ,something different everyday no matter the age  . If you are open to learning it paves way for flexibility in your mind , thereby keeping your mind young . Your openness to learning also develops your intelligence as you are more  willing to constantly gain insights and incorporate new ideas into your belief system. 

How does YPV help in asserting Change?

Spiritual evolution is built on the process of change . For anything to evolve , change is inevitable. 

If I talk specifically about YPV the very system thrives on the idea of unlearning , relearning and constantly learning about yourself and In the process having a better understanding of the world and people around you. 

YPV nurtures you into becoming a more compassionate , open minded and loving version of yourself . We all have these qualities inside of us we haven’t reached their full potential yet . When you become part of this system you understand that you were living inside a closed room and so busy banging your head on the wall crying , whining, wallowing that you didn’t realize that the room had a door . As soon as you stopped  banging your head and noticed the door and unlocked it . You found a whole new world of knowledge and perspective around you. 

Some YPV techniques that help you in incorporating change within yourself :

1- YPV online sessions 

2- YPV group sessions 

3- YPV courses 

4- YPV healing sessions 

5- YPV group interactions 

Most of the above mentioned things are open for all so it’s a wonderful opportunity that’s been given to us to make a positive change within us and thereby making a positive change in our environment to help improve the quality of our lives. 

In conclusion I would like to say that being open to  change is equivalent to opening the gates of your mind to new possibilities and opportunities. 

When you are willing to change and ready to learn you become more self aware , gain new insights through new perspectives and new experiences . You have more zeal towards life which makes you more adaptable to different situations. 

It also drives your ability to be receptive and open to new ideas , knowledge and thoughts thereby allowing you to reach a consistent and constant level of personal growth . So like the Caterpillar you can also transform into this beautiful winged creature who looses the weight of his/her problems and is able to fly and flutter across the world and enjoy the beauty of life itself . So don’t wait make a conscious choice everyday to exert positive change within you and in your life. 

Change starts from within . Be the change

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Deeper understanding of Guardian angels /Spirit helpers / guide

Deeper understanding of Guardian angels /Spirit helpers / guide

If we talk about science specifically in terms of energy the, 

The First Law of Thermodynamics – Law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it is always conserved

In essence it means that energy can be converted from one form into another 

By keeping this in mind if we try to understand the existence of every single thing around us whether animate or inanimate we will understand, What are we if not energy ? 

Everything around us ,every person has an energy , we are all made up of atoms and molecules which has protons , electrons , neutrons which carries a certain charge (energy ) . Every single thing that exists has a purpose ,when the physical form of that thing doesn’t exist does it mean that energy is gone, no it doesn’t . 

We may be different but we all are connected with a single universal consciousness. 100% mass of our body is made up of start dust which means that nearly all the elements of our body were made in star .

All the materials in our body which are made up of stardust finds its way into the plants and other organisms which comes back to us in form of nutrients which helps us think, move and grow and every few years bulk of our bodies are newly created . It’s a beautiful cycle which  connects us all and when our physical form dissipates we end up floating in space become one with universe . This process continues over and over again

So keeping this fact of science in mind , if we talk about energy world we will understand even if our physical form dissipates our energy (consciousness)  does exist . American physicist  Aaron Freeman has offered a similar perspective on the afterlife, Mr Freeman revealed how the universe is hardwired to conserve all energy – including that of human beings.

By this he  meant that the law of conservation of energy applies to human beings as well ,  the energy flowing through our bodies does not disappear when our physical form ceases to exist but is simply rearranged.

In spiritual world as well the guardian angels and beings of spirits which are also referred as higher beings are a form of universal energy with which we and all other beings are connected . They are the beings of Highest  truth and compassion who help us not only guiding our thoughts but also influence our energy .

These guardian angels or beings of spirit do not have a physical form and they have many purposes. But they all share a common  purpose which is to align us with universal love  so that we can deeply connect with the universal consciousness from which our consciousness is derived . When you are feeling stuck or trapped in a negative situation and you need any form of help and support or you are in extreme fear you can call upon these spiritual guides and helpers to provide you support .

In order for you to receive their support and truly feel their presence you need to open up yourself to their divine /universal energies , show willingness to surrender yourself and have a spiritual sight . If you call upon them they will come to your aid and that point what matters is your intent . All spirit , guides , helpers intervene in your life when you ask for their help ,you need to exercise your free will to determine whether you want spiritual guidance or need to follow a spiritual path . 

