“The Dweller in the threshold “ – What does it mean ? 

“The Dweller in the threshold “ - What does it mean ? 

If you have attended our great mentor and founder of YPV Shri NJ  Reddy sir’s online session you might have heard him using this term while blessing after meditation so I decided why not further delve into it  and understand what “the dweller on the threshold” actually means

Origin :

Dweller in the Threshold was coined by novelist and English aristocrat Edward Bulwer Lytton in his novel Zanoni . It is a malevolent entity that embodies the sum of all darkness a person has accumulated throughout the incarnations he or she lived.

It is also referred by the  term “Guardian of the Threshold”, that indicates a spectral image which is supposed to manifest itself as soon as “the student of the spirit ascends upon the path into the higher worlds of knowledge”.

About “the dweller in the threshold” :

It is  believed that there’s no higher science than truths relating to highest mysteries of the divine elements in nature and the reasons why philosophers, theologians and scientists don’t know about them is because “the dweller in the threshold” guards the gate of the temple of the truth and he must be conquered before we enter it . He is the barrier between the man and his elevation to the higher self consciousness: 

To put it in simple words “the dweller in the threshold” is the manifestation of our own lower self and lower emotions which is formed from our lower ego when we try to reach a higher self consciousness . When we  try to elevate ourself “the dweller in the threshold” prevents that from happening by pulling us back into our lower emotions. 

To further elaborate the “dweller in threshold “embodies the karmic consequences of the man’s past that has to be faced by man In order to elevate into higher self. 

It’s a giant force of accumulated wrong doings by the people , the gruesome part of the self that a person would rather not look at and would like to pretend doesn’t exist, and which rises up at the point of real psychic growth. 

My understanding of “the dweller in the threshold“

From my perspective when I read about it and see the current state of the world . “The Dweller on the Threshold” is a manifestation of our  own inner fears,

As a human race all our collective negative energies , pent up energies , negative emotions , negative actions , resentment , ego , greed, selfishness and all lower emotions has created this entity  “the dweller in the threshold “ which is covering the whole earth like a thick veil of darkness  preventing any divine light from penetrating.

It has led to rise in fearfulness and hopelessness among mankind  and we are seeing the consequences of that in form of natural calamities , pandemic , violence and other inhuman acts being committed throughout the world where there’s mass human sufferings, grief and pain. 

It’s almost like a parasite feeding off on negative energies of the mankind and growing stronger with it . It is a representation of the dark side of human nature which we tend to suppress and not face and work towards . But being the people of light – people willing to uplift into higher level of consciousness we need to face it and overcome it.

How do we overcome it ? 

Overcoming “the dweller in the threshold” is overcoming our lower self but it’s not that simple all of the humanity will have to come out of their lower self and fear to completely eliminate the effect of “the dweller in the threshold“

We have to make sure that we and all people around us elevate from their current level of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness through practice of meditations and healings which are part of higher sciences. 

What can we do? 

Working towards eliminating “the dweller in the threshold” by yourself may seem like putting a drop of water in an ocean ,  but we need to understand that the ocean wouldn’t be the same without that drop. …

We might be just one person but even on micro levels our efforts matter a lot and when we come together in group it is completely possible to subside /eliminate the effects of “the dweller in the threshold“.

Ways to reduce /eliminate effects of “the dweller in the threshold”

  • Following a spiritual path
  • Being part of group activities : meditations , healings and sessions
  • Motivating people to get into higher consciousness by practicing meditation and healing techniques
  • Healing yourself and people around you
  • Attending regular online sessions to disintegrate the effects of “the dweller in the threshold “ by group blessing.
  • Following YPV virtues and imparting them to people around you

To sum it up in order to come out and accept the light and subside the darkness inside you, Face it and overcome it is a tough path to take  , but it’s the most rewarding and fruitful path towards higher inner growth and elevation from your current consciousness.

It will not only elevate human consciousness but also alleviate human pain and sufferings allowing the “Golden Age“ to come on earth.

Every action has a reaction so it’s up to us whether we want to take a path of positive outcome or be stuck in our negative lower emotions . It’s up to us which direction we  wish to act and work towards.


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