Why Do We Need To Do Inner Purification?

No one can destroy an iron but its own rust can likewise no one can destroy a person but his own mindset can. 


If you have attended the YPV forgiveness session, there are many invaluable teachings that are imparted there, in the words of mentor-like smell is faculty of the nose, sight is faculty of eyes, WILL is a  faculty of the mind. 


Will is a very powerful instrument of mind which drives a person. So what happens when we are filled with negativity, stress, pent-up emotions, and unauthorized connections. 


We get a cloud of judgment in our system which affects our will which In turn affects our lives and our bodies. Many times a lot of issues, diseases, problems are derived from our own negative thought patterns within our system that are deeply embedded in us from years and years and maybe several incarnations. 


These negative embedded lower emotions affects our decision making, clarity of thought in turn affecting our ability to exert our will to its full potential. 


Inner purification by several YPV techniques and sessions allows us to get rid of that inner calcification, negative programs that we have been harboring from a long period of time. Just practicing a simple YPV five-minute forgiveness meditation helps you get rid of all negative attachments and makes you feel lighter within instantly. 


There are various inner purification methods taught in YPV, the most powerful ones are taught in the courses and also are part of the regular online sessions. This is done in order to raise the vibration of all the people so that collective goodwill can emerge in turn disintegrating the negativity and stress energies that has been created by our actions over a period of time. 


Inner purification is the paramount step in the upliftment of our energy body. Imagine a jug filled with muddy water if you keep pouring clean water in it, the jug will overflow and the dirty water will get out. Now imagine you empty the jug in half and then pour clean water. The water will have little dirt but it will be diluted to quite an extent. If you empty that diluted dirty water in half again and add clean water, the water will become clearer with less dirt you continue the process and eventually, you will have a clean jug of water. 


That’s the same principle of inner purification. That dirty water is nothing but our dirty energies and clean water being poured on top are the divine energies of our teachers which we receive through online sessions and being connected with our teachers. We have to keep emptying our dirty water and allow the divine energies to flow into us in order for the inner purification to take place otherwise if we do not empty our jug and keep filling with clean energies the dirty disease energy will overflow in our environment. 


When your aura is purified you become more receptive to higher teachings and in turn reach a higher level of inner development. 


Keeping this in mind let’s take an initiative To keep purifying our inner self and allow ourselves to become a divine channel. 

Dedicated to YPV family 🙏❤


-Priyanka Bagolia From Canada️

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