It is also very important to nurture your relationship with the spirit guides and helpers to be constantly connected to them  . You need to connect with them by invoking for their blessings and guidance and be thankful for their presence . Also it’s very important to surrender your self to the blessings and guidance of the beings of highest truth and compassion to receive their energies . Once connected to them they will guide you , give you direction and help you align with the universal love and consciousness . 

The most effective way to connect or communicate with your spirit guide is through meditation as it removes all mental clutter and unnecessary thoughts which makes us more aware of our inner state ,it helps us connect deeply with our inner self and align ourselves with the universal love thus in turn improving connection  with our spirit guides .

Are guardian angels/spirit guides  in human form ? 

Yes ,  guardian angels are in human form as well  and they are called living angels . Most of the spirit guides and helpers are constantly present with us in form of energy but in our lives as well we have people who love us unconditionally, help us in a situation, uplift us and we feel a strong connection to them . They are a form of guardian angel whose purpose in life is to help us and direct us to the right path , it can be your parents , any family member  , spiritual mentor or teacher , friends or even a stranger . 

These living angels can appear at any time of your life or a part of your life since the inception of it . They could be a person you have known your whole life or someone you just met or encountered . These people have a light or shine to them they bring out the best of world . When you feel that you’re falling into pieces they help you pick up the pieces , put you back together and uplift you to keep you on your feet . The words they speak or advice they give has a divine truth and purity in it . You feel at peace and more attuned to your inner self when you are with them. 

To sum it up Guardian angels , spirit guides and helpers are all part of higher universal consciousness with which we all are connected . The underlying essence of existence of all the beings In the universe is to be attuned and aligned with this universal consciousness to elevate our self in different forms . To  see the consciousness in its purity and feel it is to experience the universal consciousness by connecting with these higher beings . 


Priyanka Bagolia, Canada


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You can’t pour from an empty cup ? 

This saying has been etched in my mind lately . Just like a cup cannot pour water if it doesn’t have any reserve we cannot pour love, happiness , kindness, generosity when we ourselves are running low on those reserves . We are all so caught up in our lives , responsibilities , relationships , career and various commitments that somewhere we have ignored to replenish  our inner spirit and it’s thirst for true inner happiness .

We are often told to be kind , be patient , be loving , be forgiving , be giving , be caring and we all might follow that but how many of us truly follows it for oneself ? How many of us truly replenishes their own  inner spirit ? There might be some but many of us are unable to do that  . 

We are so busy solving issues and problems around us and for others that we are constantly “on the go”mode .

We have so many things to do so many entanglements that we have put our core needs  in the backseat . Every passing day we have growing and endless  list of obligations that there’s no space for Self care . When we keep continuing this cycle of ignorance and avoidance we end up either in bad mental space or bad physical shape and when I mean shape I don’t mean size I mean physical health . The cost of avoiding and ignoring our own needs by justifying that I will deal with it later is at the expense of your own inner and physical  health . 

As a result what happens you get burned out or you snap or even worse your body shuts down / have a breakdown . Ignoring our core needs leads to our energy body depleting to such an extent that in time we aren’t even able to carry out simple tasks of our daily life without feeling miserable . That not only ends up affecting us but also people around us and puts a strain on our relationship . 

Why self care is important ? 

I truly believe that Self care which I also call Self love is the purest form of love . When you practice self love you have abundance of loving energies  within you which you can  pour onto others . 

I also feel that it is impossible to be the best version of yourself if you aren’t prioritizing your mental and physical well being . It is not only instrumental in positively impacting your  overall health and well being but it has significant positive impact on everyone connected to you especially people who rely on you .

So self care is not only vital to fostering healthy and meaningful relationships but is also essential for your physical and mental well being , scope of inner growth and elevating your current state on a much higher level. 

So even though we know that we need to take care of ourselves why do we still  not do it ? 

Feeling of guilt and shame 

Many times be it a man or a woman we feel that taking multiple responsibilities and doing more for others will help in maintaining our respect and that if we prioritize our needs first we might appear selfish . This is more prevalent in case of a woman but I am not saying men don’t face the same issue . As humans we all have our individual experiences and this is part of the norm where the more you do more you look good in the eyes of people . 

Societal conditioning

As a society we tend to cherish the idea of pushing forward  or soldering on which  removes our focus from our needs to what society expects of us or what the outside world demands of us . If we decide to take a break or just take a breather from our stressful situation we fear that we will be judged . 

too many obligations 

When our hands our full of obligations our mind is completely occupied thereby leaving no room  to think about our own needs and benefits . 

inability to say no

This starts from our upbringing and we carry this behaviour until our adulthood . Some are able to break out of this habit and some are stuck with it . Many of us do not know how to say no to something that isn’t of immediate urgency  or feel bad while saying no to something which is not a priority we feel obliged to take that commitment and end up with more than we can handle . 

Lack of conscious effort 

We all have this default mindset is: “Well I’m coping right now, I can just get through the day and deal with it later.” Many times we feel that taking care of our mental and physical health is too time consuming and that creates a mental block which as result leads to not prioritizing our  own self . 

lack of accountability 

When we are trapped and stuck in a situation or circumstance for too long or going through similar bad experiences for an extended period of time in order to ease  our pain and suffering we tend to shift blame onto others and thereby not accepting responsibility for our own situation. This is our mental response to protect our ego and our self image by creating this mental image of righteousness of our self in our mind and how others took advantage of us . This is a kind of survival response where you are trying to not fall apart and protecting your inner self by creating a positive image of yourself in your mind . But what we don’t realize is by shifting blame onto others  our problems won’t solve rather we would end up harbouring more negative feelings and thoughts against others which would further affect us in the long run . 

So how can I start with Self care ? 

Identifying the problem 

In order to resolve any issue it’s important to identify the issue and accept that you need to work on it . Once you complete this first step you will be in a better frame of mind of inculcating positive habits 

Gratitude and forgiveness 

Always write down things you are grateful for , this shifts your focus on to the good you have and makes you more secure within . Along with this we need to practice constant inner forgiveness to release ourselves of any baggage or negative attachments so we can move ahead in life .

Start small

If you are someone who has lived his /her life for others taking this step would be hard as it’s not part of your core nature to 

Prioritize you own needs first . So start small take out ten to twenty minutes a day for yourself and start extending that time to longer time frame 

Positive affirmations 

If you saw Betty ma’am’s live session yesterday  regarding mental health and motivation you would know that she mentioned this amazing technique to feel motivated that is the first thing you do as soon as you get up is go in-front of a mirror and say I love myself everyday . That automatically tricks your mind into feeling good by instilling  a  feeling of love within you . 

Do things you love 

Just take out time for something that gives you true meaning and happiness it could be painting , cooking , listening to music , reading anything that makes you happy . This allows you to connect more with things that give you inner joy . 

What are Essential strategies for Self care ? 

Take a spiritual path

It will not only realign you but also make you more aware of your inner self by improving your mental retention and focus by practice of various techniques of Meditation  and SADHANA . It’s also very vital for deeper connectivity and replenishing your energy body as it gives you a direction and sense of purpose .

If you are YPV practitioner or non practitioner you can gain access to various tools and techniques to improve your inner and physical health by means of 

1- YPV sadhna app

2- YPV online sessions 

3- YPV courses – you learn powerful techniques to work on improving your inner and physical state , environment and help people around you

Healthy relationships

It is important to foster and maintain healthy relationships around you if there’s a relationship where you feel a lot of negativity and toxicity you need practice inner forgiveness and do their healing . It is also important to distance yourself or stop engaging in toxic relationships .

Karmic obligations – there are certain relationships in our lives that of our parents , spouses and family members  that we cannot distance ourselves from it’s our duty to help take care of them and fulfill their needs and requirements . Sometimes these relationships can be extremely painful and strained which signifies a huge karmic debt so you need to make every effort by means of healings , forgiveness and meditation to remove that strain from relationship . This is not the kind of relationship you can cut off or distance yourself from so it’s important to understand that you have to make every effort to neutralize that karmic strain but also at the same time make a conscious effort to maintain your inner and physical state . 

In conclusion I would like to say is that self care is a conscious effort that we have to make on an everyday basis . Caring for yourself doesn’t have to be time consuming it can be attained by performing meaningful activities for short period of time on regular basis . This is something that requires ongoing attention. 

On energy level if you keep giving more energy to people than you are receiving you will soon run out of energy  . It’s important to understand if you keep putting others first soon you will have nothing left  to give them . You need to fulfill your commitment to your betterment first in order to maintain and sustain other commitments in life . 

Self care and Self love is the best gift you can give to yourself 

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Why Do We Need To Do Inner Purification?

No one can destroy an iron but its own rust can likewise no one can destroy a person but his own mindset can. 


If you have attended the YPV forgiveness session, there are many invaluable teachings that are imparted there, in the words of mentor-like smell is faculty of the nose, sight is faculty of eyes, WILL is a  faculty of the mind. 


Will is a very powerful instrument of mind which drives a person. So what happens when we are filled with negativity, stress, pent-up emotions, and unauthorized connections. 


We get a cloud of judgment in our system which affects our will which In turn affects our lives and our bodies. Many times a lot of issues, diseases, problems are derived from our own negative thought patterns within our system that are deeply embedded in us from years and years and maybe several incarnations. 


These negative embedded lower emotions affects our decision making, clarity of thought in turn affecting our ability to exert our will to its full potential. 


Inner purification by several YPV techniques and sessions allows us to get rid of that inner calcification, negative programs that we have been harboring from a long period of time. Just practicing a simple YPV five-minute forgiveness meditation helps you get rid of all negative attachments and makes you feel lighter within instantly. 


There are various inner purification methods taught in YPV, the most powerful ones are taught in the courses and also are part of the regular online sessions. This is done in order to raise the vibration of all the people so that collective goodwill can emerge in turn disintegrating the negativity and stress energies that has been created by our actions over a period of time. 


Inner purification is the paramount step in the upliftment of our energy body. Imagine a jug filled with muddy water if you keep pouring clean water in it, the jug will overflow and the dirty water will get out. Now imagine you empty the jug in half and then pour clean water. The water will have little dirt but it will be diluted to quite an extent. If you empty that diluted dirty water in half again and add clean water, the water will become clearer with less dirt you continue the process and eventually, you will have a clean jug of water. 


That’s the same principle of inner purification. That dirty water is nothing but our dirty energies and clean water being poured on top are the divine energies of our teachers which we receive through online sessions and being connected with our teachers. We have to keep emptying our dirty water and allow the divine energies to flow into us in order for the inner purification to take place otherwise if we do not empty our jug and keep filling with clean energies the dirty disease energy will overflow in our environment. 


When your aura is purified you become more receptive to higher teachings and in turn reach a higher level of inner development. 


Keeping this in mind let’s take an initiative To keep purifying our inner self and allow ourselves to become a divine channel. 

Dedicated to YPV family 🙏❤


-Priyanka Bagolia From Canada️

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Entitlement In Spirituality – What Does It Mean?

By definition, Entitlement means the fact of having a right to something or the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. In spirituality as well the meaning of Entitlement is same but its essence is different.

We all as human beings have this basic underlying belief that we are entitled to something- we are entitled to be happy, entitled to be rich, entitled to be disease-free, entitled to love, etc. All our desires and feeling is rooted in our wants. Wanting to have a comfortable life, wanting to be rich, wanting to have good relationships.

This belief is so ingrained in our subconscious that when life doesn’t give us what we want we get into this cycle of negativity, complaining, wallowing, resentment being a victim of self-pity, depression, and sadness thereby creating resistance within us for any possibility of good that can come to us. This resistance manifests itself in form of negative emotions like anger, fear, or any other mental illness and negative situations where we feel trapped and stuck.

Let’s face the truth we all have had this feeling of entitlement at some point or other in life and maybe continue to do so. That’s why we ask ourselves these questions I am doing so much that person is not why should I? Why should I bother? Why should I care? Why should I give if I am not receiving?

This is the feeling of entitlement that not only negates the possibility of good that we can do but also blocks us from reaching our true inner potential and growth. So if Entitlement isn’t that great how does is it work in spirituality?

In spirituality, Entitlement works other way round. If you are on a spiritual path and if I specifically talk about YPV, the first thing you need to understand as a principle is that you are not entitled to anything.

You are the cause and root of all your problems and responsible for your own conditions and destiny. But you also have the power to change and influence your life the way you want it to be. You also have the power to grow, develop and elevate to higher consciousness. You are taught to thrive and not just survive. And these are not just words that are said we are given ways and techniques to bring in that change in our lives and the lives of people around us and connected to us.

The resistance that we create over a period of time which is also referred to as calcified ideas, negative thought forms, and pent up emotions in YPV which are as a result of our own limitations, societal conditioning, past baggage, and past karmas traps us in a loop of sadness and sufferings.

In order to break that loop, we need to break the cycle of complaining and negativity and understand the root cause of everything that’s happening in our life which is us. Everything we experience or feel is all in our mind we tame our mind we gain control of our lives and become the boss. Once we break the loop, remove the resistance, and flow in the direction the universe/divine wants us to we earn ENTITLEMENT.

Yes, In spirituality Entitlement is not something you feel it’s something you earn by constantly working on yourself, elevating your self-consciousness, and allowing inner growth.

Entitlement is the end product of all the work you do on yourself and for others. In order to continue your work, you need to maintain and sustain that Entitlement which is a privilege an opportunity that has been given to you by Divine to be an instrument of change. So how do you earn entitlement?

-Taking a spiritual path -start learning about YPV.

-Inner purification by YPV methods -forgiveness meditation.

-Maintaining inner peace and positive emotions.


-Consistent Practice



-Practicing YPV virtues

The first step towards opening gates to earn spiritual  Entitlement in your life is to recognizing the issues, being grateful to the good you have in your life, willingness to work on yourself, and helping others. If you take this first step everything else will open up to you.

Just by making changes in our thoughts and behavior we can lessen the energy of Feeling of Entitlement and take a step towards Earning Entitlement leading to elevated consciousness and inner growth.

Start today be the change and an instrument of change 🙏

-Priyanka Bagolia From Canada

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Why You Shouldn’t Mix Two Spiritual Practices ?

Spiritual practice is a consolidated system of activities, performance, and actions to embark upon inner growth through various spiritual experiences and thereby cultivating spiritual development in a person.


There are various kinds of Spiritual practices each unique in its own right with their own system and a  school of thought and therefore providing a distinctive essence of its own discipline.  So it’s safe to say that each Spiritual practice is School or discipline in itself.


Any individual looking to achieve this inner growth, peace, prosperity, or enlightenment will be drawn towards spiritual practice to find meaning and the deeper essence of life.


But curious minds never cease,  its not a bad thing to be curious in fact it’s a sign of intelligence but adopting multiple disciplines or delving into multiple disciplines at the same time due to curiosity does have its own shortcomings.


Let me explain this with an example, imagine you want to reach from point A to B you have a boat and if you get in that boat you can easily reach point B because it’s a straightforward route. Now imagine if you have two boats and you want both boats to help you reach point B at the same time so you put one feet in first boat and one feet in another boat. What will happen? You will probably drown.


This point B is enlightenment where a spiritual aspirant is trying to reach. The boat is the school or disciple of spiritual practice that will help you cover the path. There may be different kinds of boats but all reach at the same point. You just have to choose one and stick to it. Similarly, there are various disciplines of spirituality each beautiful and amazing in their own right but you have to choose one in order for smooth travel to the path of enlightenment.


So why you shouldn’t mix two spiritual practices?

~You will not reap the benefits it is not recommended to mix two spiritual practices with each other because there’s a risk you will make one or both of them ineffective.


~Lack of one-pointedness


To achieve any greatness or success in any work/practice one-pointedness and focus are very important. If we put our power of will to one thing and immerse ourselves completely in it we are more likely to succeed rather than dividing our focus and thereby reducing our probability of success.


~Not maintaining the integrity of the teachings


Each practice has its own techniques and principles in order to maintain the integrity of the teachings and principles you have to completely surrender yourself to the teachings. If you want to do more than one spiritual practice, then it is important to keep the integrity of each of them intact and do them in succession – one after the other and not together.


~Lack of sincerity


In true spiritual practice, everything comes down to how sincere you are about working on yourself. As long as you are able to practice, and do so with a sure footing and commitment, you are being sincere to the teachings. However, if you are following two disciplines at the same time it’s tough to be completely sincere to one as your time and energy is divided constantly.


~Unable to assimilate the teachings


Imagine you go to a restaurant to eat Chinese food and you see butter chicken on the menu and you want to eat that as well. So you order both and mix them and eat  . What will happen? You won’t be able to enjoy the distinct flavour of the food you ordered and maybe end up with runs. Similarly, when you mix two spiritual practices together you aren’t able to assimilate and imbibe the teachings properly and miss out on the true essence of it.


~Lack of Mastery


In order to master something, you have to invest your time and energy in one direction and learn and grow in the process. This requires time, patience, and consistency. If you adopt and practice one spiritual discipline at one time you are more likely to master the techniques.


~Physical and mental health issues


One of the side effects of mixing two spiritual practices together is the mental and physical health issues that can be caused by it. Every discipline has teachings which are very powerful and carries a high amount of energy in their techniques and meditations. Being a student you’re still at a  developing stage and your energy body is still developing and not strong enough to handle higher energies, mixing two disciplines and practicing their techniques together can cause a surge in energy which your energy body might not be able to handle and therefore lead to congestion in your chakras and thereby lead to Physical and mental health issues.


To conclude if you see yourself as a practitioner of one discipline you need to be authentic to its teachings and strive to develop your character with those teachings. By simply doing something you don’t find whole and complete is being inauthentic to yourself because if you do something without truly immersing yourself in it the energies won’t be powerful enough.


Any practice is not genuine practice unless someone strives to develop his or her character as they are taught by that one specific school of spirituality and does so in earnest.


There’s nothing wrong in exploring and learning about different schools of spirituality but it should be done so in succession and not together so you can reap maximum benefits of it and become a better channel.


If you’re a YPV practitioner you would know that YPV in itself has a lot of integrated techniques which are extremely effective and powerful coupled with practical teachings which taps to the inner world of wisdom. Just by attending YPV sessions, you experience deep purifications at all levels, and you are imparted with priceless teachings that lift up your mind, body, and soul. The YPV meditations and exercises are designed for all and teachings to have been simplified so they can be incorporated in our daily life.


Learn more about YPV and expand your horizons by enrolling in the courses that open up a world of learning and inner growth for you. 

-Priyanka Bagolia from Canada

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Deeper Understanding Of Energy Exchange

What is energy exchange? 

Energy exchange is the energy flowing between one person to another. When the energy exchange between two people is coherent in nature the energy field is amplified further improving the connection and relationship between two people.


How does it work? 

Like an electrical circuit, there’s an energy circuit that is vital to be completed in the process of energy exchange. This means that if we are receiving something of value we give something back of equal value. This helps in instilling Generosity in us thereby allowing our heart chakra to open up which in turn makes us more receptive to the energy we are receiving.


What is the form of energy exchange and why? 

Money is the common form of energy exchange as it’s a materialized form of time and effort. Also, it is the medium of exchange for goods and services. You can also provide gift as an energy exchange.


Why do we do energy exchange?


~Learning higher teachings


 It varies from needs of different people sometimes people elevate their inner self and   take a spiritual path and want to learn about higher techniques and teachings therefore depending on the level of the course and it’s value to the growth of a person the energy exchange is determined.


~ Getting Healings done


In order to improve your current situation or alleviate yourself or anyone connected to you from their pain and sufferings, we might decide to get healings done. Depending on the severity of the case the energy exchange is determined. Sometimes some cases are so severe that additional things need to be done apart from doing the energy exchange.


~Group sessions


If you wish to be a part of group session which is very powerful you might need to do an energy exchange. Most of the YPV online Facebook sessions are free of charge and open for all.


~Private sessions


If you wish to get personalized scanning and reading done from a YPV healer you can get a private session done as well. The energy exchange is determined by the healer.


~ Online sessions


There are certain online sessions that are extremely powerful and effective and in order to be a part of them, an energy exchange has to be done. Reddy Sir’s 10 pm group healing is one such session, you can be a part of it by providing an energy exchange of a nominal amount.


What happens when you don’t do an energy exchange?


If you are reaping benefits of higher teachings and techniques an energy exchange is a must. Sometimes mentors trainers and healers don’t do an energy exchange for their students as they consider it their karmic obligation to elevate them from their current situation. It’s still recommended to do an energy exchange in form of service or donation for better receptivity of energies.


If someone has reaped the benefits of higher teaching and techniques and not done an energy exchange in any form it could lead to adverse effects as it’s a sign of ingratitude. So what happens when someone doesn’t do an energy exchange and reaps the benefits.


~ Loose entitlement


If you have access to higher teachings or techniques even if you don’t practice them yourself, it is because of your good Karma in the past. The divine or universe has chosen you to be its instrument to exert positive change. However, if you reap the benefits of it and don’t do an energy exchange it could lead you to losing that entitlement which In turn means you would lose access to the higher techniques and teachings and possibility of higher growth of inner self.


~Generates Negative Karma


If an energy exchange is not done in any form you end up generating negative Karma. Let me explain you with an example A  man goes to a store and purchases few food items since he is hungry and he has to pay in exchange for the items. However, he tells the store person that he doesn’t have that money and that he will pay later. The store person out of kindness agrees. He owes that store person that much amount for the food he took. If he doesn’t pay the amount he owes, the store manager would likely not let him purchase anything from the store again and might report him, whatever it is there will be consequences that won’t be good for him.


In the same way, a healer or trainer is providing you access to divine energies and in order for you to show gratitude for the work and effort, an energy exchange needs to be done. If you don’t do an energy exchange you would not only lose access but also generate negative Karma which could further lead to worsening of your current state.


~Worsening  of your situation


In the universal scale of balance, all your debits (negative karma ) and credits (good karma) are weighed, and depending on which side is heavier your situations and circumstances of life is determined.


If you are gaining access to higher teachings and techniques in any way the more you give the more you receive. Along with the energy exchange when you give out good to the universe, good comes back to you, and sooner you are able to come out of your situation.


However, if you aren’t doing any service and also not doing an energy exchange with the person helping you which is the bare minimum you should be doing it’s more likely that your situation will worsen.


~Healings may become ineffective


When a healer decides to do healings for you they should determine an energy exchange for better receptivity. However sometimes when a healer does your healing for free they are attaching you with their good karma thereby compensating that energy from their balance of good Karma. Also, the energy from your balance of good karma in the past is being used in the process.


if you keep getting healings done without making an effort either healings will become ineffective or your situation may become such that you end up paying more in inform of hospital bills and treatments etc or in some other way as your balance of good karma will eventually run out and you need to generate good karma in order to sustain those energies.


~Unable to form lasting and meaningful relationship with the healer/trainer


Let me explain this with an example Imagine you go out with a friend for a meal. And you get the bill and she ends up paying for you both, ideally, you should be paying for your share. However, in order to compensate her, you help her out with assignments and work and reduce her workload. Similarly, if you aren’t doing an energy exchange with a healer you need to make sure you do service in some form or the other so you compensate that balance energy and if you decree it in healers name it’s all the more better.


It’s always recommended you do the energy exchange. But if you keep going out with your friend and she ends up paying all the time and you don’t offer anything in return. She will feel undervalued and unappreciated and also she will run out of money in time which in turn will affect your relationship.


I am not saying the same thing will happen to the healer because a healer has multiple ways to generate good karma but it will end up affecting your relationship with the healer. If you are getting healings done and not doing an energy exchange it reflects a form of ingratitude. Even if the healer has agreed to do the healings as a service you can show your gratitude by doing service, forgiveness meditation, and donation.


YPV and energy exchange – Some misconceptions

Many a time a YPV practitioner comes across a situation or circumstance where the other person would say you are uplifting the humanity and doing good it’s should be done for free or as a charity. Let me ask you is this is the same question you ask someone who is selling bottled water even though earth has 71% of water that’s available on its surface for free or do you ask oxygen manufacturer that earths atmosphere is made up of 21% oxygen and it’s freely available so it should be free. The reason why you don’t ask these questions is that there’s a cost attached to bringing the final product of bottle of water or oxygen cylinder that’s readily available for use to you. The processing, setting up of plant, and packaging require capital.


Similarly, even though Energy /Prana/Chi is freely available around us, to specifically use it for your benefit requires years of techniques, practice, study, hard work, and capital. In order to bring those energies to you for your benefit, an amount has to be paid. There are a lot of overhead cost that’s attached to running workshops, conducting seminars or online sessions, printing study material.


Most valuable aspect of YPV courses is the time and effort that goes into bringing these higher teachings to everyone and simplifying it so it’s readily available to use and practice. The trainer that’s imparting these teachings needs to maintain their energy body and karmic obligations as well as they have to live their day to day life like any other person, pay their bills, and cover their expenses. So it’s important to understand this and show our gratitude and respect by doing an energy exchange in any way possible.


As a YPV practitioner service is a duty so it should be done on a  regular basis as it’s a way to fulfill our commitment towards uplifting humanity. But even for a YPV practitioner, it’s imperative to do regular service, tithing, donation, and service healings as an energy exchange to show gratitude towards the teachings and techniques provided.


In conclusion, Energy Exchange is extremely vital to not only enjoy and improve quality of life but also to sustain and maintain entitlement.


It also provides protection against risks and problems. It is very important to understand that Energy is always a two-way exchange. The quality of energy exchange will determine the results and fruitfulness of the outcome you desire ultimately allowing you to live the life you want for yourself. 


-Priyanka Bagolia

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Why do we need a spiritual guide?

Asking this question is like asking all the sports team why do you need a coach. Although players are the one playing the game on the field, they are the stars but coach is the strategic head of the team who not only trains, strategizes but also hones skills and talents of each players.


He decides the line ups, formations, techniques to win the game. The experience he/she brings to the table the techniques he/she has studied over the years cannot be matched by the players who are just involved in the game and do not have an overall outer perspective.


Similarly in the spiritual world, you are at the cusp of your spiritual development your life is undergoing a major transformation, a spiritual teacher is like a breaker in an electrical system protecting it from any damage.


If you want to win – reach enlightenment, develop your soul, tap into your infinite potential you need a trained person who has experience in not only practicing but training and nurturing people. This person will always look at the bigger picture and strategize and work towards you winning every obstacle every problem in your life. 


So how does this person nurture, enlighten or hone us?


~Uplifting your energy body


In the spiritual world, all the spiritual mentors and guides have highly developed spiritual bodies to an extent that if you just sit with them or are connected to them through sessions your energy automatically aligns with them and lifts up. 


This phenomenon of upliftment of energy can be observed through your bodies spiritual energy system by which you are able to sense, feel and assimilate everything and everyone you come into contact with. 


That’s the reason whenever we have attended YPV online sessions especially courses and ashram meditations  where the energy levels are very high  with our mentors and trainers we don’t want the session to end,  it’s because of their developed energy body and our ability to uplift with them we feel a constant feeling of peace, calm and goodness.


~Acts as a Compass to your spiritual journey


A Spiritual teacher not only lifts up your energy levels but also is responsible for continuation of your spiritual practices. Although this cannot be forced on a person.


Your life is a series of choices you make as YPV mentors and teachers say that you alone are responsible for your situation and conditions and you have the power to work and to minimize the effects or completely disintegrate it. If you have the intent to work on yourself a spiritual mentor will always have your back.


~Acts as therapist /Confidant


Sometimes we are stuck in certain situations that we are unable to share with anyone, In such cases where we want to be heard but have no one to listen to us a spiritual guide is your confidant.


Another important role a spiritual teacher plays for you is to listen to your issues and work with you and give you ways to improve your situations and mental health. My spiritual teacher has always been a text away.


Although they cannot do the work to bring change in your life they can offer and propose solutions. But you are the one who has to work towards your betterment.


~Teaching invaluable techniques


The true purpose of a spiritual teacher is to pass on the teachings and techniques to their students and make them understand how to implement it.


They are always there to guide you in any way possible and provide you with help if needed.


~Ensures you stay on track


Many times due to situations and circumstances we might get derailed from our spiritual path or discontinue practices for a bit, a spiritual guide then provides you support to continue your spiritual journey.


~Anchors you


Being connected to your spiritual teacher allows you to be more grounded and connected and in turn, helps you to grow effortlessly in all aspects of your life.


They help you create a psychic root which shields and protects you from all harm and danger.


To conclude, a Spiritual mentor is the light which removes all possibilities of darkness within us. We just have to be willing to do the work and be receptive to the teachings. A contribution of a Spiritual teacher is not only limited to the above points but also encompasses a multitude of things.


So the bottom line is that if we want to experience inner growth, we all need to have that one person who can help us become a better version of ourselves day after day after day.


It’s up to us which path we want to lead.  Start working on yourself under the mentorship of a YPV trainer today and see the difference in yourself and your life.


Change Begins from within. Be the Change🙏❤️


Dedicated to my Spiritual teacher and Mentors and all the members of YPV family


-Priyanka Bagolia

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